New three star World Cup champions Argentina national team shirt release date


The Argentina national team will have a new shirt with the World Cup badge and three stars which will be released.

Argentina’s new three star World Cup winning shirt is set to be released on December 26 through Adidas. The shirt will have the World Cup badge in the middle with three stars above the AFA crest.

Following the team’s penalty shootout win vs. France in the World Cup final, the players wore the new shirt during the celebrations.


  1. Is anyone else a little annoyed that we are not first in the FIFA ranking?? Haha

    When is our next international match? I want to see the WC winner badge, the 3 stars and our new champions playing again.

  2. Fox Sports put things well in comparison. The difference between winning with a club and country is the difference between sucess vs glory!
    It’s the glory that eluded Meesi for 17 years, now he got it! Copa is nice but WC is the ultimate height

    • When you play at the highest level, and next to your hero growing up, you tend to push yourself and bring out your best. People were wrong about MacAllister. I was wrong about Alvarez. Look at De Paul. He played better in the semi final and final better than the rest of his year at atletico and previous world cup games combined.

      Now that they have found their fire, I pray they never lose it. We need the next copa and world cup lol.

  3. About how to arrange stars, in my opinion 3 stars in a straight line are optimal ***. If there are 4 stars, it could be 3 at the bottom and one at the top in a triangular layout. If there are 5 stars, arrange 3 lower stars and 2 upper stars into an isosceles trapezoid,… If there are 7 stars, the arrangement is similar to 4 stars. If there are a few dozen stars, they should probably line up along the shoulder in front. Maybe because the shirt already has 2 stars, so take advantage of the 1 star above, but it’s probably temporary.

    • No, I don’t think it’s tiki taka if by that is meant maintaining possession as a primary way of both attacking and defending. Our style is a fusion of several things, we have flair and amazing technical ability but also grit, tenacity, la garra, physicality, we do not shy away from tackles and challenges. We are pragmatic and much more direct than a typical tiki taka approach. The best illustration, the second goal vs France, it was us being very direct and ruthless in transition, moving the ball very quickly into the space behind Theo Hernandez.

      Scaloni was also very pragmatic, not tied to a particular formation and tactics, he is the most flexible coach of the tournament. Another thing that we did that I don’t think other teams tried was running in behind the opposition defenses, this was done most successfully by our fullbacks as well as Julian Alvarez.

        • Kante and Benzema, yes, they would have been huge assets if healthy and available, with Pogba it’s hit or miss, never know which version of him you would get. I am not sure about Lo Celso and Nico, Mac Allister and Enzo were amazing and got the job done. As for the flu, it may have a ruse, a distraction, we simply outplayed them for 70 minutes, perhaps us having one more day of rest helped us a bit. I think France were also tactically naive, they had only two proper midfielders in Rabiot and Tchouameni vs our three tenacious, hard working, box-to-box animals that just took over the midfield.

        • Could they do “better”? Possibly but that’s pure conjecture.
          Pogba has been mediocure for a long time and infact his absence might’ve benefitted France considering all the controversy surrounding him allegedly hiring a witchdoctor against Mbappe.
          Kante was a big loss, but let’s be honest, he’s had fitness issues for several years now and I’m not even sure he would’ve last 7 straight games at the world cup without some sort of an injury.
          Benzema is world class but France didn’t have any probs with finishing, infact that’s been one of their biggest strengths and that’s what got them passed England and Morroco who outplayed them for large sections of their respective games.
          I personally think that had Benzema been there in the final against Argentina, France wouldn’t have been able to make a comeback because Dechamps wouldn’t have had the guts to sub Benz at half time like he did Jiroud thus leaving the midfield vulnerable to Argentina’s pressing.

  4. ARG. are now worldcup winners . Arg is one of the best professional team in soccer world. And please stop mocking our opponents. All Arg. fans are also need to calm and responsible in it.
    Mbappe is a very talented player no doubt in tht.we must accept that. I think Messi is not comfortable in psg. bcz of these superstars. Better to change another club.
    In this WC our youngsters performed very well. That’s y Scaloni can include more young players in squad. They are looking physically and technically gud .

