Emiliano Dibu Martínez speaks on the World Cup final, Lionel Messi, Netherlands


Emiliano Dibu Martínez was in his home city of Mar del Plata where he spoke about the World Cup final, Lionel Messi and the match vs. Netherlands.

Dibu Martínez was in front of a large crowd, greeted as a national hero. The best goalkeeper of the World Cup commented on the penalty shootout vs. France in the World Cup final. Here is what he had to say:

“When I saved the first penalty in the World Cup final (Kingsley Coman), I knew that the
other guy was going to be very nervous. I tried to play with him mentally, throwing the ball far, talking to him… And he missed it, he screwed it up.

“Believe big. When I started with the national team, I wanted to be a World champion. I did it. I’m a Copa America champion, a World champion.”

Martínez also spoke about Lionel Messi:

“My dream was to give Leo (Messi) a title with the national team Getting him the Copa America and the Finalissima but my final dream as an athlete was to give the best player in the world the World Cup, so that there is no doubt that he’s the greatest.”

In regards to the match vs. Netherlands:

“I remember before the match, the Netherlands coach (Louis van Gaal) criticized us, our players, our captain, Ángel Di María and said that if it went to penalty kicks, they would win. The truth is he was wrong.”


  1. I went back and looked that the “so-called criticisms” from Van Gaal. I honestly think 1 or 2 things happened:

    1. Language barriers cause NT players to misinterpret or misunderstand. Football players have very fragile egos.

    2. NT Players didn’t care to interpret what Van Gaal meant and only used it as motivation.

    Van Gaal admitted that he regretted treating DiMaria the way he did and said that he had a lot of demand as a Man United coach and they required him to win now. He mentioned that DiMaria struggled after his home was broken into and that may have affected DiMaria’s play. He mentioned that he would do things differently now after battling cancer. Language barrier always issue of Argentines in England too and DiMaria hated the weather and his family missed Madrid. Van Gaal mentioned all this and said DiMaria is a fine player and that he, unfortunately, did the same with Memphis Depay (who happened to sit right next to him), but that the two are on better terms now. He even joked that they are now so close that he could kiss Depay. He was just playing with the media. He then makes a comment about Messi being one of the greatest but said the Netherlands may have an advantage when Argentina doesn’t have the ball because Messi walks around the pitch. Ok, we all knew that. Which is why our NT can’t play Dybala when Messi is on the field. This is why Alvarez became important. I believe Van Gaal loves Argentine players and is a fan. Look how surprised he was when Messi confronted him after the game. Even Edgar Davids wanted to calm Messi but wasn’t happy with the reaction. They looked confused. Van Gaal is a 70-year-old manager battling cancer and probably has alzheimer. Look at Trump and Biden as US presidency. Both love to talk and both say stupid things when people want to hear them speak, which is why he said he could win in penalties – think about it if he was confident he could beat Argentina, why mention penalties?

    All language barriers which I believe the media blow out of proportion and the players used as fuel. I only wish we acted better. Argentina made new fans this world cup, but afterward revived old stereo types about the NT and Argentina as a whole. I don’t like what I’m reading or hearing. AFA needs to discuss this as NT is a brand. Dallas Cowboys is brand. New York Yankee s is a brand – whether they win or lose. This is more than a national team.

    Emi dick glove (as much as I don’t care about what the kids will think since they are on tiktok anyway) had no place in a final award ceremony. You are a champion, not a troll. You don’t crash parties, you belong in the event. Act like it. Do the trolling on the field and leave it there.
    Cannot lift up your hands to God in praise, then make this kind of jester in public.

    We waiting for over 30 years for this and many thought it was a curse. Do we want to wait for another 30 years to repent?

    World Class on and off the field.

    Vamos Argentina!

    • Spot on Wisdom. Said with lots of wisdom, as I totally agree.
      I love Emi but for a 30yr old he has been very childish, I expected so much more maturity from him especially because I view him as a leader and a warrior.
      Vamos Vamos Argentina!
      God bless our NT with much more success in the near future.

    • If you wanna example of luck that would be Buffon who save zero in 2006 final. Nobody still talk about Materazzi-Zidane incident anymore btw…. two Europeans showing their crap attitude at grandest stage.

  2. A litlle bit to arrogant and not fair play kind of game from dibu. He wont get too much fans in europe. That kind of behaviour is not welcome. I am from head to toe whitr and blue but also dont like some actiond made by him. Love it or not

  3. We wanted a GK and One we got…..that save at the END of the 2nd extra time literally when the game was officially over, WAS……….no words can explain

  4. Penalties are not easy…we have done very well to score…most importantly our players were sure at least one Penalty..Dibu will save. That’s the confidence.

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