Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni comments on Saudi Arabia loss


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni commented on the team’s 2-1 loss vs. Saudi Arabia.

Lionel Scaloni coached his first game at a World Cup and spoke to the media after the game. Here is what he had to say:

“It’s difficult to assimilate because in four or five minutes they scored both goals against us with their only shots on target. There is no other option but to get up. We have to win the enxt two games, we don’t have to anylize more than that. Today is a sad day but we have to keep our heads high and keep going.

“We knew how they would play and we had prepared for the game during the week with defensive lines. The offsides were millimeters, it’s the new technology. But beyond that, what they did, they did well.

“The first half I believe was all us and those offside situations, at another moment, would have been a goal. At half time we had mentioned that the game was weird and that a goal could change anything and that’s what happened. They drew and practically the next play they made it 2-1 for them.

“We will analyze with a lot of calmness. I haven’t spoken to the players yet because they are hurt and are thinking of the result but about turning the situation around. It is about winning the following games and that is where we are at.”


  1. Almada is given the orange vest in the training session. Most likely, he will start when we face Mexico. Garnacho will have the final laugh.

  2. In all this madness, my take are:

    1. We underestimated our opponents, as Messi said every match should be played as “WAR.” I didn’t see that today. it was like our boys were playing in easy mode. JUST MAINTAIN THE SAME LEVEL, WE HAVE BEEN SEEING , DON’T CHANGE STYLE.

    2. The officiating of this tournment so far is atrocious . I don’t like the way they were kicking our players, the Ref decided not to give cards in time. Had it been he has been delivering the cards in time, they would have settled down. My point we should not expect favours. WE HAVE TO BE PREPARED FOR ANYTING.

    3. the offside or canceled goals were demoralizing, NOW WE CAN PREPARE FOR THINGS LIKE THIS AHEAD.

    4. Scaloni needs to limit the use of overage players atleast 2 players – In today’s match they did well for 60 minutes after that the energy drastically declined.

    5. Alvarez should start in left wing ahead of Papu, Enzo should fill in the midfield for Locelso and Dimaria should be a sub.

    6. Players that are “unfit” should not be played, I don’t know what those Medical Staffs are doing by clearing them especially Romero. It was like his legs failed him, he should just rest, we know you love your country but it so disappointing that a player we have learned to love playing like this. Their first goal could have been stopped.

    7. Now our opponent we think that they can pull the same thing on us like Saudi, I am sure they will watch the game. WE HAVE TO BE READY WITH A COUNTERPLAN.

    8. Dibu should not be too comfortable just because we have good defence. He needs to be focused 200%.

    9. Taglifico needs to hit the gym, he was bullied. In fact the whole was bullied. I mean we played Copa that was full of physical teams. I don’t know whether they think the same will not be found in WC. Wake up guys anything goes. I WAS SO SUPRISED THAT OUR TEAM ALLOWED THE BULLY, I EXPECTED THEM TO FIGHT BACK BUT THEY TOOK TO LONG TO DO ANYTING, NOW THEY PAID THE PRICE.

  3. This is why winning first match is so important. Saudi had stopped its local league early to prepare playing multiple friendlies and were in much much better shape fitness wise. Our talisman Messi looked clearly unfit and was trying to avoid any tackles. Paredes looked extremely rusty, Depaul misplacing passes and not even trying to shoot from outside. Messi and Dimaria waiting too long to shoot. There were too many negatives in this match.

    Next match, hopefully Scoloni won’t go full Sampaoli mode and attack leaving the defense vulnerable. Our priority should be not conceding any goals whatsoever. I have no doubt we will create numerous chances but preventing opposition from scoring has to be no 1 priority. If we happen to concede early then we will again get into the dire situation like today. Please keep it tight and take your chances man!! Plenty of chances were wasted by Messi, Dimaria and Lautaro today. We need better finishing and tighter midfield and defense. If Paredes is still struggling it will wise to start Guido, if has recovered from flu. Enzo or MacAllister for Papu who looked so washed up. Scaloni needs to figure out a way to involve Dybala and Correa , not when we are trailing but to score first to put pressure on the opposition. Please play Acuña and bring Tagliafico when we need to defend. His offensive skills are quite poor.

  4. OMG this place is a joke. Please ban all of these asian football idiots coming from third world countries. Zero understanding of the game. Toxic negative clowns. Saudis won the jackpot and? The level is unacceptable. I hope now these idiots start to cry.

    • Until the crying at least they wont comment absolute total bullshits. Twitter is less toxic with the idiot pakinations, says all. Man i raise the level with this offensive comment! Dont care, shut the fuck up!

