Lautaro Martínez: “We lost the game due to our mistakes”


Lautaro Martínez spoke to the media after Argentina’s shock 2-1 loss vs. Saudi Arabia.

Martínez was one of the first players to speak to the media after the game. Lautaro had two goals disallowed in the first half as Saudi Arabia would score two in the second half. The 25 year old spoke to the media after the game. Here is what he had to say:

“We lost the game due to our mistakes, more than anything in the second half. These are details that make the difference and we must correct them.

“We should have scored more than one goal in the first half but this is a World Cup and now we have two finals left.

“This hurts a lot. We had big hope of starting the World Cup with a win. But this is over and now we must train and think about what’s to come.”


    • Best if there is a winner in that game. Then the pressure is on the loser to perform against us. Making it an open game. A draw would ensure that both mexico and Poland can settle for a draw against us, providing they both beat Saudi Arabia.

  1. In the end of the day, this is the team we have. There aren’t any superstars Scaloni left out. They have won a lot of games because of playing hard. They didn’t play hard today. They believed in all the headlines that they will win easy today. Maybe a couple changes here and there but if Messi plays like he did today you can’t beat anyone because it seems like the most important games he is inconsistent. Also, DePaul has forgotten who he is. And no Garnacho would not have made a difference. This team has a lot of soul searching to do.

    • Dybala is another unfit player in the team. Let them play few minutes before starting a game ..
      So many are unfit…either just coming back from injury or still not fit…we need players who are 100 ready…

  2. It’s a wake-up call for all of fans and for players also.
    tbh It’s our fault. We fans are also noisy, too loud. Our expectation is always high. When 2 of your best players are 34 and 35 then you know team is not in right shape.

    – We are still hoping that 35 years old Messi will win world Cup for us but in reality he passed his time. Players retire at the age of 35 but we are counting on him.
    – Messi is the best player of the generation but he failed when it mattered most several times. Reason why he failed to score in any of the knockout matches.
    – We go ga ga over Messi’s brilliance in free-kicks but starting with 2014 final to today he never scored from free-kicks when it mattered the most.
    – There are some reason why Rodrigo De Paul, Paredes, Papu, Tagliafico, Emiliano, Molina, Otamendi all playing for mid level club teams and there also warming bench.
    But we see Iniesta in RDP, Xavi in Paredes, neuer in Emiliano, Mercello in Tagliafico or Dani Alves in Molina. They are average players at best so playing for average teams. Fact!!
    – Only player looks bright was Julian Alverez and so he plays for Manchester City although not as a starter and we are in no mode to give Dybala any chance. Even in last match Dybala changed Roma’s game in last 20 minutes from bench.
    – Mr. Scaloni never tried any formation other than 4-3-3 or sometimes 4-4-2 why 4-2-3-1? This never worked for us and Messi. Learning for Scaloni as he may not even thought such game plan is waiting for us.
    – small team mentality – won Copa and that’s enough. Still celebrating Copa victory month anniversary. A certain Chile also won Copa twice. Mr. Dibu was on cloud 9 since then… too vocal and zero position sense. I feel even Armani will be in better position to save those 2 goals.

    Infact that penalty was too soft and now I am thinking it would have been better if that penalty was not awarded. May be we would have played differently. They were defensive and we were 1 goal lead… we started the game too casually in the 2nd half and that cost us 3 points.
    Now what’s next? Group exit or Round of 16 exit awaiting for us? God Save us. btw.. I have the feelings Messi is carrying some injuries. During last moments he was holding in ankle and RDP took that free-kick. If he is carrying some injury for team’s sake he should not play……period.

  3. I think we will reach the second round. But one thing I used to hear from some of our players is a BIG lie; we will fight for Messi. Is that how they wanted to fight for Messi? They never ever say that again.

    When the Saudis scored the second goal I looked at Samuel and Aimar who were part of the 2002 WC and said to myself: the ghost of 2002 WC is still in the air 😕

    • Mark my word we will beat Mexico and Poland I’m confident btw this was big wake up , I will never get any worse heartbroken than 2002 for me that was my worst moments as Argentina fan

  4. I guess now we will see how good our coaching staff is. Maybe it’s nothing but I have a real problem when the main focus is on how much beef you bring for your asados. That’s a serious f’ing problem if that’s what’s on the menu with todays sports nutrition.

  5. First loss after 36 matches unbeaten run. Now I hope the law of averages doesnt kick in balancing out our earlier victories.

    We just cant handle pressure. I dont know how they are going to fare against mexico and poland. Memories of 2002 sweden match is getting played around in my head.

  6. Feeling sick, Fever…Btw
    Nothing to say..very very poor play from Argentina…no midfield.. Romero errors.. Opps..
    No speed..all played bad..i said before papu was worst with savilla this season..but mundo Pandits like him! paul, paredes just wasted on the pitch.. All are bad.
    Very poor tactical from scaloni… Overconfident panish us..i don’t know what will happen.
    Another 2002 ?
    Miss gio, nico speed…
    But if you candidate of world cup, you should prove you next matches whoever the opponent is….

  7. The first 15 minutes were an indication of how gutsy and risky Saudis were. They pushed so far up the field they risked being exposed. Instead our attackers forgot how to time runs. The offsides were all justified.
    In that first 25 mins, scaloni could’ve pushed lautaro further left off the wing, thus bringing Papu Gomez in central. This would’ve enables a central player picking through passes for both Di Maria and Martinez to run onto. But we allowed 60 mins to fly by before we committed to anything.
    Whatever the excuses are, it’s not acceptable and we need to act now before it’s too late. Otherwise they’ll be flying home on the 1st December. Shall we consider it a wake up call? Bump in the road?
    I am not 1 to say that the players were cocksured but you would forgive me for thinking that after todays pathetic display.
    Anyway…on to Mexico.

    • This is the best analysis I have seen so far on what happened. The coaches took too long to bring in changes……….a whole half and even when they did in the second half, it’s like nothing changed. We played better the last few minutes but this time, we were looking for a draw which never came. I hope our players are not dejected (or even done mentally. I hope they haven’t given up).

  8. We know this our mistakes.. overconfident should be ended by today.

    Just think.. winning the next two games may not be enough to qualify…! Things changed very quickly…!

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