Latest FIFA rankings, World Cup champions Argentina in second


The latest FIFA rankings are out and the World champions Argentina are in second place.

Lionel Scaloni’s team lifted the biggest trophy in all of football to add that third star on the shirt but even with the win, they are not first in the rankings. Brazil are first with Argentina second and France third.

One of the reasons why Argentina are not first appears to be because FIFA does not count Argentina’s penalty shootout wins vs. Netherlands and France as wins. Instead, they would count as draws. Here are the top 10:

1: Brazil
2: Argentina
3: France
4: Belgium
5: England
6: Netherlands
7: Croatia
8: Italy
9: Portugal
10: Spain


  1. We have lost 1 game out of 43! We are champions of South America, the intercontinental champs and world champions… how the fuck are we not #1?!

    Fuck outta here!!!

    Anyways… in 2026
    Alvarez Lautaro
    Macallister, locelso, depaul and Enzo
    ___, Romero, Lisandro Martinez and Molina

    Left back is only position of need. Bench:
    Dybala, palacios, almada, perez, montiel, garnacho, etc….

    We can be world champions again!

  2. Scalony definitely will try new blood. Because 2026 at least 50% of our player will be new from current squad. Otherwise we cannot compete. Will be knockout like Belgium. As per my reliasation player like Pazella, Acuna, Tagliofico, Otamendi, DePaul, Papu, Demaria even great Messi will be over aged player and definitely some will be out of form or not fit to play. So definitely we need back up. Hope Scalony and team will look after this.

  3. For me, Fifa rankings don’t matter, we should focus on winning matches only. Scaloni should try Garnacho and other young guys in upcoming matches. He should prepare a young team for the Copa.

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