Video: Enzo Fernández vs. France in the World Cup final


Enzo Fernández had a stellar World Cup with Argentina and a final to remember.

Fernández won the Young Player of the Tournament having not even started the World Cup. The 21 year old had one goal at the World Cup but it was his play, technical ability on the ball and intelligence which won his the trophy. Here was his performance in the final.


  1. It’s been a long time I commented here. I miss many members comments like abnormal_one, kid, etc… All are busy eventhough they scroll through the comments like me.
    Finally we won the worldcup, like everyone else me too now in that thrill mode. It’s been over a week, but still I am in that ecstasy mode. I have never been like this in my entire life. Finally our patience have a fruitful end.

  2. Should Argentina call up few tall players? Now that 3 teams (Australia, Netherlands, France) used the height advantage against us almost successfully. Scaloni brought in Pezella in the Finals instead of our favourite Lisandro Martinez for that very same reason as France players were all tall.
    Argentina should not call up or retain old aged players if we are to have a good shot at World Cup 2026. Spain did that in 2014 by retaining their 2010 squad and was kicked out as early.
    Argentina won this world cup partly because we had few youngsters who took it to the next level.
    Somebody tweeted that Spain 2010 is the best of all the winners in the last 5 world cup including this one which just ended, am not sure what criteria was used to measure this. But plain simple Argentina was the best amongst the lot.

    • Age is of course important but I believe hunger is the key factor for success. A world cup win is probably the pinnacle of most football players careers, including Messi. In that sense, I think the ’26 squad should focus on the guys who were not so much involved of the WC winning team, such as Dybala, Licha, Lo Celso, Nico, etc, complemented by younger talents and supported by a few of the key players of the ’22 squad below their 30s except for Dibu who is given. Contentment will be our worst enemy.

      • Agreed, France was extremely fortunate that most of the 2018 world cup winning side were out injured meaning their new and young replacements did bring that hunger and desperation to win along with them. Retaining aging world cup winning players for the most part means no hunger and no desperation.

    • Agreed Chalz, the build up to WC 2026 starts with the next match in March. We need to add fresh blood and build on the players in their twenties.

  3. Very very late but have to admit the coaching staff for finding out the great penalty kicker in Montial, seriously before the start of the tournament if i was said montial gona take penalty ahead of maclister, ottamendi, de paul, enzo
    I will be upset
    Now see what this lad is so cool under pressure

  4. Something that surprised me is the fact that Mbappe remained virtually incognito up until the 75th minute even with Molina tasked with defending him. Before the game it seemed kind of suicidal to play Molina because of his tendency to move forward and his lack of tackling ability and occasional suspect defending. Before the WC I was even thinking we might need Foyth (given his ultra defensive style and history against wingers) in the scenario we faced Mbappe but that’s why we have Scaloni. A simple double team with Molina and De Paul keeping an eye on him at all times (at parts of the game Rodrigo was following Mbappe and during most of the game he just stayed deep on the right side of the pitch) with Cuti to back it up. We also greatly limited the amount of service Mbappe received from our pressing up front and overall domination. Again, the score line doesn’t show that and if you give Mbappe one chance he will score. But it surprised me how effective our plan was since right back is our weakest position

    • In hindsight, Molina should have been subbed a lot early. He along with Otamendi were out of gas which is why France wreak havoc on our box in the last 20 mins. Foyth could have been a better sub than Pezella who was a walking timebomb. One player I am really impressed despite of the hand ball error was Montiel. He had a great world cup and his defending was superior to Pezella and he was quite involved in our third goal in the final and almost had a goal too!!

  5. After Saudi Arabia. Messi is out of the World Cup. Mexico will beat them. After a Mexico, Poland will beat them. After Poland, Australia will shock them. After Australia.

    Oh Holland! Ah they are out. Messi can’t do anything. Holland were beaten.

    Croatia came. Croatia!Oh Messi will go home crying. He can’t do anything never! With Modric, Kovacic and Brozovic. They will destroy Messi. Croatia were roundly beaten. 😂😂😂.

    Then came france, their almighty giants. Ah Mbappe, Giroud, Dembele and Griezmann. I can bet Argentina has no chance they Screamed. Argentina have been lucky, they can’t stand Mbappe and france.

    Game started and they couldn’t believe their eyes for 75 minutes. Their giants looked like puppest. Messi and the likes gave them a footballing lesson. Only to get lucky and came back. They even Started trolling their Mbappe calling a 100 metre runner because Argentina pocketed him.