    • What’s wrong in mocking Europeans, I love this part of the game, European media always mocks our players and I have loved to see if other players have joined emi in mocking.
      European media always undermines our players, now they can’t believe how well our unknown players did in the world Cup, they can’t believe how we scored that second goal in the world Cup final.
      They didn’t buy into our 35 games unbeaten run, they thought we played just only easy games and we don’t have good players on the paper.
      Those France so called big club players were in pockets of our so called small clubs or squad players or not so talented players for 80mins 😂🤣🤣.
      I love scaloni for getting out the best of players.
      Again I will mention this we are second to none in talent no matter which era.

  5. My journey as Argentina fan so far
    1999 copa America quarterfinals lost Brazil
    2002 world Cup out of group stage cried
    2004 copa America final lost against Brazil
    very disappointed
    2005 confederation Cup final humiliated by Brazil, 2006 world Cup disappointed quarterfinals exit, 2007 copa America final humiliated by Brazil again
    2010 quarterfinals exit well beaten by Germany again ,2011 copa America in home soil quarterfinals exit vs Uruguay one of the worst again, 2014 world Cup final lost vs Germany again didn’t watch football for months I was devastated.
    2015 copa America final lost vs chile hurted so much, 2016 copa America final lost vs chile again I can’t explain what i went through, 2018 R16 exit by France wasn’t surprise.2019 copa America semi final lost by Brazil Proud with the team and how they played, 2021 copa America won it was one of the happiest moments in my life
    2022 world cup won it was my greatest moments as Argentina fan and forgot all the bad memories I went through, now I can enjoy football with smile on my face
    I will never forget this beautiful moments ever again thanks to God

      • same i started in 1990 but as in uk in those days no internet or cable tv so i only so argentna in 1990/1994/1998, but hten with cabke tv and internet could follow more often. as u guys above lots of heartache. 2004 still hurts be alot.

  6. 2014 was painful in the end but I did enjoy still, but this entire World Cup, watching Argentina, has been the most enjoyable football of my life, even above my club Barca who played some incredible stuff, I put this World Cup above all, I’ve been immersed in every second..the best!

  7. The greatest achievement! As a topic of conversation, I genuinely believe the team of 2014 were capable, it just wasn’t our “time” but Sabella went into that WC with a strong mentality, the injuries in the end rocked the team with no Di Maria, Aguero not even 60%, no Gago pre tournament they lost so much attack they naturally fell into a defensive structure..but for us fans, to see Di Maria start and absolutely smash it, it was wonderful! This final, is how we were supposed to play in 2014!

  8. Argentina won the world cup with Messi and players from midtable and tier 2 leagues!! Darwin Nunez going for 100 million and Julian Alvarez 13million and fighting for minutes on the pitch shows how much Europe has underminined our boys. Brighton coach is under immense pressure to play MacAllister higher up the pitch. They can easily get 50million for him now. Sevilla was trying to get 14million for Acuna but now Wigan will have to play another 10 million more. Simione if smart will now prioritize Depaul Molina and Correa over the overrated Europeans. Romero will mostlikely get sold end of this season, he is too good to play for a 4th team in EPL. He will move to a top and big club next season. Dibu is perfect for Atletico Madrid. He will suit their aggression and get them into more street fights while providing them better security in the back.

  9. @choripan @olive and my other Mundo brothers

    I have to admit something now.
    First, I would like you guys to forgive me. But now that we are world champions and it doesn’t matter… I must admit… And apologize also…that….
    The game of Saudi Arabia, I overslept, I woke up maybe 15 min before match time. I didn’t cook nor even put on my new Jersey that I promised I never worn till the cup began.
    After the Saudi game I shaved my beard, which took forever to grow btw. I vowed to always fire up the wood and wear the jersey.
    I say this because I just got off the phone with my cousin in Buenos Aires just now. He said that my asado failed us against Saudi. So I admitted to him that I didn’t prepare anything for that game. He said sarcastically “well the whole of Argentina appreciates your efforts for the rest of the cup” 😂
    It’s funny because I don’t believe in luck or superstition what so ever… Unless it involves the AFA