      • Another xenophobe with First World supremacy prejudice.

        Make the rest humble by naming your first world country.

        Or, you are the same person who made quite a name here with his “underdeveloped” narrative?

  5. Just a reminder that we cannot afford to lose. We lose – we are out.

    The 0-0 draw between Poland and Mexico gives a glimmer of hope to Argentina. Now Argentina can force entry to next stage if they win the next 2. Further, if Saudi doesn’t lose any of their next 2 matches, then even 4 points(1 draw and 1 win) will be enough. In case Saudi loses one, Argentina needs to beat the team that beats Saudi with a big margin.

    Theoretically or mathematically, it is possible to qualify from group stages even with 2 points. But in practice that has never happened.
    Chile in 1998 and Italy in 1982 have actually qualified with just 3 points. Italy even went on to become champions.

    But it is also possible to get eliminated with 6 points. It happened once I believe(Algeria in 1982). But now that it is a 0-0 draw between Poland and Mexico, Argentina will definitely qualify if it gets 6 points.

    The most hilariously optimistic scenario is Saudi beats both Mexico and Poland by 2 goal margins and Argentina draws the remaining 2 games. Then even 2 points is enough to qualify.

    By my calculations, Argentina can qualify with 6 points(guarantee), 4 points and even 2 points(with great luck), but it cannot qualify with 3 points. So a loss is out of question.

  6. Fox commentators are absolutely fucking unbearable. I’ve muted them now. They’ve mentioned Saudi’s shocking win at least 30 times in the last 6 hours. WTF? USA has the most boring ass Major Junk Yard league with no real soccer fans. So they have nothing to talk but making funs from this rigged upset.

  7. What we are lacking :
    1) we need 2 tall physical central defender. At least 6’2. Like we had Garay in 2014.
    2)Need quality fast full back
    3)Another world class winger other than di maria

    These 3 position is must.

  8. I wanna know what would happen if Saudi’s with their stupid offside traps face this France team. Lol. not saying that France is that much better, but Saudi is that much lucky. That’s what I am saying. Very simple rule of futbol. if they have deadly wingers, don’t play high line defense.

    • Saudi’s tactics were correct. Our wingers are lack of speed and we don’t play deep balls, so they can play high line defense. If Nico were there today, he would have scored a hat trick.

  9. Why don’t we accept the fact that we dont have quality defender. In 2014 we had solid defenders.
    Another thing is Scaloni can try Enzo in de paul’s position and depaul in lo celso’s position

    • No, the tone here says we lost because Saudis were lucky and another conspiracy theory says the pitch was too dry. So, I’m confused. I watched the game, and I didn’t see midfield, and I saw careless defenders and headless chickens running around like De Paul and Papu. I also saw the Saudis gave it all defending like a beast blocking every single shot from Argentina, as for their goalkeeper, they should give him a big reward after this match because he defended his goal like what every world-class goalie would do in the world cup.

  10. 100% I prefer Denmark/Tunisia than France. France has Mbappe and Dembele. They both are deadly wingers with super high speed. And their wing backs are both world class too. They maybe shaky now defensively but they are still the champ. So hope we top the group and France top the group too as the original scenario.

    • No offense but I think right now we don’t have the luxury of preference lol…

      I thought I never waited as much as I did for I am waiting like I never waited before for Saturday lol..

    • The tone has shifted from we should defeat the best of the best, bring it on, France, Germany, Denmark, Brazil to this present narrative: oh, what to do to avoid France, please help…..Well, don’t you need to think first about how to qualify for the 2nd round before making unrealistic advanced assumptions? Not just Argentina players are cocky, but their fans too. What makes you grounded? a thrashing result by the hands of Jordan? Al-Salvador?

  11. Disappointed is an understatement. Gomez and Paredes are a liability and Romero was out of sorts as well along with Tagliafico. Enzo instantly made an impact…I don’t know what Messi’s doing. The occasion seem to get the better for a lot of our players and at this level, you can’t excuse yourself saying you’re nervous.

    I had high hopes and reading comments from some folks here saying we will win 4/5-0 etc was funny and made me feel we’re underestimating the opponents. No team barring Qatar can play bad football and every team is capable of a spark in 90 mins.

