Lionel Messi trains with Argentina, Cristian Cuti Romero set to start


Lionel Messi trained with the Argentina national team and Cristian Cuti Romero is set to start in their opening game.

Messi trained with his Argentina team after having trained separately on Saturday. He had trained separately from the group due to muscle overloads but he did train on Sunday.

Cristian Cuti Romero is also in perfect condition. According to TyC Sports, he is set to start for Argentina on November 22 vs. Saudi Arabia.

Marcos Acuña is also set to start. The coaching staff will wait to see about his groin pain but he trained well.

Alejandro Papu Gómez also trained very well. No signs of any discomfort in his knee and they are evaluating to see if he could be in the starting eleven.

The Argentina national team will hold a training session on Monday.


  1. So England are going to avoid 1love band.
    Crazy world. Trying to shove homosexuality down our throats. If you are concerned about humanity, wear band about hunger. Hunger is the single most endemic problem of the world. Not 2 men making love to themselves

    • I agree. How about poverty ? How about third world countries being raped by colonial powers.
      When I was in Argentina, I was happy that the majority usually didn’t believe in the mass media and ignorance. When I moved to America I realized that just because u are in a first world country it doesn’t mean people have common sense and logic. Now thru this blog I am learning that ignorance is rampant and everyone believes whatever the Google God and BBC kings tell them. Hash tag bandwagon idiots

    • Amen brother. Hunger is a huge problem worldwide. All these filthy arab countries are responsible. They produce almost no food of their own but suck the rest of the world dry with their dirty oil money. Then those filthy zealots have the gall to proselytize what other people should eat or drink, or who other people should love. Disgusting.

  2. Annapurna , you are like Diego and Sampaoli as coaches. Changing mind and opinion every min. Past few months you fought with everyone regarding Foyth and he underperfoms in one practice match and you are ready to drop him off the team. His spectacular performance in the champions league meant nothing to you all of a sudden? Barca were preparing a bid of £60 millions. Not saying that Foyth should start over Molina but your emotions swing like a seesaw. Relax, the team that makes the fewest mistakes and takes advantage of the chances created will win this world cup. Brazil, Portugal are in a very tough group. Brazil hasn’t played any European team in last few years and have shaky defense. I won’t be surprised their overhyped team finishing second or even get knocked out from the tournament at group stage. If France and Brazil fail to win their first match, it won’t be easy for them to qualify. So relax and enjoy. 😉

    • If the ignore button was available, Anuparno would’ve been the first one I ignore. His negativity is endless, his ideas are messy, he is always hopeless. I don’t know what is wrong with this guy. I sometimes don’t come to the forum and don’t read anything from here, coz I know if I come here a tsunami of negative comments from Anuparno is waiting for me.

    • May be anuparno is frustrated with this 32 years long trophy drought of Argentina. Or may be he is too anxious thinking that even after this much of great 2 years of football for Argentina and any small mistake might end this high hope of being champions. So any of small obstacles that avoid Argentina from reaching the glory would be a concern for him. Isn’t it anuparno? Any way all are different.

  3. two facts
    1. We’re less than 24 hours away from kickoff. The 26 men squad is final.
    2. Those who claimed that there are no weak national teams at the WC were proven wrong yesterday.

  4. The strategy of Ecuador against Qatar was the perfect one. In the first 20 mins they simply stormed the opposition with might and speed. Qatar remained clueless and they were two down before half-time. Hope Scaloni has similar plans against Saudi Arabia. If we move and run slow, Saudi Arabia would get ample time to tighten their defence and it would be difficult for us to find the net in the jungle of feet. And then there can sudden counter attacks from Saudi. Instead if there is a breezy start like Ecuador, SA would find it difficult to cope with us. So putting Di Maria in midield, there can be Martinez and Alzarez right upfront backed by Messi. 3-4-1-2

  5. One good thing about the WC is its always trying to reach into new continents, Its first time happening in the Middle east it already happened in Africa and South east Asia too. Football is expanding. Qatar is the latest chapter now.

  6. I like to chuck a shit on the floor when I’m at my house.

    To anyone who is against Qatar restricting alcohol whilst they host the WC, I’d love to come over to your house when you host a party so that I can chuck a shit on your floor too

  7. Anuparno whenever comes to any other team he talks positive about them when comes to arg the messi he loves play for is all negative after negative , sorry to say this, it’s like man when he is with other men looks down, scare but when it comes to his family wife, children he shouts and intimidate them and that it’s corwadest man in the earth. you anuparno enough of ur f…king negativity you cross the line time after time it’s unacceptable if you don’t like what coaching staff doing pls keep to your self don’t come and spread your virus in here .
    This blog is for all Argentine lovers, how can’t we think positively this Arg team after winning copa beat Brazil in the back yard believe it or not this is best Argentina team messi ever had since 2006

    • Anuparno has the weakest mentality I have seen in this forum.

