Video: Lionel Messi’s 2022 World Cup tournament performance


Lionel Messi had a tremendous 2022 World Cup performance with seven goals and three assists.

Messi got his hands on the World Cup following a performance which had seven goals, three assists and many memorable dribbles and moments. The best player of the 2022 had two goals in the final to cap off a World Cup winning performance. Here was his World Cup:


  1. Now after the Celebrations, lets focus on next Tournements. we have a big and young squad with a great professional experience.
    If I put aside Armani, Otamendi, Pezzella, Papu Gomez. If Messi and Di Maria are not our key arrows, we still have a very decent team for 2026
    GK Defenders Midfielders Fowards
    Dibu (30) Lisandro (24) Lo Celso (26) Alvarez (22)
    Rulli (30) Romero (24) Paredes (28) Simeone (27)
    Musso (28) Foyt (24) Rodrguez (28) Dybala (29)
    Gerth (18) Molina (24) Mc Allister (23) Nico Gonz (24)
    Perez (22) Almada (21) Lauturo M (25)
    Medina (23) Fernandez (21) A Correa (27)
    Senesi (25) Garnacho (21) J Correa
    Tagliafico (30)
    Acuna (31)

    to these players we could add other names like P Solari, E Buendia, F Buenanotte, M Soule, L Romeo, Nico Paz, Carboni…….

  2. Fabrizio Romano


    Erik Ten Hag: “Lisandro Martínez called me up and said: I will leave Ajax. I can sign for Arsenal but if you want me, I will go to Manchester United”, tells
    . 🔴🇦🇷 #MUFC

    “Antony? In January Ajax already knew he would leave in the summer”, ten Hag added

    —When you looked at the world cup “top” right wingers like Dembele, Antony, Raphina, Saka. Sometimes we forgot how good Di Maria is. I mean this guy yes only had 1 goal and 1 assist but had he been healthy and started every match. Think about his numbers and impact…

  3. I still remember 1990 – referee against us
    I still remember 2004 – adriano last minute equalizer
    I still remember 2005 – pekerman totally went defensive
    I still remember 2007 – we choked
    I still remember 2014 – We choked + higuain
    I still remember 2015 – we choked + higuain
    I still remember 2016 – We choked + higuain

    2021 copa final – i went to bed did not watch as was too nervous – we won
    2022 wc final – – i had a long nap and did not watch was too nervous – when i was told we won i rewaTCHED THE WHOLE GAME.

    had we lost i did not want to know of any close calls or ifs and buts

    bring on copa 2024!!!!!

  4. some transfer news:
    Bayern Munich are considering making a move for Dibu Martinez. Even though Sommer is their first choice. Neuer has had a skiing accident right after the world and is out for the season. If Bayern really come for him then he should jump at this chance. I am sure he can keep Neuer at bay when he returns.
    Enzo’s agent is working over time. I m sure the agent wants to make the most of the moment. But it would be best for him to stay put at Benfica at least till the end of year. Benfica are playing brilliant football and and Enzo can keep developing. A move to Real spells nothing but disaster. They will ruin him At Liverppol, it will be risky because Klopp might leave end of season if they don’t win anything.
    Same holds true for MacAllister, who has Inter interested in him, but Brighton would be best for him right now. He wears the no.10, they trust him. He will develop immensely.
    Boca just won’t let their youth players live or die. They have had issues with a few players in recent times. They had 2 players Retegui and Equi Fernandez on loan at Tigre. Both had outstanding season. They were asked to join Boca for the new season, but then they were told they wouldn’t be taken into consideration.
    Alan Varela has Interest from Germany and Portugal but Boca not willing to listen.
    New Newells coach Heinze is interested in a loan move for Valentin Barco, but Boca have outright rejected it while they are also not including him in their first team squad.

    • Yep for enzo and macliater better stay where they are we saw their performance is as good as anyone so moving to big club is just for money insteaf of money stay where u are and develop into beast mode they cant still make money post 2026 WC BCZ both are young

      • Also Argentina u20 “sigining” a new midfielder: 17 years old Benjamin Cremaschi from MLS. He played for USA youth before but now is eligible to play for next year WC U20. He is more of an attacking minded MC.

  5. I hope at least this year Messi gets all the individual awards like Ballon D’or etc. He has done everything needed, plus we don’t know how many more years he will decide to play. This might be one of his last chances. So I hope he definitely gets those awards.

  6. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m ready for club football and I can’t wait. I always told people that asked me about Messi, I would tell them look, JUST LET HIM WIN A WC FOR ARGENTINA and then he can go and do whatever he wants after that, retire, become a taxi drive, a plumber a TV host…….. i don’t care he did what we wanted and he is free and NO MORE worries about him getting injured GOD FORBID anymore. NOW, he can go a 100% for PSG or whomever and the 8th Ballon d’Or is coming lol.
    ARG has young talent to burn left right and center, injured players who didn’t play in WC plus the Kid from ManU and and for the people worried about him picking Spain…….I don’t think so Now more than ever

    • Yep bro me too was always thinking about the messi whos sholder is free of worldcup pressure
      I am sure he is going to play the best game of his since that 2012 season

      And also i am still worried about that kid in MU may choose spain but but so far what i seen from macliater(especially against france where he does everything other than finishing dribling,chance creation,defending ghee i am glad i was a fan of him since the day i saw a younglad of us wearing number 10 in premiure legue)enzo and julian i am faithfull that we will produce more talents like messi still if he choose spain its a worry

    • The expert at work. Smart advice.

