Enzo Fernández wins FIFA World Cup Young Player award


Enzo Fernández has won the FIFA World Cup Young Player award.

Fernández was the revelation of the tournament. The 21 year old was not part of the original starting eleven in the first match but became a starter as the tournament went on and was an undisputed name in the starting eleven.

A tremendous World Cup by Enzo has earned him the Young Player award as Argentina went on to win the World Cup.


  1. Final score today is 4-3 !!!
    2018: Argentina 0 – Croatia 3
    2022: Argentina 3 – Croatia 0
    2018: Argentina 3 – France 4
    2023: Argentina 4 – France 3
    Wow … What a team of 26… They have entered history books now.

    • This scoreline was exactly my prediction in our blog. However, I predicted 4-3 for the full 120 minutes, without accounting the penalty shoot out. Also, I thought France will score the first two goals and we will equalise it by around the end of regular time. But, what happened was exactly the opposite.☺️

  2. Argentina could win this match very easily but dimaria sub by scaloni is very very in effective,Holland and france match showed scaloni is not clever and excellent coach

    • I am sure only because of Scaloni and his coaching staffs, we could win the WC.
      In both those matches, Argentina struggled because of the much better physicality of Nederlands and France teams. Pazzella came in both those matches because he is the only one left to match with the opposition. He made a mistake in Nederlands match, but which is unforeseeable for any coach. France withdrew Griezmann to dominate the mid with physical presence. Unfortunately we don’t have such kind of players not even playing in any leagues.
      In place of Di Maria came Acuna, which is not at all a bad sub at all, especially considering France began to threat Argentina. I would say Scaloni made use of his limited resources wisely. I would say Scaloni’s trust in Mac Allister was game changer for Argentina. Though Enzo won the young player award, I would say Mac Allister was more important for Argentina in all these matches. Whenever he is tired or get subbed, we struggled a lot.

  3. Glad we brought along Julian Alvarez and Enzo Fernandez to this tournament and the rest is now inscribed into history as we walk as the World Champions.

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