    Getting called offside repeatedly didn’t help either and the midfield was totally insipid. Glad Mexico vs Poland was a draw…Let’s hope this team pulls together and gives us some good memories. I dearly wish we go all the way b/c this will be my last few hours of watching football unless Argentina wins some number of years down the line which is highly unlikely as Europe is dominating the sport with superior finances and infrastructure. If we don’t win this cup, we will not be winning it in my lifetime…

    1st game is over and there’re only lessons to learn. I used to be miserable for days when the team used to lose but this morning despite waking up early, seeing that these guys were too scared to touch the ball and didn’t play as good as they really are to eventually lose not being able to buy a good shot on goal at any given moment all match long, I just felt less disappointment maybe b/c I am older/more scarred with life. For younger folks who seem to lose their head and suffer emotionally, I suggest it’s a freaking game and we have no control on how this team and the individuals play as someone here pointed out. Let’s enjoy the tournament and be supportive of the team…I am hoping the team will pull it together and raise their level again. Take care, Everyone!

  12. In Cotif cup tournament, Scaloni lead Argentina team lost to Indian football team in the opening match in group stage.

    Finally scaloni made Argentina to win that trophy..
    I am not relating Cotif cup with World cup,, but scaloni really got some luck in worst situation..

    I hope, he can turn around with some good decision in picking Starting XI for next Match..

    Creates postive vibes around this forum, nothing special….

    More than Lo celso, I really miss Nico Gonzalez in this match,, bcoz when team like Saudi is playing highline defense.. Pace winger can easily cut through or break the defence line..

    It’s all fate, let’s hope for the next match…

  13. 2006 -> Italy Champions
    2010 -> Italy exit from group stage

    2010 -> Spain Champions
    2014 -> Spain exit from group stage

    2014 -> Germany Champions
    2018 -> Germany exit from group stage

    2018 -> France Champions
    2022 -> France exit from group stage?

    • Since 2010, World Cup is always won by the most talented team. 10’ Spain, 14’ Germany and 18’ France were all stacked with super stars in all positions.

      This year it will be close, but England, Brazil and France are very talented.

      We need to build up our talent pool for the long run. Stop even thinking about scouting players from MLS, the Major Junk Yard.

  14. At first I didn’t wanna comment on the loss. But here we go.
    First of all, overall the worst game I have seen from Argentina!
    As I said at least a Million Times: Papu is not a Midfielder he was bad. Not a fan of MacAllister but he played decent in the last friendly so why that Change??? We are missing GLC badly… Left side was horrible. Period.
    Messi looked tired, was not the Saint we were all hoping for. Nothing from Di Maria, I was hoping the whole Match. De Paul played like for Atletico and not like Copa I believe he misses Gio.

    And now why the heck not bring the most inform Argentine DYBALA!!!!! What the fu.. I’m talking about bringing him after the draw immediately. I don’t even care who to take out, Lautaro Di Maria Papu even Messi who looke tired…

    We need drastic changes for the next Game or we go home😭

    Let’s pray and hope the best for the upcoming I still believe in Argentina I hope they still believe in themselves..

    • Same concept: you need healthy legs for this tournament, you don’t need top high-paying players who came from or suffered injuries. Basic sport principle.

  15. In my humble opinion, we had three players looking totally out of it during the game, especially in the second half. One player in defense, and two in midfield. I think everyone else was playing. Was a surprise to me as I would have started these off players myself. They just weren’t up to task, and played too casually.

    These things happen in world cup. I wrote a post about these world cup romantic upsets the other day, but I think everyone was too concerned with the ignorant topic that some of our encyclopedia of nothing-members were ranting about.
    Anyways, I have hope that MX and Poland are going to have to face the nightmare side of us starting this Saturday.
    I think the team will be back to playing our style, in a fast and disciplined manner.

        • Yes, most propably unfit and also Paredes hardly has played after moving to Juve and Cuti been out also from Spurs, though if not then he may not even made it as there were concerns about his fitness and Papu i know as u said from your own neighbourhood that is why i will let him in peace as respect towards your neighbourhood, but for the next game sone else has to start his spot as i would go with Palacios or Almada or A.Correa or even Alvarez could play there as i would line up like this, though knowing nothing about Mexico and how will they play and what sort of players, i quess they are fast and eager, so therefore i will keep deffenetly some, but change also some as maybe like this:

          Molina Otamendi Licha Acuna


          RDP/ENZO/Palacios ENZO/Palacios/Almada

          MESSI/A.Correa/DiMARIA/DYBALA ALVAREZ//Palacio/Almada


          In the end maybe start with this if everybody fit ! :





  16. Can we please stop blaming the loss on so-called MESSI friends “”AGAIN””
    The players on this team are because it was the core of players that been playing together ever since that BS loss to Cheating Brazil in 2019 and I saw somebody saying that Messi didn’t want the kid from ManU on HIS TEAM. AS IF HE WOULD HAVE SAVED THE DAY TODAY…..enough nonsense plz…….don’t praise them when they play well and win and TURN on them in a blink of an eye almost instantly after a loss.

