Videos: Cristian Romero’s performance at the World Cup, match vs. France


Cristian Romero had a great World Cup and a fantastic performance in the final vs. France.

Romero continued his incredible partnership alongside Nicolas Otamendi in Argentina’s back line. Compilations of Romero’s performances at the World Cup have been posted online and here are two.

The first is Romero’s performance vs. France in the World Cup final and the second is Romero’s performance throughout the World Cup.


  1. To all you people that keep thinking DIBU should stop mocking Mbappe here are you answers:
    “France players mocking Leo in WC2018 with songs”

    “Mbappe mocking Leo in WC2022 final after scoring the equalising goal”


    “Mbappe mocking all south america continents”

  2. Make no mistake about it. If those douchebag European teams had won the world cup, they would be ridiculing Messi, Argentina and Brazil especially after Brazil’s early exit. Let the Europeans eat shit for the next four years and remain dillusional that their bullshit brand of football is any good. They have fooled everyone, but the cream rises to the top. Infantino and FIFA still think Belgium is any good after that showing. A lot can happen in four years. If people think France is gonna win shit next world cup they are lying to themselves. That tournament is being played in the USA, Mexico, and Canada. Brazil will be out for blood, and I guarantee you if you think Argentines showed up at Qatar in numbers you wait until its in the USA. People will shit their pants with the number of Argentina supporters in the stands. As far as I am concerned, Mbappe and the French can eat shit. To the victor go the spoils.

    • A lot of European players are overrated actually especially the ones from 3 countries: France, England, and Germany.

      France: Kounde, Tchouameni, Camavinga. They are pretty good but not $100 million or something like that good. Did u see how the 34 year old Di Maria humiliated Kounde? And how Enzo won the battle against Tchouameni/Cama in terms of team winning/statistics/young player of the year/impact/etc.

      England: Sancho, Pickford, Saka, Foden, Rashford, Grealish, almost everyone who they believe cost $100 million.

      Germany: Everyone old/young but Musiala.

      The Europeans are not that good. The game between Ecuador vs Netherlands is the perfect example of the real strength of each continent. What Mbappe said is the complete opposite. You can do nations league, have friendlies among each other, hold Euro cup but this is not the same as 4 years ago. Now the South Americans are ahead of them.

      The game of France and Argentina or Italy vs Argentina also are perfect examples. France have all the “world class” players in every position but they blamed camel flu for being outplayed for 60 minutes by Argentina.

      • Camel flu was an excuse they created before the World Cup in case they lost. I believe that 100 percent. Those motherfuckers are lucky LoCelso and Nico were injured otherwise Nico would have come on and shit all over that make shift African team posing as French men.

  3. I am not much of a social media guy but twitter has been ruthless to Ronaldo and his fans. If anyone wants a laugh or just likes to stare at car accidents then grab some popcorn and search twitter for Ronaldo’s fan pages. The delusion, The excuses, The whining and crying is amazing, its food for the soul! lol

    • Great. Not only would that finally be a fair valuation of one of our players for once (still should be 150 M if Grealish is 100) but that means 30 million will go to River. Great news

  4. I hate Mbappe and Hakimi more than Ronaldo.
    Messi hates him too, just does not express it.

    The entire PSG team except Hakimi hates him.

    Emiliano did the right thing. We can’t be nice too doucebags.

  5. Otamendi deserved the team of the tournament BEFORE the final game. In the final Otamendi made 2 major errors that could have costed us the game. Cuti was solid throughout the tournament but Saudi game. Against Netherlands, Croatia, and France Cuti was good. For me Cuti is among the best 11 of the World Cup.

    • Same feeling for me until semifinal otamendi was the best but in final he made two crucial errors which could have cost Argentina the final………Overall Romero was the best argentine defender for the world cup …

    • Agreed. Otamendi lost his concentration and composer. I think for future mostly new CB pair will be Cuti-Licha however I wanna see if Scaloni start anyone else instead Licha according to opposition.

    • Otamendi always has a blunder or two in him, I expected that to happen at some stage. I do think he deserves merit for being solid and helping us progress all the way up to the final. Licha was also heroic whenever called on with the only “blunder” I can think of being the aerial duel with the “bobo” though it’s not really his fault. Cuti was truly underrated. Whenever any of our CB’s makes some good tackle or something I just yell their name to give them recognition, it’s their job just like it’s the job of a forward to score a goal.

  6. Romero was great in the entire tournament bar the first game. He too like dibu, is a shithouse. He too like dibu, came out of nowhere and cemented his place in the XI. These characters are important to the team.

    But in the final after 120 mins, after that Dibu save, France had another attack and Mbappe beat Romero. It took Otamendi and Dybala to save us there.

  7. Guys there is a video circulating on YouTube showing that Upamecano handled the ball on the second penalty of Mbappe, another camera shows that it touched his head not his arm …. I would like to know ur thoughts about it.