      This is how I think : We have the ability to win this tournament, with little luck we can do so. If we do not win, it is ok and begin preparation for 2026.

      Main objective is to remain competitive. Trophy will come naturally.

      • Thank you Mr mafioso only real man thinks this way i have no doubt this arg under scaloni will do us proud us fans,
        As you said with little luck we can definitely win

    • As I understand , Anuparna is a real hardcore Argentine football fan having too much love and passion for Albiceleste .
      When we attach too much to something, there will always be fear inside us and will b dubious and more anxious about the thing we are attached to.
      So @ Godwin 11 , just take it in that sense . Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷💪🏾

    • Anuparno is 90% wrong on most things. But not so much on this.

      If you really love Argentine football, you should care that their best footballers are on the pitch instead of plebs, and that they play “the beautiful game”. Everyone here wants Argentina to win. Some of us want Argentina to win by playing the kind of football that made us love Argentina in the first place. What would you rather watch? Who do you think makes it more likely for Argetina to win the world cup? A player of the top flight experience and phenomenal skills of Paulo Dybala? Or a benchwarmer that just left the local league?

      And don’t tell me about the system. The system should be built around best players, not the other way around. And honestly some of those preferred players have not played long enough in the national team to be part of any system.

    • People take different roles based their sense of responsibility, personality, or intention. Unless someone has an ill intention, I don’t see why someone should be shunned speaking of his/her perceived team selection or tactical flaws or other negative aspects out of apprehension. Why there is a common expectation that we always should speak of the positives?

      I get it that at a personal level, positivity has an impact on your outcome as well as the outcome of others around you. People want to be around positive-minded people. But, here we are talking about a different scenario. Anupurno’s positivity or negativity has no impact on how Argentina will perform in the world cup. Your positivity will not influence either.

      Allow me to give an analogy (maybe a poor one). There are some news media constantly talking against a government and some always eulogizing the government. Which type of media is more important in a Democratic government?

      Yes, you can argue that Anu or other’s criticisms aren’t gonna reach to Scaloni to materialize. But, at least, people here feel free to express their opinion based on their personality and not being singled out.

      Are we all weak to be influenced by Anu’s negativity? We can just skip his comments, no?

    • I’ve never understood the hatred and personal attack against Anuparno on this forum. He is discussing football, but we are discussing him. Anyone can debate how poor his ideas are, but passing judgement on his personality crosses standard civil behavior. I also do not understand what’s so wrong with having fear and anxiety over our team’s performance. You can always argue or choose to ignore. However, I understand we all are stressed and we come here not only to analyze, but also to feel good. But our desire to “feel good” shouldn’t take precedence to someone’s right to express an opinion.

  8. Looking at Netherlands predicted line up, i would welcome matching up against them. Their main goal scorer Depay is very injury and out against Senegal. Bergwijn is talented but really inconsistent. De Jong and Van Dyke are fantastic and it’s crazy a talent like De Ligt is expected to be benched. I don’t recognize their other players aside from De Jong and Dumfries is out too.
    I don’t get the fear against them, maybe they have have great chem and solid system?

    • There is no fear regarding them. It is Van Gaal who is behaving cocky due to his cancer medication. He will be humbled.

      Van Djik was a fantastic defender. But in recent times, he leaked goals in important matches.

      De Jong is not fantastic or world class. He can be termed as a good player. He is still relying on his Ajax fame. Nothing spectacular with Barcelona.

      Dumfries is good. De Ligt same as De Jong. Other than them, their players are average.

      Attack is super average.

      Will you want to replace Argentina squad with that of Holland’s? Not in a millon years.

    • I would prefer Ecuador topping their group or Senegal. Netherlands is average everywhere else but defense but their manager somehow can bring the best out of the players. Most Dutch players, like ours, also perform better for the national teams than clubs. If they are the hottest team in Europe, it is no fluke because each European team is hard to beat.

      If we meet the likes of Ecuador or Senegal, I am convinced we would beat them. Netherlands we would win too but much harder.

    • Depay coming after a long layoff . Dumfries had a recent injury. Their other big issue is goalkeeping position. After Edwin Van dersar , always been challenge. But in 2022 , it looks even weaker than previous editions. I think Feyenoord GK can end up starting.

  9. Mac allister is a very good strong midfielder. Anyone knows how good Saudis current performances.ENZO and Macallister both r great midfield gems found by scaloni and team Only problem Scaloni looking how teams leftwing shines after that gap.left by Nico&correa.otherwise everything looks good

  10. Let Europeans remain busy with non-football staffs.

    We focus on football and win the actual trophy. Let them have their ‘morally superior trophy’. We have not won world cup for 32 years now. This should be our one and only focus. Team and fan, both.

  11. I think we are dwelling at the wrong conversation here.
    First of all the only conversation here should be Albiceleste Football and thats it. And more importantly we should not insult anyone’s beleif. Whether they are wrong or right. You can have your opinion about it but please do not insult anyone.