    The whole team was slow, lazy and nonchalant thinking them showing up was enough for 3 goals EASY

  17. Every winning team goes to through one bad match that is an eyeopener. This match will wake everyone up. Scaloni and Co will make the necessay changes in the formation, lineup and most importly the approach. Better lose the first match than in a knockout. With Mexico and Poland match ending in a draw , we have our faith on our hands and Messi and Co will not let this slip.

    Unlike 2018, our team is stronger and sharper. Personally, I think Tagliafico needs to be benched he is only useful when defending a lead. Paredes and Depaul were quite toothless and not sure we should replace Paredes with Guido and start MacAllister/Enzo to give De-paul the freedom to push forward. Also with Messi being heavily marked by multiple defenders we need to find a way to use Dybala. Passing every ball to Dimaria and hoping he would create something was so frustrating to watch!!Also, we need someone to create from the left flank and the central midfield. Man I missed Lo-celso , Papu was nowhere near filling in for him. I would really start Enzo or even Correa and move Dimaria to the left wing since we produced nothing on that flank. We need more creativity on both flanks and from the midfield. We can’t solely rely on Messi and Dimaria to create !! God please help us!!

  18. I have to remind everyone this is a forum for Argentina fans. we come here to vent, to celebrate, to dream, to cry, and to hope together. It’s not a place for anyone to mock someone else after a loss. If you don’t have a forum to talk about your team, create one and leave us alone.

  19. Not so funny fact
    Saudi Arabia had 9 players from Al Hilal in their starting line up. That club is coached by Ramon Diaz who coached River in the past.

  20. The 0-0 draw between Poland and Mexico gives a glimmer of hope to Argentina. Now Argentina can force entry to next stage if they win the next 2. Further, if Saudi doesn’t lose any of their next 2 matches, then even 4 points(1 draw and 1 win) will be enough. In case Saudi loses one, Argentina needs to beat the team that beats Saudi with a big margin.

    Theoretically or mathematically, it is possible to qualify from group stages even with 2 points. But in practice that has never happened.
    Chile in 1998 and Italy in 1982 have actually qualified with just 3 points. Italy even went on to become champions.

    But it is also possible to get eliminated with 6 points. It happened once I believe(Algeria in 1982). But now that it is a 0-0 draw between Poland and Mexico, Argentina will definitely qualify if it gets 6 points.

    • The most hilariously optimistic scenario is Saudi beats both Mexico and Poland by 2 goal margins and Argentina draws the remaining 2 games. Then if even 2 points is enough to qualify.

      By my calculations, Argentina can qualify with 6 points(guarantee), 4 points and even 2 points(with great luck), but it cannot qualify with 3 points. So a loss is out of question.

  21. Argentina been given Painful lesson

    Never ever underestimate your opponent

    we lost because we were too snobby and not respecting them

    Messi and the Entire team were on his walking mode, until it was too late

    if you watch the Second Half Versus Uae we could have easily conceded 3 goals against the Mighty UAE

    there’s a lot wrong with the Team

    Defensive unit is super slow Full backs Nonexistence

    no locelso no Creativity, Depaul out of forum Parades unreliable defensively poor even at his best

    we Lack Depth, don’t have an out and out winger with pace

    our Attackers hardly press messi&dimaria offers nothing off the ball

    • @Roman Ranyae
      if you watch the Second Half Versus Uae we could have easily conceded 3 goals against the Mighty UAE

      Yes, i agree aboutt against UAE and against much better Saudi team Arg did concede 2 goals, though both could had been denied deffenetly as in the first goal both Cuti and Ota instead of going forward for either for the ball or the player,they decided to go backwards as that lead obviously that Saudi player who scored quite an impossible goal to stop in the end for Dibu as it was bouncing right next to back post, so instead Cuti should had just went for the ball or failed the player, but misstakes hapoens even at the highest level and as Cuti not been playing for quite many games i think also the decission from Ota to go backwards might had automatically had slight effect on Cuti’s Mind, though it is clear that he should had not back up and not let that Saudi player never enter the box etc…as the second goal was even much more worst as 4 Arg players surrounding Saudi player who scored and none of those 4 did absolutly nothing to try to help Dibu,

      So conclusion as more than easy to allways to say as after the game playing like after smart as we as fans and humans have very easy way to get affected with generally everything etc…also me!

      Was it right to start Cuti ? Well, soon as i heard he his fit to play i was so happy, but being an ass and also an aftersmart he was not ready yet for this game….

