Live stream: Argentina World Cup champions parade set for today


The Argentina national team will be celebrating their World Cup win today with the public!

It’s the first World Cup trophy celebration in Argentina since 1986 and celebrations started the second Gonzalo Montiel scored passed Hugo Lloris to crown Argentina as World champions.

The players landed in Argentina at 3:00 am Buenos Aires time with thousands waiting for them around the airport and on the streets. Now, the team is set to parade around the streets of Buenos Aires, with the parade starting in about 30 minutes.


  1. In any case, this world cup was like a dream.
    But we should have won the finals much easier if we didn’t do those silly mistakes towards the end. The finals got needlessly stressful towards the end. And France’s last goal in extra time was clearly not legal.

  2. I feel like some curse has been lifted from my life.
    My earliest football memory was probably Diego crying in 1990 finals(stupid referee). I was so small I did not even understand much football then. I have supported Argentina ever since. And I believed until the day Argentina wins the world cup I will be under a curse. I remember as a kid cheering for Ortega and Aimar in 1998 & 2002. But Argentina never won. In 2014 we came so close but still couldn’t. Now Finally Argentina has won. I feel like the curse has been lifted.

    I also heard about this “The Curse of Tilcara” which some people believe in. I never believed in such superstition. But continued failure to win world cup might have cast a shadow of doubt in some otherwise sane people. I had a friend who believed it might be true since Argentina never seems to win. But now there should be no doubt that no such curse exists(or has been lifted).

    The only thing is I wish Diego was alive to see his beloved Argenntina win again.

  3. So happy for Messi. I was quite clear any result other than winning the cup would have been a failure. You guys now can understand why im shouting for Enzo Fernandez he did deliver and one of the important reason we r champions. I wanted McAllister for penalties but never thought he could perform like this. I doubted otamendi and he proved me right all 3 matches in Australia Netherlands and France he was shaky and nervous after they scored. Messi played well but not to my expectations i was expecting a diego 86 level performance he scored assisted but come on musiala who was out in group leagues and mbappe both completed more dribbles.

    • “Messi played well but not to my expectations i was expecting a diego 86 level performance he scored assisted but come on musiala who was out in group leagues and mbappe both completed more dribbles”

      Ah okay now I see Anuparno, now I finally understand, you are trolling, you want to get a reaction out of us. You’re smart. You’ve been doing it subtly, unlike Romance King who threw it in your face which resulted in his getting banned constantly, you do it subtly so we can’t definitively prove you are a troll and you can get a laugh while staying on this forum. Because your intent is to troll I wish you could immediately get banned but unfortunately you are smart enough that this phrase can count as a legitimate opinion. I see right through you from now on

      • This guy anuparno said before Argentina has 1% chance vs France plus I remember the non stop negativity before copa America final vs Brazil. Anuparno you own us apology mate .

    This video is an absolute gem, Paredes saying “somos los campeones del mundo” (we are the champions of the world) was exactly what I yelled the second Montiel’s penalty went in, and how did Kun get there so fast?

  5. Godin11
    July 10, 2021 At 10:44 pm
    Congratulations to my follow friends and Argentina fans who’s has been suffering for years Finally we did it. Thanks to God ( alhamdulillah)

    I’m sure we will be even better in Qatar

    July 10, 2021 At 9:56 pm
    Argentina coming to win World Cup
    Give fucking respect scaloni

    July 10, 2021 At 10:38 pm
    What a joy!!!
    Now let’s go to Qatar and win the World Cup!
    July 10, 2021 At 10:41 pm
    Yes we going Qatar to win World Cup.
    This is my quotes after arg won copa in 2021
    I was all optimistic about our chances after copa win I believed our coaching staff

    November 22, 2022 At 8:45 am
    This was one of the darkest moments as Argentina fan but it’s not over till it’s over.

    Every game we play now though is a game we are totally capable of losing.