      His continuous mocking of Mbappe is not so smart. This will motivate Kylian in future encounters just like Mbappe’s comments motivated our players.

        • Imagine France won and they would ride a bus thru Paris with one player holding a babydoll with Messi’s face on it and making jokes. Wouldn’t you be furious? We all would be. Martinez should know better.
          Always respect your opponent.

          • Exactly. It’s the payback for what he said. Mbappe is incredibly egotistical, thinks he’s a sporting director of his club, is jealous of Messi, has a superiority complex with South America, etc. Notice nobody made fun of Lloris, Tchouameni, Hernandez, Kolo Muani, etc etc etc? There’s a reason. This team only responds, they return respect, if you don’t respect them they return you disrespect. If he hadn’t said anything this wouldn’t have been the case

  7. There is one detail that I really like about the fireworks of Qatar. Fireworks in the background to help show the full portrait of every player. That has never been seen before.

  8. I hope Rodrigo de Paul leaves Atlético Madrid
    He needs to play under attacking manager
    Hope fcbayern, ac Milan, man ut, Chelsea and man City come for him somehow, meanwhile I heard Atlético are considering to hire luis Enrique that will be awesome if it happen

    • These need to go away: Nahuel Molina, De Paul; A Correa, Thiago Almada, MacAllister, Emi Martinez, Enzo Fernandez, Palacios.

      These need to stay and get regular futbol: Garnacho, Alvarez.

  9. I hope Enzo moving to Real Madrid. Liverpool is okay if Klopp there. After Klopp it may be a normal team.
    Real Madrid will be always a champion team irrespective of the coach.

    Meanwhile I wish Mac Allister join Manchester United (Brighton already informed they are not going to sell him now..may be in summer) so that, he can play with Lisandro and Garnacho every week at least until next WC.. That will be good for the national team.

  10. As we are the World champion, there will be more clubs for our new youngsters. Hopefully many get into top clubs and our clubs and country benefited from that.
    Coming transfers are going to be good for Argentina. I can see plenty of talents waiting for 2026 WC..!

  11. Thanks to those that took the survey already!

    Dear Mundoers – here’s another survey for Mundo to judge the final results. I’ll keep it active for few days and then post results when the votes taper off. VAMOS CARAJO!!

    Here are the goals to refresh your memory.

    • Done. For me Messi’s goal vs Mexico was the best for the sheer pressure cooker situation (30mins away from possible elimination) & joy of realising that scaloni train is back on track..
      Bottom 3 was a real tough one. Other than Pezella, i couldn’t think any. Even lautaro with all those misses is ok for me bcos of the Netherlands penalty winner.

      • Gracias. The Mexico goal is def a contender because of your points. Instant pressure relief knowing we can score and gave hope to our chances in the group stage. i felt like that moment was the start for Messi’s incredible tournament. The sheer perfection of the strike is something only few people can probably do (on purpose).

        i didn’t have much trouble with bottom 3..will be very interesting to see Mundos

      • All I’m going to say is that while Lautaro may be near bottom 3 in form I didn’t pick him because he directly impacted our win, not only the Netherlands, but he had real hunger against France and despite the bad luck persisting he found that shot which gave Messi the goal. His movement and positioning was really good this World Cup. I can easily see why someone would include him but I can’t bring myself to at all

    • I did mine goal of the tournament was di maria goal Vs France was pure team goal assistant of the tournament was messi vs the Netherlands molina goal
      Top 5 players are Messi, emi, cuti, enzo and de Paul honourable mentione Julian Alvarez. I have to say otamendi could nearly cost us Given soft penalty at age of 34 with all those experience he has and made such mistake in big moments was brainless literally gave France a life line

      • The Di Maria goal might one of the most beautiful goals i’ve ever seen. The team play was flawless, each pass perfectly weighted and runs timed perfectly. Prime Barcaesque. A truly stunning goal that absolutely destroyed the mighty French. What a statement it must have made to the world watching. I can imagine Pep salivating over that goal!

        • Amazingly , its similar to Argentina second goal in 1986 final, but replaced Maradona no look pass with Messi stabbing past.

          The difference though, this one is like the 1986 goal but on steroid lol, alot more speed.

  12. Can someone please send me a link to the picture of Messi holding and kissing the WC trophy that’s posted in this article? I’ve been looking everywhere for the original high quality picture

  13. Now, Di Maria’s texts to his wife prior to the final have been revealed and he knew something special was about to happen.

    He wrote: “I will be a world champion, my love. It’s written. I will score a goal. Because it’s written like Maracana and Wembley.”

    The Juventus midfielder also added: “Go and enjoy tomorrow because we are going to be world champions. Because the 26 of us here and the families deserve it.”

  14. ALL south Americans can now proud to talk about Args WC victory. They showed what is SA futball. French team comletely neutralised almost 80 minutes. They regained thr consciousness after 80 . They took advantage when our players are in panic to control the 2.0 lead. Otherwise thy never played as a team. Thr luck comes only from Otamendis just one bad mistake..

    • The South American vs Europe will get more intense because of this. Soon any European referee can not officiate any Argentina or Brazilian international matches. It is unfair. It is the same as asking an Venezuelan or Uruguayan referee to officiate a match between Argentina and an European side.

    • The locker room celebration of team with ‘minute of silence for mbappe’ is hilarious. Dibu is a rockstar even outside field.
      2018 song of kante stops Messi repaid with compounded interest. The cockiness of this team is as admirable as the grit & bonding they have demonstrated
      Surprisingly didn’t see much of papu dance celebrations

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