      Also when i heard Papu will start ahead of Alexis i was more than happy, but again being an ass an aftersmart i was wrong about it , though Still not sure about Alexis too as i would go for Enzo as Palacios seems very unlikely decission from Scaloni, but also could be the key or even our most loved player here on Mundo as alkready nick named the clown of MLS by some members or that it would be ridiculous to win WC with him according @karl and maybe some others too as also Csabala has obviously showed his true racist side against many Mundo members and fans from Asea etc…

      Well, done @karl and @Csabala as i can only gongratulate u guys for your own doings so keep on the goid spirit here on Mundo and i’m eager to hear even more racist and completly nonsense post’s from u 2 ! As i love reading them ! Just one more thing as i forget to tell u guys that there could be one really serious issue with both of yours posting style as it may lead in the end to join Romance King or even go on top so others might have to step up on that race as now there is very goid opportunity for theese 2 to actually get even ahead Romance King, wow !
      As that will be an hel, of achievement from both of u, though it may ultimatly lead to Romance King’s revenge onuour guys, so just in case not forget to look over your shoulders where ever you may be or may go as life can be suddenly more than surprising as u all may end up sitting down together and have the greatest meeting in history of Mundo !

      So others hurry up and not let theese 2 win so easily as forsure u can come up with even smarter plan than theese 2 have had so far , so i wish everyone joining this race the most best luck for all those competing as may the force be with u ! As i’m sorry, but i have to with draw as due to injury reasons, as it is an hard one to bite, but i trust in everyone who will and are willing to enter this race as i so not also have any real favourite yet so far than theese 2 mentioned above and offcourse if Romance King will be back, then wow ! It will go down as the most remembered showdown here in Mundo, so please all who intrested so not hesitate a bit as if u don’t try,well u can’t then win either as it will quite boring infact to see theese 2 as allready been the most canditates to win that such a precious race that is not also set very oftenly so i truly wish that this great race is not over yet, but i quess in coming days we will find out or perhaps even more earlier than expected….? As u never know, so goid luck for those participating ! LOL !

  22. I just hope there are no hidden injuries lurking below the surface for any of the major players, especially Messi.
    I know its not going to happen but I want all the other big teams to lose tie or barely win with mediocre form

  23. I will just say one thing, if you don’t get regular minutes on your club there is no fucking way you should get regular minutes for the NT. I don’t give a shit if we are fielding a team from the primera. But these guys come in way too out of form, and just are nothing more than names and reputations.

    • Weren’t one of those guys on this panel glorifying Paredes even though he is a serial benchwarmer for both Juve and PSG. Juve doesn’t want to renew his loan, that said it all but you guys kept saying that it didn’t matter because he gave his heart and soul when playing for Argentina 🤣…please give me a break…not blaming him for this game but if Scaloni is serious need to start looking on his bench. He has options there Rodriguez, Fernandez, Dybala if fit…Anyways, we will qualify for the next round and hope we learn from this

  24. Great result for Mexico and Poland. now they will only have to play for a draw against us and counter attack us. Good luck Scaloni. You thought Saudis were school boys who got free tickets to the WC. How arrogant and stupid of you to with an untested 2 man mid.If u wanted to squeeze both Messi and Di Maria then god dammit play them on either flank and use a proper midfielder.

    • ??? We can qualify even with a draw against Mexico and a win against Poland if Poland not lose against Saudis. With goal difference. No need two wins. Dont know what are you talking about.

    • Not totally agree but i also think scoloni was taken the game easily.. No pressing, no running…
      And fucking shitty scoloni use 2 mid field with useless papu..

  25. I don’t understand why parades is a automatic starter for NT even when he is riding all season in the bench. This guy is nothing special like some people though from this forum.

    • Weakest link…in our team ..He needs someone to save him…our GK, defense and 3 man mid some how making him good. He was once superb at passing. He lost that. He never had pace. Just came back from injury. Now out of form too. Guido was one of the bad player against Jamaica. So, Enzo and MacAllister should start ahead of them and Papu. DePaul also lost his form. Simeone ruined another Argentine talent. Plus he had some personal issues.

    • I will celebrate like crazy when their offside traps got broken by any teams they meet next and when they finally show their real face. If it is just a fluke, don’t be arrogant. Do a rematch against us, I guarantee u 5-0 if not more. I hate them sorry. They are so big headed now.

      • I agree with you, their offside trap will be broken when Mexican or Polish coaches prepare well for their games against Saudi instead of arriving on the pitch and treated as a friendly match, or testing the water.