    Hope that this is a wake up call somehow.

    November 22, 2022 At 9:09 am
    Bro definitely it’s wake up call , don’t lose faith I know it very hard on all of us who has been this forum but I believe we will best Mexico and Poland can’t get any worse than this

    November 22, 2022 At 8:23 am
    The defeat was very painful, but It’s wasn’t the most painful defeat I’ve ever experienced.

    For those of you who are hopeless let me give you some hopium. Real Madrid vs Sheriff 1-2 full time and guess what? Real Madrid won the Champions league that season. Everything is possible. I still have big hope!
    November 22, 2022 At 8:27 am
    I agree bro

    November 22, 2022 At 8:09 am
    Our knick out stage will start from Mexico game Mark my word Argentina will go far in this tournament We will beat Mexico and Poland and whowever come our way in last 16 , Saudi outplayed us it’s shocking but if we ever going to lose game in world Cup should have been in group match at least this nonsense unbeaten thing is off our back come on Argentina let’s go war starting from Saturday vs Mexico
    Hey brothers I know it’s hard to take but please calm down don’t be too hard to yourselves

    This my is quote after shocking lose vs Saudi Thanks to God turned my hopefulness to reality, No matter what in life person must optimistic all the time

      • The Saudi Arabia loss doesn’t feel like it was a World Cup game. To me I remember being groggy with 2 hours of sleep in the middle of the night, doing no prematch rituals, not even wearing the shirt I bought, not feeling nervous for the game, not even feeling much emotion, for me the World Cup started against the Mexico game. Even if it was in the group stage the Messi goal was maybe in my top 3 in this World Cup on how much I screamed it and how important it was and felt. But the Saudi Arabia game felt like a weird dream, did it actually happen?

        • “doing no prematch rituals, not even wearing the shirt I bought,”

          Olive, I did something this time that I have never done. For 8 world cups I wore the shirt every time and it never worked. This time, just the night before, I decided I will not wear the shirt. It was a scary decision. After the Saudi loss I regretted my decision. I thought of immediately wearing for Mexico. But then I thought – no this is what cruel fate wants. If now I wear we will lose again. So I stuck to it. 7 games I never wore the shirt. After every win I was convinced I was doing right thing. Now I just wait for the one with three stars 🙂

          • I too decided to never wear a shirt, watched the games only in places where previously I saw Argentina win, refused to go to bars where I lived many painful moments before, and generally was much more superstitious than ever before, and what do you know? IT WORKED LOL

          • Wow amazing to hear that you guys did something exactly I chose to do. I also decided no to wear any of my Argentina shirts during the entire tournament. Another ritual I did was not to comment anything here on Mundo. As much as I was tempted, I did the ritual during the Copa America in Brazil. Thirdly, this is funny but true, every time I watch Argentina with my lady (she only cares about Man Utd, a team I dislike) next to me, Argentina wins. The Saudi Arabia game she was not watching with me. But then I remembered that she was right next to me during the Copa final and the Finalissma game. So every match, I had to be extra nice to her so she watched the games with me. And it worked. She likes Mbappe but she was on my side supporting Messi. Those were my WC rituals.

        • Great stories, I came out of this more superstitious than I was before, I dropped everything that came working since the Copa 2021 and then we lost against Saudi Arabia of all teams, something so bizarre, unexpected, unimaginable, that it almost seemed to be screaming in my face that it was my fault. I didn’t risk it from then on at all. Good thing you didn’t give in El Mongol, I probably would have

          • I woke up at half time to watch the Saudi game and as soon as turned it on they scored twice. I turned the TV off and went back to bed…I was blaming myself. I honestly thought I cursed them

      • I did not do any rituals or any superstitous thing. I watched different games in different places even different town and states. I wore a jersey on the final only. What I did different this time is I prayed for our players in every game. Not for results but for strenght and mental strenght to fight for it and also prayed for luck and destiny.