    I dont support homosexuality, thats my opinion but at the same time i have neighbors, co workers who are homosexual. I may not like their choices but I dont hate them (the people) cos they are also human beings. If they ask me I ll politely tell them my views. I am entitled to my opinion and views but I cannot hurt anyone.

    Same goes with religiion. We have Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikh, Buddhist and Atheist in this forum who are all flesh and blood and love the same team. Lets not say something that creates division among us. If you dont know about a religion please dont make assumptions and dont hurt or insult any group by your ignorance.

    Corruption is everywhere. Fifa is also corrupted it goes both ways. Its Fifa’s job to make sure no corruption takes place in this sport IN THE FIRST PLACE. So if you want to point finger, it has to be Fifa first.

    And since this is a World Cup we are talking about the World not the western culture. What you think is abnormal is not abnormal in other regions so dont assume or expect them to understand you because you are doing the same by not understanding them. Respect other countries tradition and culture because Albiceleste is loved by all, which is rare for others teams. This is a special team. If you are an Albiceleste Fan you have to know that all around the world people share the same feelings with you about a football team.

    Lets us all talk about football because this is our biggest chance to win a WC, This is a special WC for us. Other things cannot steal the moment for us. Its our moment.

    If I have hurt anyone in here with my comments. Please accept my apology. I dont mean to hurt anyone. We are cules. Lets stick together.

    Vamos Albiceleste.

    • Man why do you always have such strong emotions? The players that you love may not play the most but may be thats because of the system. We will see what happens. One reason that you may be too emotional because you are more of a Messi fan than Argentina fan and you think that if they dont win this time its the end of the world. I mean I am a huge Messi fan, even started supporting Barcelona because of him. But I support Argentina from before messi’s time and will keep supporting them even after he retires. After so many final losses I almost lost hope that Messi will retire with any senior international trophy, but now finally seeing this team winning copa, finalissima, I blv the curse is broken and they will play more freely. Just enjoy the tournament and lets hope for the best. God forbid if we dont win, there will be a lot of time to talk negative.

      • If we loose i will ignore social networks for months if not year i did that in 2018 and 2014 also. When we win it feels great to read comments and celebrations but if we loose the comments hurt like a thorn or bullet. Some negativity is good anyways as if all r positive the space will become little boring 😑

      • Then it is an idiotic system, and it deserves criticism. Why do you support Argentina, if you do not care that their best most artistic players are sidelined to make room for plebs? Would you still support Argentina if they bench Messi because of some arbitrary system? The system should be designed to accommodate the best players, not the other way around.

        • I support Argentina because I like the way they play from the times I watched them.. I like the aristry of so many great Argentines but I am also aware that in modern days, only btfl football does not win you trophies. The last time we reached the world cup final, we did not play pretty football. So I am saying that the system that has brought us some success.. lets not completely undermine that. I am not against critisicm but against hopelessness.
          It is easy to say that the system has to be built around your best players.. guess what happens if your best players are all similar? Will you play 7-8 forwards? Also any syatem shows result with a little time, a lot of these players joined late so its a dilemma for the coaching team whether go with the system and incorporate players who suit that or go with the players in best form and change the system so close to the WC. There is no correct answer here. Ao all I am saying is lets calm down a little.

  12. ESPN VIVO is reporting that the coaching team is almost certain about the players that they target to use most in the WC. They are considering Macallister in the 11 starting in most of the games. And the 12, 13 and 14th players are Julian, Lisandro and Palacios.
    I know that things can quickly change based on individual performances, injuries or cards etc. But this seems to be the initial thoughts from the camp. I guess then we wont see a lot of Dybala and Enzo.

    • As expected. Afa and their coaching staffs always partial and doesn’t play some top talent. No wonder they have not won a single wc trophy in 36 years. I was excited and hopeful but i have prepared mentally to see us knocked out by either france Netherlands Brazil or Germany. Its sad that messi will retire without a world cup. Sad but what can we do?? It is what it is.

  13. Ecuador was taking it light with Qatar. The match was as expected lacked quality. Lets see how the tournament progress. The first giants are playing today. Our eternal rival England.

  14. Man, I just can’t imagine, despite that heat, that desert Loo wind, or Sirocco western or South American spectators can’t drink a Cerveza!!! 😀 I wonder what those English hooligans are going to do without Beer!!

    • Drink water lol! It’s not a huge problem, they can drink beer before or after the game. Now if yerba mate was banned, that would have been a problem haha

    • Like the folks said, people can still drink alcohol at certain areas plus it’s not like hitting the night club, those arenas are meant for manifesting sports and healthy lifestyle, like someone said, drink water instead. I don’t get the complaints about banning alcohol or gay community….Qatar is not denying access to drinkers or the gay community, but just saying don’t turn our stadiums to be like 1999 party of intoxication, drugs, and public sex among the gay community. The country has its tradition and the setting will be family oriented as lots of kids will be around, so they don’t want them to see disturbing scenes of two guys kissing or one drunk person all wasted and talking trash to people. That’s all.