    • Losing to KSA was painful, puzzling and very worrying BUT that Loss lit a fire under the whole team and propelled ARGENTINA to win the WORLD CUP……the loss coming in so early was the BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO THE Albiceleste.
      2nd, Messi having his kick stopped Vs Mexico was the 2nd best thing that happened to him so much so that he admitted it……..anyone whoever watched Messi taking Pks for Barcelona or ARG knows about what I’m going to say next.
      Messi often hurried his kicks or was trying to be too cute while doing it…..ALL his PKs after that were taken with a lot of thought, placement and power when needed ….when did we ever see him waiting for the GK to make his move before sending it in either direction? Never! He became a PK monster with Liquid ICE in his veins NEVER to miss another and all were extremely important and boy of boy he looked super confident while taking all of them.

      THANK YOU KSA and MEXICO, you made our dream come true.
      It still hasn’t fully sunk in yet but everyday I get happier than the day before ….WE ARE THE WORLD CHAMPS and BY GOD we deserve it so

    • I forgive you since luckily you fixed your behavior, but we have to be careful the next Copa America, no lapses in concentration on superstition. We are all guilty, I almost feel like the overconfidence of the players was experienced by us fans as well, feeling that Saudi Arabia was so easy we didn’t have to do anything haha

  10. BTW How underrated is this guy Angel Di Maria? To me, must be the most underrated footballer in history. I do think he is 90-95% as good as Neymar, Robben, Zidane, etc. Call me an idiot……but those footwork, the ease he does his things with……AHH….mesmerizing stuff…..nickname The Noodles well earned. It kills me when some people treat him like “just another good player”. I dont think he is too far behind Messi.

  11. Winning the final is well deserved. I was expecting a more convincing win than winning that way because it was not a safe margin victory. If you look more positively, you will see that the team still has problems to improve in defense. There was a time when the team played badly when letting a player not even a big name in the world dribble past our defense relatively easily like the match against Australia, not to mention Mbape was in high form. It can be said that football today has developed dramatically in terms of tactics. Fitness is also a top priority as it is the foundation of every sport. It helps the team maintain pressure to defend from a distance. Perhaps that is why the French team prioritizes black players if they are also very talented. Surely Scaloni saw that too. Hopefully the team will go further to successfully defend the championship in 2026.
    Every time we win, we should celebrate but we shouldn’t mock our opponents even if they mocked us before. That’s the best way for us to teach our mockers a lesson. They will be ashamed of themselves.

  12. why do you put three stars in a triangle?? This looks terrible. I prefer a straight line of three stars.

    I hope this is just for WC special edition. In 2024, we will have a new 3-star jersey for copa.

    • Money, unfortunately, they just added the third star on the already existing kits. I wonder if this design will be permanent or if in future Argentina kits they will be in a line?

  13. All of the losers are crying now and complaining about Mocking France and Mbappe. I say let them, Who cares? No one was crying for us when we were eating all of the memes and shit sandwiches. England, Germany were too busy being meek flabby woke teams to do whatever it took to win the title. They were so worried about not offending anyone and making stupid political statements that they forgot to compete. England won the fair play award, That’s great…No one cares or will ever care. You want to win you need an Emi Martinez. Say what you want about him but his personality is huge, Looked like a monster in the net and he had the French penalty takers shaking in their boots. Everyone is talking about Mbappe scoring 4 goals on him…That’s great, he walked away with the gold medal. No one cares about the FIFA fair play award

  14. shit talk is a part of the game…. When France wins they talk shit now it’s Argentinas turn. People are such fucking pussies about everything today.

    • The “shit talking” everyone is talking about is really minimal, I wonder how some people are fans of Argentina and don’t know these songs are commonplace? They’ve never heard them in the background of the stadiums when watching the games? They also did songs in the locker room when they beat Brazil. Someone threw an Mbappe plushie onto the bus, so what, it’s not like it was their choice.

  15. To all you people that keep thinking DIBU should stop mocking Mbappe here are you answers:
    “France players mocking Leo in WC2018 with songs”

    “Mbappe mocking Leo in WC2022 final after scoring the equalising goal”


    “Mbappe mocking all south america continents”

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