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  7. Dear Mundoers – here’s another survey for Mundo to judge the final results. I enjoyed them so i hope you do as well! I’ll keep it active for few days and then post results when the votes taper off. VAMOS CARAJO!!

  8. It would have made me even more happier if we could have ended the game 2-0. I wonder what if Otamendi clear that ball instead trying to control then they would have never ever can come back to the game unless the penalty conceded out of nowhere. Nevertheless still happy. Wonder if Mbape still thinks same!

  9. Just a healthy reminder:
    Mbappe: “South American teams have disadvantages because they don’t have the same level of competition as European teams. Argentina and Brazil don’t play matches at a high level to get to the World Cup. Football is not as advanced as it is in Europe. That’s what you saw in recent World Cups”
    To be fair, if it wasn’t for Mbappe’s heroics we would have HUMILIATED France, he’s the only one that can be saved on that France team, we made them for dance 75 minutes, we made them look like schoolboys and it wasn’t even close. Maybe they need to stop playing Andorra and Kazakstan before the World Cup, I remember how hard it was to find Europeans to play for friendly matches this year, were they too good for us? How was the extremely tough match against Austria huh? Only Estonia wants to play us in Europe?

    • and that exactly was the reason my friend that the motivation of our players hit red level in the game against France. Emi and some other players mention that they didn t forget Mpappe words. they wanted to give answers and about that.
      Anyway in soon period of time Argentina will start playing in Nations league too.
      So the ninja turtle will facing us more often. Be careful what you wish my friend.

    • At the end of the day, Mbappe scored one dynamite goal. The other 2 were penalties…Not that they are easy to score but a lot easier than from open play. The media is fawning over him like he scored a Diego vs England goal against us. Doesn’t matter it’s irrelevant now. He has eaten a big bowl of his own words

  10. This sounds odd, but now I almost have a glimpse of what it feels like to do hard drugs. I always wondered at how some people say that when they do a drug binge they forget to eat or drink or sleep for days, and I think “how can you forget? I mean surely you must force yourself to eat or drink just for the heck of it right?”. For the past two days even getting thirsty to have to get water annoys me, I forgot to eat for ten hours yesterday and just had some fruit before bed, only to not be able to sleep for 2 hours with a smile on my face even if I’m extremely sleep deprived, everything feels secondary and just an inconvenience to me looking at the TV, watching videos, celebrating, etc, I can’t stop. I feel my face and it’s slightly sore from smiling, no joke! Now I understand how a person can be so euphoric they forget to do anything. I tracked the plane on the tv yesterday as it crossed the pacific and waved down to Brazil’s shores, so happy to see our CAMPEONES touch Argentina and so jealous I can’t be one of the 5 million people on the streets! Anyway, going to rewatch the game now, dale campeón!

    • Don t watch the final my friend. in your place i would watch one Spain match. with Morocco maybe best. They play the best football and they are so scary. Aren t they?
      By the way because of celebrations i forget to hear the news. did they still passing the ball around somewhere? ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • Seriously… There’s a saying in American football, “Act like you’ve been there or done this before.” Show world-class off and on the field my guy. He’s acting like this will be the last world cup of all time.

      We’ll be there again. France will be there again. We’re not done yet!

    • When? Those celebrations are normal, un minuto de silenció is a common song in Argentina, Dibu actually consoled Mbappe after the game. They also did a minuto de silenció for Brazil and England and probably others. As far as I’m concerned: Un minuto de silenció!!! …….. PARA MBAPPE QUE ESTÁ MUERTO AEAEAE EAE EAEAEA AE!!!

  11. Julián Álvarez:
    “It was one of my first days at City, Pep, the Portuguese and Rodri were talking about the teams that could win the World Cup. Portugal, the other European teams, Brazil..I didn’t say anything.”
    Pep said: “Do you know who has the best chance?’ And he pointed at me.