      • Different match different opposition different tactics. They will change tactics. Saudi Arabia is not an easy side i was repeating this before and will repeat again. You underestimated them and paid price and you still underestimating them.

      • Well, first of all with due all my respect, which i actually don’t have for Saudi King and his 2 only SON’s Still on power as others been literally etased as the old rich elite who were friends tontheir X King as theese 3 above literally confesticated everyone’s money in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, though i know it may not be fair to say, but because everything and everybody in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is owned by theese 3 names above and not just those who live in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as everyone literally having something to do with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and those 3 names above even not living in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia never Mind knowing conciously or unconsiously or not knowing at all are also owned by those 3 names above !

        Therefore it is more hilarious that people are criticizing Qatar, which i offcourse understand, but instead as FIFA making 5 million euros per day from wach day of the WC played in Qatar it is more than obvious that FIFA along as it been existed is one the most corrupted organizations or what ever they claim to be as for me they are nothing more than bunch bandits stealing lot’s of money and being doing this for ages since established etc…

        So as i so know that there are those Saudi origin people who managed to escape from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and are fighting too free one day, perhaps and most hopefully their country as the closest country with no any rights to any other person’s than those 3 names mentioned above as they decide literally on everyone’s life connected to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia way or another and specially those who are living in slavery in their own country having absolutly no right to anything at all !

        So here come’s the question as obviously there has been a lot of talk about Qatar and it’s human rights, which i do understand, but with honestly they are like an ant compare to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and those 3 names mentioned above, so how on earth FIFA is letting them to play in the first place as in Asean WCQ’s and now also in WC as the X Saudi King was nothing compare to the current and his only 2 SON’s remaining in power !

        And beside this, quess what they are seriously bidding for WC to be played in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the next one, though if that will happen, which i think is literally impossible after all the talk about Qatar, but as i said they have such amounts of money that they could easily offer FIFA as instead FIFA making now 5 million euros per day every single day in Qatar, so that is absolutly peanuts for them as they could easily double or willing to pay never Mind how much to FIFA to arrange an WC in Kingdomof Saudi Arabia, though Still with basicly offering anything wanted by FIFA i can’t see this happening and if it will then bye,bye football for those who so not boycot !

  26. The Saudi manager said Argentina was unmotivated. I agree 1000%. This goes back to the point that this team is WAY too comfortable. You want to blame Scaloni for anything, it’s the fact that this is a god damn business trip and not a f”ing barbeque. I read somewhere Aguero was trying to get in the compound to party with the guys. The outcome going forward is simple. If you can’t get past Mexico and Poland we have to accept that this country is no footballing giant any longer. 36 long years and counting. They win a fucking Copa and they think it’s the World Cup. Wake the hell up.

    • 100% true that is why I hate too much friendship all they were care is eat too much meat in Arabia desert
      They better f..king wake up and be themselves again having say that I’m confident we will beat Mexico and Poland, We more than a live.

      • Every fucking video on YouTube showing players is them always joking around and doing some goofing around bullshit. It’s ok when you win but where is the effort and seriousness? This isn’t fucking Honduras or Jamaica you are playing as a friendly.

      • Sorry but both San Isidro and Godin, your hot takes are just plain idiotic.
        First, Kun has NOTHING to do with this lost. Stop reaching for absolute nonsense.

        You guys massively underestimate chemistry and having a good relaxed mind during a very stressful tournament. If RDP, Paredes, and Messi are hugging like best friends….WHO GIVES A FUCK? Their friendship and comradery is our strength right now. Do you prefer STRESS, seriously???
        Our win in Copa and undefeated streak is 100% due to incredible chemistry and fighting spirit for each other. They die on pitch for one another. Yet you 2 now start calling it out as if negative? Goodness.

    • So let’s assume Aguero does his usual stuff and party with the guys, which I don’t negate this possibility, why there is a manager for the national team in the first place? Please, don’t tell me his role is to tape their party so he can fancy his boys at night. They need to grow up.

    • Saudi game was open actually because they were down 1-0 very early on due to our penalty. they only shut up shop progressively after they were 2-1 up, we started to bring on more attackers, etc.
      I fail to see why MEX and POL would be open when they play us. They will just park the bus and play on counter (especially against slow Cuti and Ota; based on the game just now MEX has intensity and is quick) as they know we need to attack and win. They would focus their energy instead on winning SAU and we’re out!

      • Intresting point indeed as that does not sound any better news for us even they draw against each other….anyhow Arg must be controll of it’s own doings on the pitch and TaKe responsibility and Qualify to KO’s and then never Mind who start knocking them out one by one until there is no one left !