      • A beer and a sporting event go hand in hand. Qatar should have not weaseled their way out of this, merely two days before the event kicked off. But hey, if you have 20,000 dollars, you can get alcohol in the stadium. What a pathetic regime with a medieval ideology about life.

      • Wow…. such backwards hateful mindset. Disgusting. While other nations are going forward, Qatar and others like it are regressing back into the dark ages. Why were there almost no women in the audience? Because of family setting? You should be ashamed for defending this. It is contrary to basic human decency.

        • You don’t understand the culture. Majority of Middle Eastern women are not into sports, unlike western culture. Let’s respect others cultures and embrace values differences. Drinking beer could cause clashes or riots by young people drinking tons of them. Again, alcohol is prohibited in Muslim countries, and lastly, what drinking beer got to do with civilization and modernism? In fact it restricts brain functionality and impact nation’s productivity. No wonder people in the western countries take a sick day every Monday or the day following a long weekend. Hangover from party would be communicated as not feeling well, or feeling under the weather.

          • It is not about culture. It is about human decency. If cannibalism and slavery were part of your culture, does it make them acceptable? People can decide when they want to be inebriated or not, or who they want to kiss. They don’t need some religious zealots dictating them. And most certainly you should not be imposing it on your guests in a global event that you purchased. Shame on you.

          • You are hosting an event and opening your doors to the world. Nobody is saying that Muslims should drink but cater to those people who enjoy alcohol at a sporting event. Why is that so difficult to understand? Respect your guests.

  15. I don’t want to offend anyone, but let’s be real, fifa itself was foundee and created out of corruption and illegal money. If you knew anything about world cup then you would know that every country that has hosted since the 80s has attained it within a cesspool of corruption.
    I don’t want this cup tainted when my team has a great chance of winning it.
    Long story short, let’s talk about something Argentina… Like asado or maybe players history?
    Like did any of one of you know that Lauturo was born and raised in Bahia Blanca? It’s an area in southern buienos Aires, it’s known to be a rich area with ballet and old historical buildings. ElToro wasn’t raised rich tho. His father is an older football player but somehow didn’t make good money. His first academy was Liniers I think. And he took bus and train to train there.
    Let’s try to learn more before we just absorb the news that is overwhelming the masses.
    Asado tomorrow boys !

  16. Netherland vs Senegal is going to be one hell of a match. Must win for the former but the latter is not a push over. Senegal the African champions have plenty of players from strong clubs in Europe and even with Sadio Mane they will give Netherlands run for their money. I am rooting for Senegal!!

  17. Argentina winning the world cup is my dream. Don’t want to read someone praising Brazil in this forum.
    Corruption is every where. If someone says Qatar did corruption to get the world cup then they should blame fifa and the voters, those are voting . What Qatar did is amazing as a host. Absorb all the pressure from western media and stick to there own culture. Qatar beaten by Ecuador 2-0 So what?World cup winners beaten 7-0.. BLA BLA .

    • Hell I can entertain the idea of any country winning it, but Brazil. I’m ok with any country even Qatar, but not Brazil.

  18. So pumped about the game.
    We should play our natural game. Keep midfield and defence compact. Goals will come even if they take time. We have too much talent not to come away with goals. That is why defence and midfield has to be on the money.
    Would be ideal if starting players dont play 90 mins in all the group games. Lets see if we can create such opportunities for us by scoring plenty and by players/ coach actually substituting big names.
    As excited as I am, winning a WC would also need a lot of luck. So, I just hope Argentina and my country Australia both do really well. Also, I am really worried that Portugal actually has a very strong side all across the field. As per my simulation, they have a strong chance to get through out of form/ weaker teams and make it big. I definitely don’t want that to happen. As much as I like CR7 as an athlete, can’t handle that egoistic prick and his whiny fans getting anywhere close to a WC.

    • Mate, you have real high hope for Socceroos. Please lower your expectation. Although I’m happy we made it, I don’t think we can pass the group stage.

      Let’s see if we can show some resistance against France and Denmark.

      • Socceroos always try to punch above their weight, and thats all I expect from them. I am just glad they made it through to WC, as the team quality looked suspicious to get the win against Peru. I will be happy with respectable games against French and Danes, and a win against Tunisia would be wonderful.

        As for Qatar, I understand bribery, deplorable labour conditions are not unique to Qatar’s WC. And surely there is a bit of western world snobbery going around. But, doing a volte face with regards to alcohol just a day before the start of WC should be unethical. I was never going to purchase ticket to Qatar, knowing they are anal about so many things. But, I can only sympathise with the fans, who bought tickets thinking of enjoying the games the same way a football game is enjoyed across the world.