    One Otamendi error, penalty, he scored and then credit to him, another brilliant goal and they came out again. Oh what a player, Mbappe!! Argentina is dead and hurried. And Messi laughed.They didn’t know what was coming. Messi scored and they got another luck. A penalty but they thought they had done it but they didn’t know EMI Martinez had other ideas. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    From fb someone writes and that what I experience too with some guys we follow each other on social media were keep saying Argentina will next game, Messi will go home crying I laughed at them now haters

    • I think the way we played against France proved we are the best national team in the World. Cleary they got to the final for a reason and are the defending champions, so it makes sense to think of them as second best. And the difference wasn’t even close — only fooled by the scoreline. It’s funny that people thought we were lucky, playing like that is NOT luck. I watched the entire game again yesterday. We dominated for 75 minutes but actually after Mbappe’s second goal we remained superior and even more superior during the extra time. We also play in a way that we dominated them even without the ball. If you look at the game again you’ll see that at moments a France player would barely touch the ball in our halve and have a pack of wolves suddenly onto them. Our sudden pressing and willingness to eat every inch of space when the opposition has the ball is impressive, like it also was in the Finalissima

      • Klopp said that was best final he ever watched on 80 minutes which he meant how Argentina dominated france, no fan pointview but honestly Argentina deserved that trophy after Saudi game every match was knock out for them plus not team can psychologically recovered after surrounding two goal lead, next few years many coaches or managers will copy Argentina and scaloni style which is somewhere between Mourinho and Guardiola

  6. I am so excited for the next generation of youngsters. Potentially for 2026 WC, Enzo, Mac Allister, and De Paul in midfield. Alvarez, and Correa at winger/forward. I hope Lautaro regains his form. Lisandro to take over from Otamendi in the backline.

    Garnacho will be a name to watch at left winger. Barco to replace Acuna/Tagliafico.

    The best send off for the heroes Di Maria, Messi, Otamendi, Acuna and Emi is winning Copa America 2024.

    • Despite my love for Messi , then Di Maria .
      Frankly speaking , Arg should start new era ASAP without these going home stars.
      The effect of losing best player(s)is felt for longer time. 2024-2026 just two years I fear Arg will cry with excuses , we felt messi miss.

      Alternatively , if Messi decides to play until 2024 copa , to me he better continues to wc 2026 as supper sub – last 15min. and this should be implemented as soon as 2024 when he is at 37

  7. I really can’t wait to see Enzo moving to a bigger club. I will really follow him with his new club (hope not Arsenal lol). Btw Enzo winning the young player of the tournament of WC award. The previous winners include:

    Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba, Thomas Muller, Franz Beckenbauer and Pele. Not a bad company at all. Enzo is destined to be the next big thing.

  8. Jealousy is a powerful powerful motivation for hatred and ludicrous thoughts.

    Frenchy has been crying for a week about the loss, saying stupid shit like the WC was rigged for Messi, Qatari prince paid for ARG and Messi to win, PSG Owner is Qatari so he wanted Messi to win LMAO, The Polish REF awarded Messi a bogus PK even though he gave the Golden Child two in the most crucial moments of the game, ARG Players ran on the field so Messi’s goals should be disallowed……in response the REF. showed the media his phone where Frenchy Ran on the field TWICE, more than 250,000 petitions were signed by Frenchy to replay the final LMAO
    I cringed a little after I saw Dibu holding a baby doll with you know whose face on it, BUT after all this FUCK ’em and their PM too.

    And Off course me being the Christina hater that I am, Her majesty’s fans have been punching air for the past week, from conspiracy theories, to EA FIFA Rankings, to how the Champions League trophy is more valuable than a WC LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.
    To how SHE won the first international trophy for Portugal when in reality a BLIND SPACE MONKEY LIVING ON THE SURFACE OF PLUTO knows that she didn’t do SHIT in that game since she was injured on the bench and their team sucked ASS and by ridiculous luck even made it out of the group stage, nm beating France in France.
    Comparing that BULLSHIT league of Nations or whatever the hell its called to COPA AMERICA, the oldest International footballing tournament in the world.
    If any of you MORONS listening BLOW IT OUTTA YOUR ASSES

  9. Argentina yearned for the World Cup trophy more than any nation this year and they rightly got it. Argentina earned this trophy by fighting it out in each match and nobody just gave it to them as some general public may seem to comment. (btw there are so many Ronaldo sympathisers, Mbappe sympathisers on streets)
    Glad that this generation of Argentina world cup winners honoured the past generations who sadly missed to lift this beautiful trophy. Batistuta, Riquelme, Ortega, Aimar, Mascherano, Crespo, Redondo, Ayala, to name a few.

    Messi’s ‘Riquelme pose’ facing Van Gaal was a prime example of pay back, ‘you destroyed one of our best ever players career, now we destroy your country’ . I just loved it from Messi because he honoured the legend Riquelme.
    This World Cup victory is dedicated to all the generations who missed this trophy in their times. (Was so happy to see Batistuta, Sorin, Cambiasso, Zanetti, Simeone celebrating the victory)
    Wow we are world champions

  10. Dear Mundo – here are the results for the WC survey. 71 mundoers in total and the results clearly define the general view, except for the Di Maria left or right question:). Thanks to all.

      • It’s not an easy choice but I went with Enzo, especially since my biggest concern was the midfield. Amazing how he seamlessly integrated into the NT, beginning in the qualifiers. I had to give the ‘young player of tournament’ the 3rd spot.

    • Some comedians put Armani in their starting 11 haha. I’m glad Messi’s Mexico goal got so much recognition because it truly was a turning point. To think we went from a possible elimination in a horrible tense game to become champions — all courtesy of that goal. The moment I saw it roll up inside of the net was maybe one of my top 3 favorite moments of the WC.

  11. Watching Aston villa vs Liverpool guess what the commentary said champion emi martinez is resting after he won world Cup with Argentina, this what I wanted to hear in long time

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