  27. Their backs are to the wall now and its win or go home all the way.
    Any injuries to report? anybody?
    The biggest upset in WC HISTORY? why is it that ARG’s losses are always exaggerated and some record or another is broken when the whole world is watching…
    Anyway, they need to go back to what made them undefeated in 36 games, everybody rushing in groups to defend, quick explosive passes and precise shots…….

    • @Dfox1942, it is very obvious, tell about a time that Saudi Arabia or a team of their calibre won over Brazil, Germany, Italy in a world cup history? Argentina is considered sitting next to those giant football nations, and I agree with the analogy.

      • Senegal Beat France in its first WC game, Korea knocked out Italy in the 66 WC. Korea knocked out Italy and Spain in 2002. Big teams lose sometimes

        • You can’t be serious, Senegal or most African teams plus korea can’t be compared to Saudi Arabia team. The latter failed miserably by weak teams such as Iraq, Jordan, UAE, etc.

  28. Watched a messy match of Poland vs Mexico a match which i was not planning to watch in detail Dammit. These 2 teams are messy, neither of them are great. Mexico is slightly better of the 2.they r no push overs and we are their eternal rival l. They would be more than happy to knock us out.

    They say we are the wounded tigers who will come back stronger . Will we?

    What are our options, we cant expect Scaloni to drop Lautaro who is deadly goal scorer and start Dybala. As per me if Dybala starts Di Maria may have to be sacrificed. But Dybala dont track back like Dimaria.

    Emi, Montiel, Lisandro, Otamendi, Acuna, Guido, Depaul, Palacios, Messi, Dybala, Lautaro

    Will this work. Not an expert but we may not have any width with out Dimaria.Whoever starts we have to attack and score, thats our only hope. There is no draw, nothing. Just win the next 2 thats it. can we do it?

  29. It very apparent that one of the middle eastern teams will reach the semi final similar to Croatia which was familiar with Russia’s turf and climate. Also, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Tunesia have been preparing for this world cup for months unlike European and S. American teams whose players were giving it all for their clubs until 5 days before the tournament.

    FIFA shouldn’t have planned this world cup to interrupt the league’s season and omit the traditional one-month preparation for the world cup. That was pathetic.

    • As much as they corrupt, NO middle east teams or Asian teams will make the semis that’s for sure. You get carried away by their luck . It is the same as one time Bolivia beat us 6-1 at La Paz. Yes they looked good, but then Bolivia being Bolivia, they were still 9th or 10th in South American standing. I mean don’t rely on the 6-1 result and then you make conclusion who they are. Saudi is the same.

      Any middle east teams you compare it to Croatia really? I compare them to Bolivia. You compare them to Croatia. Bravo.

    • buddy I know how u n all of is feel. what u r saying it’s an excuse. we lost miserably today, maybe we were over confident. it’s good we lost know, let’s give scaloni a headache n think of a b or c plan

  30. I might be wrong, but I feel Scaloni has some issues with the English Premier League. Or he doesn’t follow that league. How can you bench on-form players like Lisandro Martinez, Mac Allister, Alvarez? They are in form, specially Lisandro Martinez and Mac Allister is regular starter in their respective clubs. Romero just came back from injury he could have been the last 10 min sub for a comeback experience instead of starting the match.

    • I feel scaloni is abit conservative he likes his sratrters. he prefers his regular. sure he will learnt from today’s shocking defeat. honestly I ain’t devastating though pretty embarrassed. now we really need to take the other matches really serious. I have full faith in the boys n of course scaloni. it’s a wake up call

  31. We can still top the group.
    Argentina defeat Mexico and Poland.
    Argentina 6 points
    Poland defeats KSA- 4pts
    Mexico also defeats KSA- 4
    KSA 3 pts

    There are a number of things, where we can win the group. We just need to win our two matches. No draws, no taking it easy. We have to go out and get 6 pts.
    Even if a number of things go one way or another and we are all with 6 points, we can still top the group.

    • If Scaloni does not field a younger and hungrier team, forget about 6 points. In post-match interview, he commented that he knew Saudi Arabia would play defensively. If you had already known that then what prevented you from getting Enzo and Alvarez right after the first half? What prevented you from fielding them even at the start? Instead you fielded injury suspects and others who have hardly been getting any match time with their club.

      • @MarioKempes , Scaloni didn’t know shit about Saudi’s plan, he was just saying that to the media, and like, hey don’t think I’m a mediocre coach, I already analyzed their game scheme….The truth is that he was taken by surprise, very obvious he didn’t prepare for the game or study the opponent well.