  19. A note on Qatar human rights issue tainting the world cup.
    A majority of the dead are my compatriots so yes I am ANGRY. but pretending the WC is tainted because of that..are you serious? Do you REALLY believe this is the first time someone with money exploited poor people and built a legacy on their dead bodies?

    Or did you bother to notice the dead bodies because they are showing up at an event you like?? What about the Doha city center that also took migrant lives, the Burj..the Palm the Pyramids (wonder of the world my brown ass) and every development anywhere including the WhiteHouse? Yes that one.

    So please stop pretending you’re on some moral high ground because you ‘dont like’ what Qatar did to your beloved World Cup..because..NOTHING is more insulting to the dead than your crocodile tears.
    If this WC is stopped now, why did they die? Why are we slapping them in the face even after death? Atleast honor them by enjoying the event and praying for them with gratitude and empathy.

    It is not just the world cup, your (and mine) very existence is tainted as long as we dont do rat-shit about any human being exploited anywhere.. until humanity reaches that stage, pretending to care only makes the problem worse.

    Let us just enjoy the sport knowing what we know. The only thing I ask is make sure you educate yourself about exploitation everywhere (not just Qatar) and everytime (not just your favorite event)

    • @cowbhai Let us just enjoy the sport knowing what we know. The only thing I ask is make sure you educate yourself about exploitation everywhere (not just Qatar) and everytime (not just your favorite event)

      I quess i can only say as RESPECT towards what u wrote as u said it ain’t deffenetly the first nor neither the last time as i’m not only talking about WC event or any other event rather something which not been right for very long time indeed since others been forced by others etc…

  20. I don’t care how many goals we should score against Saudis, I just want clean sheets. 1-0 or 2-0 would make my day.

    • Many in this community are from middle east, and other muslim countries who wish they were from middle east. I suspect the misplaced sympathy for qatar has something to do with that.

  21. Football is not all about Europe.. This world Cup will be the best world cup. Qatar loss7/1, whats your problem? Stpuid.. Think
    About your a host country qatar participate it,that’s all…Don’t need to pretend cool football fan.. You can’t control Uefa,can’t control fifa and blame Qatar.. Lol yes qatar buy it, so what?tell your country buy it next

    • What’s stupid was the argument you are making. Qatar got it through pure corruption in a scandalous and pathetic manner. With all my passion and love for this sport, spending 22 billions for a one month event is an insult to our humanity, society laws, existence, and intellectual capacities utterly.

    • “Tell your country to buy it next”.
      Honestly, you are blaming others because of stupidity and then you write this comment?
      There are still people who even if they had this authority, they wouldn’t have asked that. Just because they would prefer earning it fairly without buying anything.
      I have no problem with Qatar. I just think that being hosts or not, everyone should go through the process of qualification. Even if a country earns, buys or whatever an event, doesn’t mean that they buy their qualification too.

      • LOL I’m sorry I can’t help myself when it comes to stuff like this homophobic…always found this particular WORD interesting….a “MAN” does not suck dick or take it up the ass and IF somebody is confused about that then, they’re CONFUSED about everything… a person doesn’t pretend to be a man or woman and believes they can JUST CHANGE THEIR Gender like they change socks and thinks ITS OKAY ..again, like I said I can’t help myself when it comes to this particular ISSUE
        I can go on and on but I believe I made my point

        • That’s so funny. At my workplace, those people are treated better than anyone else just because they are homophobic. If you say anything, they get offended and file human rights complaint.

        • > “MAN” does not suck dick or take it up the ass and IF somebody is confused about that then, they’re CONFUSED about everything… a person doesn’t pretend to be a man or woman and believes they can JUST CHANGE THEIR Gender like they change socks and thinks ITS OKAY

          My friend, I really like and look forward to your posts about futbol but your bigoted comments about gay and trans people are outright ignorant. Maybe if we are in year 1942 and you lived in some remote village, I’d give your thoughts a free pass. But come on, in today’s modern global society, with all the known information at our fingertips, you have try really hard to be that ignorant. And on a civil or humanity level, its best to show basic level of respect. you don’t know if any members here have family or know people that are gay so best to keep that crap to yourself.

          Let’s stick to futbol and Qatar, best for everyone. Vamos.

          • 1+1=2
            today yesterday last year a 1000years from today.
            What is right is right today tomorrow and forever. There is no hatred in my heart for these people, pity is what I feel for them but what burns my ass is when they try to force that nonsense on anybody who doesn’t want to accept them.
            As always, I speak my mind and never shy away from it, GOD makes a person a man or woman and that person says NO, I don’t think so GOD, I WANT to be this or that and that’s OKAY, WE’RE Supposed to accept that and say good for them.
            People with feeble minds is the downfall of this society, going along with whatever nonsense is thrown at them because it’s allegedly politically correct? I don’t think so.

