Footage of Argentina players during penalty shootout in quarter finals


Footage of camera’s exclusively on players of the Argentina national team during the penalty shootout in the quarter finals has been released.

Cameras were on Emiliano Martínez, Lionel Messi, Leandro Paredes, Gonzalo Montiel and the Argentina players during the penalty shootout vs. Netherlands and they are available.

The camera shows the reaction of Emiliano Martínez as he saved the penalty kicks and his interaction with the referee. It also shows Lionel Messi, Leandro Paredes, Gonzalo Montiel and Lautaro Martínez celebrating their goals.


  1. Croatia midfield vs Argentina midfield stats

    118 touches for Croatia vs 80 touches for Argentina

    71 progressive passes vs 39progressive passes for Argentina

    6 chances created vs 9 chances created for Argentina

    Meanwhile their Attacking threat to watch out is the pacy Mislav Orsic as Rw and off course Perisic who will play LW.

    This match wouldn’t be a walk in the park for Argentina. I think this match will even be tougher than Netherlands match. I hope Scaloni does his homework well.

  2. The video of Messi is excellent cause you can see him looking which way the GK is going and then shooting. First, I thought he had struck it poorly but it was actually well done.

  3. All these celebrations look good. But we have 2 very long miles to go. Scaloni would need to get his calculations right against a very disciplined defence. He cannot go wrong like what he did against Netherlands with starting line up (I felt it was very defensive) or substitutes.

    • I agree! Way too defensive. Having three men in defense means you give up an attacker/midfielder. Scaloni must learn from us mistake. Ball possession must be our aim. I believe this game will be Argentina’s most complete performance. However, Argentina must stop the trolling near the end of the game. Just focus until the final min.

  4. I was not feeling well from morning but a big thank you to Roy and a big hug buddy for sharing these videos here ❤️….Really I’m feeling much better now after watching the actual emotions of the players ❤️ it’s a joy to watch them happy….it means a lot Thank you 🤝

  5. I only saw the Dutch players trying to interfere with the ARG right before taking their pks and the gk coming up to Lautaro after the game on random videos, wonder what the ref. was doing aside from the yellow card he gave them

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