    • If you think we have the quality, the speed, the tactics, the healthy players to win us the remaining two games, then you were blindly watching the game against Saudi Arabia. Our players are injured, Messi is injured but he’s been faking it, Di Maria is injured, about 4 other players are injured. Scaloni himself mentioned before the game there was a big problem in the team in terms of injuries.

  32. I expected a better analysis from Scaloni. The slow pace, sloppy passing, lack of fitness and sharpness from Paredes, Romero, Gomez and RDP.

    • He knows that Saudi is just damn lucky. you can tell that from his interview, which I agree. Sorry am not impressed by Saudi at all. I am convinced they won’t win the next 2. Their luck comes only once in 10-20 years only. I wanna see them setting up offside traps like that again against Poland or Mexico. I am very sure it will be broken. Setting up an offside trap is half defending technique, half gambling. There is no 100% probability in gambling.

    • I feel Scaloni has some issues with the English Premier League. Or he doesn’t follow that league. How can you bench on-form players like Lisandro Martinez, Mac Allister, Alvarez? They are in form, specially Lisandro Martinez and Mac Allister is regular starter in their respective clubs. Romero just came back from injury he could have been the last 10 min sub for a comeback experience instead of starting the match.

  33. If it is a new technology, FIFA should adjust the rule of offside, otherwise, it just makes scoring the goal much harder. What if next time, only half of your thumb is offside, that’s also offside?

    • Yes even a hair ahead is offsides. I have seen this now in several games. If your penis is ahead of the offside line apparently that is an advantage. This is clearly an example of overusing technology to the point it destroys the game.

      • Lol ! Sorry, but i do understand as it is completly madness how they were able bring such tecnology on top of another which had been in use since ROBA VARZIL or it feels like allready ages ago when they started use VAR, Ok it had it issues every now and then, but this more than idiotic as anyone could basicly draw images like this new tecnology does even commodore 64 or 128 or Amiga or Amiga 500 or Atari 8 bit etc…it is not even a joke any more as this an completly insult to the whole game !

    • You forget to mention Mexico and Poland will battle it out to overcome their first game draw so they can qualify. Both will play harder and give it to survive in this competition.

        • we should, we tool saudi too lightly. good lesson to be learned. I still believe we can win the cup, super confident. I jus feel we needed a tall striker who is good in the air heading.plan b I believe. anyways our next game will be different, we will surely win it

  34. Saudi Arabia wins one match and talk/celebrate as if they won the WC 😂
    To all you SA fans that are in this chat. Best of luck to you, every team/player has a bad day. Unfortunately Argentina were caught off guard, 80% of the team traveled to the WC injured (including messi) and SA tournament ended 5 weeks ago prior to WC?? Yea, makes sense I guess. Stop talking your bullshit, no one in here has ever talked bad about your team nor has anyone ever downplayed the SA team.
    Win a real tournament before you start trash talking Argentina!

    Best of luck in the rest of the tournament

    Gracias! 😬

  35. I want Poland to win so that Mexico have to fight hard against us. Otherwise Mexico will only want to get a draw from us and then win KSA.

    • Now the best possible scenario.

      Round 1:
      KSA 3pts, Mexico/Poland 1pts Argentina 0pts

      Round 2:

      KSA and Poland draw; we beat Mexico:

      KSA 4pts Argentina 3pts Poland 2pts Mexico 1pts

      Round 3:

      Everyone has a chance. We can top the group if Tata’s Mexico play well.

      Argentina 6pts Mexico 4pts KSA 4pts Poland 2pts

  36. Just admit your defence was horrible and you didn’t have a midfield to start with. Stop the arrogance and assign new players to show their potential. Also would be grounding if you admit that you were outclassed by their coach genius tactics. One more advice scaloni, get rid off sampoali’s note book from previous world cup or else we think you are fraud.

    • Fully agree with this youthful team who can press against the opponent. Both Enzo and Alvarez can chase the hell out of Mexico. Mexico showed today what young players can do against the aged Polish. At around 65 mins, Alvarez can be replaced by Di Maria and Martinez by Dybala. In the midfield Guido can be then replaced by Paredes. Right from the word go, we need to be sharp and intense in our approach against Mexico. This Mexico under Tata Morino is an excellent fighter. And much better than Saudi Arabia. And Tata Morino is a sharper brain than Scaloni. If Scaloni decides to stick to today’s team then they can enjoy their asado back home after 30th.

  37. Realistically we are going out in the group stage. Otherwise Scaloni must start Enzo Fernandez, Guido Rodriguez, Alvarez, McAlister, Lisandro Martinez MUST start next matches. Likes of Dimaria, Paredes utilized as substitute

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