        • I never promote violence against ANYBODY, but I speak my mind when I see it, it’s my duty to speak up for me and others who don’t have the courage to do so.

  22. This issue has been around for years now but heated up again recently because the WC was about to start/Started already……If anybody BELIEVES that All previous WCs and Olympic Bids were won legitimately then they have another thing coming and none were won by An Arab/Muslim countries.
    For example, in 1990 the City Of Atlanta, GA in AMERICA where I live, won to host the 1996 Olympics……….IT WAS BOUGHT $$$$$$$$$$$$

    • the issues with Qatar my friend is not that they just buy to host the world cup. it is beyond only that. in same time i don t have desire to speak about it. if somebody have problem with Qatar and the strict rules then he/she should just stay far from there. simple as that.
      if you want to drink alcohool or if you are gay for example then just wait 2026 world cup and don t go there. Boycott them and blame fifa. i don t like what western people try to do by demand changes according to what they want from Qatar society and i don t like the fact that Qatar organizers knew that world cup is a huge global festival and football celebration thing with specific characteristics and views which don t fit with their culture but still they buy the hosting and try to prove ……i don t know what exactly with their policy. Anyway my friend. let s just watch the football and leave the rest in corner.

      • Yes, my friend all this just create’s more ”CONFUSION” as we all know and think money obviously behind this as we are talking about our dear friends FIFA, but it’s much more than that and way beyond that too like u said….as the matter obviously more complicated, which is also not an surprise as there are so many examples from the past as we all know, so like u said no need to speak about it or better to stay away from it as it has allraedy happen, as western people will never change their agenda’s and Qatari’s clearly obviously know that too, so u are very right about what is exactly their policy?

        Well, as i said all this happening just create more ”CONFUSION” to every one who does not understand clearly FIFA and it’s friends….and how everything in the end works etc.,.also i do not wish to talk about it more…as i do not even want think about it anymore as, 30 year’s ago i allraedy learned enough from the past, but Still kept looking for it and thinking about it, but now i try stay away from it literally not even thinking about it, though it sounds more than funny while i’m writing this very exact at the present so offcourse my thoughts once wondered there again, but Still i’m aware of my thoughts and try to stay away from it as only CONFUSION it will bring, nothing else, so why to bother rather just focusing for Arg’s sake, that is all in the end what matters the most as we talking about football and not thinking and concentrating on something’s that are out our hands at this very present etc..,that day will come when it will, so everyone focusing on something else, which i do understand obviously as things FIFA’s and their friends games are what they are!
        And they will remain like that, until something obviously need to change and we all know who it is in football, though they are obviously much more deeply involded with other things too, but again i do not wish to talk more about it as it will bring my thoughts once again to something else than Arg’s football at the present etc…

        From CONFUSION comes only a problem and for the problem u need an answer or rather Solution as we could easily change the word CONFUSION to CONFLICT from where comes a PROBLEM and for PROBLEM u need SOLUTION… etc…exactly how this very same way/policy is or has been created for god know’s how long, PRS…

        as in war those who are selling weapons are allways the one’s winning etc…the list goes on and on with everykind of subject…so as said no need to go there now rather just focus on Arg’s football at the present ! I hope we can all enjoy Arg’s football at the very present and celebrate this together with the whole wide world !

        After that if one day things may hopefully start to change for better future, then i won’t Mind talking about positive things for better future !

  23. I don’t understand why you complained Qatar’s football. They are the host, they should play in the WC, it doesn’t matter how they play. As long as they host the event well, that’s good enough.
    A lot of tough/interesting games coming ahead, no easy route for anyone. Just sit back and enjoy the games

  24. for all those complain about Qatar they should blame fifa. not Qatar. this country shouldn t have win to host this world cup from first place but fifa is so corrupt that don t care for anything else but money. Qatar have the money and “win” the race. Now is late to complain.
    this will be the worst world cup in history (not about football point of view) but this is how it is.
    Some people in fifa should go to jail but nobody and nothing exist that can bring them to justice. So just watch the football and stop complain. now it is very late.

    • Totally agree that blame is on FIFA and not Qatar. I guess a close analogy is if a husband cheats on his wife and then the wife gets all upset and fights the “lover”. The husband is at fault, he was supposed to be loyal and abide by the relationship rules.

  25. Only a few hours away from the start of this year’s edition of the World Cup, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni found the time to praise Paulo Dybala’s decision to join Roma in the summer after leaving Juventus as a free agent.

    “It was a very intelligent choice because Rome is a spectacular city. I think he can become a true idol in a place like that,” Scaloni said in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

    “He found a coach capable of getting the best out of him. I really like this change of environment for him.”

    I see Dyballa playing this WC and not touring like 2018

  26. South American Teams should be more more comfortable than European teams in Middle East.
    Opening game is a good beginning. Hope some heavy weighted European teams gets out from group stage.