  8. I am already sick and tired of people trying to make Mbappe the next Pele. If it wasn’t for that 1 sec lapse of concentration from Otamendi, France was headed to a humiliating defeat! Not to take anything away from out genius coach who outwitted the french and forced them into subbing out their 2 attacking player before the first half, but in hindsight Scaloni should have gone for the third goal especially after how we panicked against Australia and Netherlands. The bad experience from those matches caused a psychological havoc when Mbappe scored the first penalty, however the Saudi loss and Mexico win had trained our players to gather themselves together in the midst of chaos and once the match went into extra time we got our shit together. Everyone is genius in hindsight, but Dimaria may have been subbed a little early and Scaloni should have subbed Licha in for Dimaria if he wanted to go full defensive. But regardless of all the drama we were the rightful winners, all’s well that ends well!

    • The way Mbappe and his bitch Hakimi made Messi’s life living hell in the last season, Mbappe deserves the mocking!! Also all the goals he will score this season will only make Messi’s 8th BallonDor bid even stronger!! PSG has already extended Leo’s contract which means he will always be fighting with Neymar for the 2nd spot in that team!! Unless PSG gets all the top midfielders and defenders to build a team around Mbappe like in City for Haaland, Mbappe might never win a BallonDor or even a Champions league!! And fools predicting that he is young and can win couple more world cups, I won’t be any surprised that France’s golden run in the world cup is done for good like Belgium!! With this victory Argentine players will finally get the media attention back which means more local players will be signed by top clubs. This world cup has just kick started Argentine players reign in the world club futbal.

  9. Dibu should stop mocking Mbappe. I hope Dibu will apologize one day for his behavior. Argentina beating France in the final to become World Champions is more than enough to silence Mbappe. You don’t need to be arrogant in victory. What happens on the pitch should remain there. Dibu played great for Argentina and Mbappe for France. Football is a beautiful game, not a street brawl.

    • You don’t have to look their locker room videos mate. It was they having fun private after winning World Cup. Everyone does that. What about prior 2018 world cup they said shit,2014 German was saying shit even entire Europe was happy we didn’t win. I remember Netherlands,Belgium,Switzerland players came out said that happy Argentina didn’t win. About the doll thing,someone throw at him and he was holding it that’s all. It ain’t like he made it from home or something. He ain’t arrogant it called confidence and he sympathise with Mbape after the game in the field but all those good thing you people and English & European media failed to notice. Same goes with Netherlands game. People calling us nasty when they started it first but when we gave it back they start crying. Calling for fair game! Dibu has nothing to apologise for maybe only the gesture he made on stage. Mbape deserved all this. South American football is low quality then how come South American team won it now. No one asked him to come up and clear it.

      • Messi, Martinez and the entire Argentinian football team settled the debate on the quality of South American teams by beating France to win the World Cup. The debate was settled on the pitch with the whole world witnessing it. That’s what Champions do. That’s what Argentina did.

    • Fully agree with this. The war is over. Keep ambitions higher, indecency lower. But Dibu was the first Argentina player to go and console MBappe. So Dibu is more of a character than a mean one.

    • U know if an Argentine player crosses the line, his teammates would warn them right away. In Copa 2021, one of our players tried to mock Brazil, but De Paul and Messi stopped him right away.

      In Emi case, no one stopped him, that means that was totally fine. What Dibu did was just making them eat their own shit, that’s all. He did it to defend Messi and Argentina flag who had been mocked and burned. That’s all.

  10. Di Maria gave special thanks to our young players, attributing our victory to them as well. I think he is so right about that, the fact that Enzo, Mac Allister, Molina, Romero and Alvarez had all that energy to run non-stop has helped us a lot. We were a perfect combination of youth and maturity. Before the WC I looked at our average age and it gave me a sense of optimism.

  11. As tournament growing, romero growing too…
    He is class.. He should join giant like city,Liverpool not shitty Tottenham
    Ota played class from the start but he disappointed me at the final.
    I hope Farnandez join Liverpool

    • All played good… Top players who should take place world 11 are
      Emi, Otta.Fernandez, Macalester, messi, alvarez
      And i want to see a post from Basketball specialist El principe
      about macalester..

    • i hope enzo join manchester city.they have taken good care of argentinian talent where as liverpool has not been good with argentina players.scaloni has to find alternatives for all the argentinian player having more than 30 year of age. we should not have any player over 33 year of age except messi or GK in next world cup. so we need to find alternatives for tagliafico,pezzella,acuna,otamendi,papu gomez,armani and dimaria.

  12. Romero should play at an elite club that will in UCL contender. Real Madrid will be very good. But both Barca and Real are after Brazilian players these days.

  13. Cuti Romero level is above tottenham now, he should be playing likes Real Madrid or man City. Before final vs France some arsenal fan ex player call Darren bent said Romero is rush defender, i seriously laughed and surprised, cuti Romero isn’t rush defender but bit too aggressive as time goes he will come over that aswell
    Nevertheless Argentina have potential world class defender.

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