    Pep saw it coming…

    • A good coach can understand the team. He knew Argentina is a team to beat.
      Same happened in 2014, Mourinho was thinking Argentina is the team but we somehow lost it.
      I think 2014 was easier to win than 2022.

    • We were silently the best in the World before the WC started, think about the amount of CHAMPIONS in our squad that were relatively unknown in Europe for years, even while statistically being among the best in the world, yet the European clubs pay 50 million for Brazilian youngsters and don’t think we are with more than 15, we hit them like a train! But of course an actual intelligent man like Pep would know, he always praised Gallardo, he knew about us all along

  12. The whole situation is crazy with 4 million people on the streets, squares and highways. The bus cannot get thru. Players are brought to safety by helicopter.

  13. The divine power saved Otamendi’s ass! We were almost deprived of enjoying the World Cup due to his crappy performance, just one very cheap penalty. How did he fall asleep again and end up on the wrong side of the opponent player? It was Dibu’s Achilles heal that saved us!

  14. Gonzalo Montiel initiated the 3rd goal. That was brilliant by him in case people did not notice here. He initiated the 3rd goal, gave away the equalizer and then shot the deciding penalty. Fairytale stuff……

  15. Argentina can dominate the football world for the next 6 years.
    Federico Gomes Gerth 18
    Garnacho 18
    Almada 21
    Enzo 21
    Alvarez 22
    Mac Allister 23
    Facundo Medina 23
    Romero 24
    Licha 24
    Molina 24
    Foyth 24
    Lautaro 25

      • Come on, this has to be a joke at this point. May I kindly ask is it purely because he’s from the mls and if he moves to a European club, what would you do then? Would you still hate him? Too bad he didn’t get a chance to score a penalty like Montiel too

  16. If you look at the long wait of top WC champion countries, the cycle is exact 24 years! Brazil 70-94, Italy 82-06, Germany 90-14. Arg would have been the champion in 2010 to have 24 years wait. Back then we have a phenomenal squad, lots of them just won the champion league but they were not called up and you all know we don’t have a great coach in Maradona.

    • With all the upcoming talents like Nico Paz, Perrone, Garnacho and Zeballos and the age of Licha, Alvarez and Enzo (our future captain) I don’t think we have to wait 24 or 36 years for the next one!

      • Scaloni and AFA do a tremendous job preparing the World Cup. If they are still in charge, I am convinced we will create a very strong team in 4 years with or without the 39 years old Messi by that time. The key is Messi too if he decides to play in the next WC, he has to let us know at least in 2024. So we would prepare the World Cup with him or without him in 2 years.

        There will be a huge adjustment when Messi is not around anymore. Think about when our team without Maradona after 1994 for the first time, Passarella made a total overhaul, almost everyone but Bati and 2 more I think were called up. Others were completely new. We will not go total rebuild mode like in 1995 but still playing without Messi is a huge adjustment.

      • I surely think it will be Back to Back in 2025 (if Infantino’s decision to have WC every 3 years pass) or in 2026.

  17. At the age of 10, he lost his father. At 12, he lost his older brother. At 19, he underwent heart surgery, not knowing if he would play again.

    But at 27, he became a World Champion with his idol.

    Ángel Correa is not just a champion of the world, he is a champion of life.

  18. Is Messi and his teammates nearly get caught by overhead cables, which was really create a dangerous situation? They had to duck to avoid a low-hanging telephone cables?

  19. Messi first international tournament:

    2005 U20 World Cup: winner Argentina, first match Argentina USA 0:1, MVP Messi who scored in every KO match, 2 goals in final.

    Messi last international tournament:

    2022 WC, winner Argentina, first match Argentina Saudi Arabia 1:2 MVP Messi who scored in every KO match, 2 goals in final.

    The circle is closed.

    • Csabalala, you were always among the most optimistic fans no matter which opponents we faced. Always found their weaknesses and emphasized our strength. Your approach has been vindicated.

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