  27. It’s an insult to football seeing Qatar in the world cup and countries like Italy, Colombia, Sweden, Norway, etc. couldn’t make it. One of the main reasons people objected this tournament to being hosted there. If you are not a high-caliber football nation, you host but then get embarrassed giving an easy win to the opponents in your group.

      • He may be a dog but he is correct. Listen Qatar was awful. This isn’t what the World Cup is about. Argentina under 17 could destroy this team. You just can’t give these countries a spot because they host the tournament. You still have to earn it, you can’t buy your way in.

        • Hosting World Cup is not a small thing. Whatever the conspiracy allegations are (every time it comes up) Qatar won the chance to host a World Cup. And just because some people do not like Qatar, you can’t change the rules allowing WC spot for Hosting Nations.

        • @San Isidro
          Fully Agreed about every word u wrote as : ” Listen Qatar was awful. This isn’t what the World Cup is about. Argentina under 17 could destroy this team. You just can’t give these countries a spot because they host the tournament. You still have to earn it, you can’t buy your way in.

          As this not only applies to Qatar as unless the rules are not changed about allowing WC spot for Hosting Nations by FIFA, who obviously are the one’s to decide as their only desire is money, so that speech from Infantino was ridicilous as he could had basicly speaking this way say what ever nonsense he would had wanted as this time he should have just kept his mouth shut as it does not change a thing whatever he will say and he also knows this very well as their possesion as being FIFA has allways been only intrested about money, nothing else as simple as that and that is why this rule does exist in the first place etc..

          .as only previous WC winners and Copa Winners as winners of African nations Cup and Asean’s Champions as also the Euro Champion’s and Concaf Champions could be given a free pass, but in that way it will TaKe a lot away from WCQ’s,

          so i think it will be best that everyone will need to earn their Qualification, though if for example let’s say that 6 countries would be allowed a free pass and also seeded in different groups, Still everytime the number will reduce to 5 as one country from theese 6 continents (more or less even geopoligally may not be that correct as it looks like now) will obviously be the WC winners,

          as also it would not make any Sense for them playing at WCQ’s as they could put out any team they will like, though it may benefit some young players in the longer run from those countries, but in the end also this way would not be good, though the actual WC will most propably be more competive,

          so, maybe, instead the next host’s will be cycled around as every 4 year the host will be one country who has recently win their Continents Cup so by that way money will not be any more(either some country will be able to pribe to win their own Continents Cup) the major factor deciding who will be the next host’s as after Canada WC which been decided allraedy at least by FIFA etc…

          So i think they should host the WC in Argentina as Arg won the previous Copa and then in Africa as Senegal won the previous African nations Cup and then in Europe as in Italy as Italy won the last Euro’s and then have it again in Asia in a country, but obviously not in the Qatar again as they are hosting now and then back To ConCaf champion country etc…, but also if for example one country will win two time’s a row their own Continents cup,

          then maybe it should be given to the one’s who lost their Final in their own Continent’s Cup or if that country has also recently hosted WC in their Continent, then give it to the third one etc.,,

          even better maybe that the cycle’s from theese Continents will be in same order as above, but given to those that have yet to host an WC in their Continent as also one Continent could arrange WC’s together with it’s own Continent’s country’s who may have allraedy host WC once etc…as if they are not able to host it by themself’s etc…

          as which should be deffenetly avoided that FIFA will be allowed to decide by their own as they will allways pick the money option and bring their other own ideas inside along too, perhaps etc..,as also one the countrie’s should not be same one’s that have previously arranged WC’s in their Continent’s etc..,

          Just some different aporoach will be needed and as long as FIFA is deciding only the same as before will continue as it will be very difficult to change FIFA’s ways, lol !

    • Thirteen teams are participating from Europe, more than double the number from any other continent and still Italy, Sweden etc. are not part of these thirteen teams is a shame. As it is a World Cup, more teams from different parts of the world attract much more audiences than only the teams from Europe and South America alone. Anyways, all the weaker teams will get eliminated after the group stages and only the best go further. Even in Olympics, the similar strategy is being used. I think Qatar played badly in the first half because of the pressure as they were playing first time in World Cup.

      • Playing under pressure? Seriously? I didn’t see them play at all, rather they don’t have the skills to participate in a tournament of this pedigree. If you think they conceded 2 goals was merely because they were under pressure, watch how many goals they will concede against Netherlands who will use that game as a training session. That’s what I meant by the unfair favorable position given to teams from Qatar’s group.

    • I totally agree.
      I am Kenyan and I would NEVER want my country to host the World Cup.
      We play awful football.
      The Olympics yes! The World Athletics Championships, DEFINITELY!
      World Cup? NO!

      On a side note, I watched one of the ‘African giants’ play their friendly and it was embarrassing. I am talking about Nigeria.
      I hope Senegal does a good job to lift our continent.

    • They trashed Qatar in 15 minutes or so and then it was game over Qatar as Ecuador not needed, but could had scored more, though one goal was semi robbed from them, but as the destroyed Qatar in 15 minutes and found out that Qatar was not any match for them by any standards at all as i never seen such bad WC host country in my whole life, lol ! So all Ecuador just did as second half was so easy for them as Qatar never even threatened them at all as they could not just play with same physical level to the very young Ecuador side, which i quess it is the youngest SA team in history so far playing in the WC and please dont talk about Qatar any more as they will be just wishing right now that WC in Qatar will be ended even more before than it is set for now ! Either way Ecuador completly outplayed them with every aspect of the game !
      If that is due to Ecuador’s teams good performance or rather Qatar’s awfull performance, well i better not tell u more, as u will anyway most propably something and completly different about this game when playing football with football terms etc…

  28. Can anyone please give me a link with which I can watch the world cup with ENGLISH COMMENTARY for free on a computer(not a mobile)? Please I want to feel all the emotions I dont understand spanish and the spanish commentary is killing me…..

  29. I don’t see Netherland easily beating this Ecuadorian team. They have tested both Argentina and Brazil in the qualifiers and COPA. Senegal without Mane has weakened but will put the Netherlands team to the test. A good number of Senegalese players play in Europeans league.

  30. If you are a truly Argentina fan, root for Ecuador to win by as many goals as possible and expect them to top the group instead of Netherlands. If Netherlands finish second in the group, they would move to the other bracket and will not meet us in the QF. Ecuador look good they can hold us to a 1-1 draw. They can go toe to toe against Netherlands.

      • 2 teams that I will want them to finish second in their group: Netherlands and Brazil

        3 teams that I will want them to top their group: France, England, Germany.

        Others I don’t care about the results.

        If those above come true, we would meet:
        2nd round Denmark
        QF Ecuador
        SF anyone but Brazil

        • No way Brazil will finish second in their group. Let’s be realistic here. They have all the guns to defeat the teams from their group, plus they have all the fans there, so it may look like they will play at home. Both Brazil and Argentina got the fan base in that region.

        • I agree with you elPrincipe We need some upsets in other groups otherwise a rough road to finals. I am confident but an easier path means we go to the finals fresher and fuller.

          • Cowbhai November 20, 2022 At 2:14 pm
            I agree with you elPrincipe We need some upsets in other groups otherwise a rough road to finals. I am confident but an easier path means we go to the finals fresher and fuller.

            Yes, this would be the most ideal road indeed !

        • El_Principe I would rather we face Germany than Portugal. Don’t get distracted by their egoist captain but their squad depth is insane especially their Fullbacks. The only area we beat them is Forwards, on Midfield we equally match them.

    • @el_principe I will deffinetly root for Ecuador as i think one goaled was allredy kind of robbed from them, but not because of that as more the way that they are SA country and i want all those idiots who were dissing SA WCQ’s and COPA too as i will be rootin for Senegal too, because even they weren’t Dutch’s old X colony as their were France’s, but Still any African Country’s win over an European one will be a big thing happening at WC, and also i rather have Arg facing neither Ecuador or even Senegal as an possible QF opponent against Arg rather than playing the Dutch again, also i think even Ecuador and Senegal both could be even more dangerous than Netherlands, Still Van Gaal as coach is very experienced one and also i would rather also loose as fan Of Arg for life against neither Ecuador or Senegal rather than against the Dutch, though i have nothing really personal against Netherlands, Still somehow if Arg will not able to win the WC, then i wish rather for non European team and deffenetly not Brazil to win the WC as also any African Country has never won the WC, but obviously Uruguay if not facing Arg and Arg not able to win will be most propably my ”second” choice, as Senegal, Ghana or Cameroon or Ecuador for example will also do if Arg will not be able to win the WC, but let’s hope rather that all theese countries i mentioned above from Africa and SA will somehow help Arg to win the WC, by knocking out cocky Europeans and Brazilians too !

    • Our game against Saudi will be similar to the game against Iran. Saudi Arabia will park the bus and we don’t have players to generate counterattack, so It will be hard to break their defense.

    • I don’t think, Saudi allowed more than 2 goals in recent matches…. maximum they allowed is 2 goals..that too one or 2 matches in some years…
      Saudi played against this Ecuador with same coach.. result was 0-0

      • I can definitely say Socceroos are definitely trash this time around and has no hope around. Will see if we can draw against France. Saudi is afoul playing team and they have tendency to rash challenge.
        I think if we score 2 goals up, we can just defend. Technically, we should be able to score more goals than 2 against Saudi’s.

  31. No disrespect to anyone from Qatar, but honestly I can go find 11 teenagers in any park in Argentina or any other South American country and they would destroy this Qatar team. They are probably 100 years away from having a competitive team.

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