Juan Foyth, Gerónimo Rulli return to Villarreal, speak of World Cup win


Juan Foyth and Gerónimo Rulli have returned to Villarreal and spoke about winning the World Cup with the Argentina national team.

Foyth and Rulli are back with their clubs, having returned on Wednesday. Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, here is what Juan Foyth had to say:

“We arrived two days ago and like all the Argentine people, we are still happy. Winning the World Cup is something that you dream about when you’re young.”

“Every moment is unforgettable. We started the tournament with a loss and it’s admirable how we overcame the moments of disappointment. I’m also keeping the moment we were welcomed by our people in Argentina. It was one of the happiest moments of my life.”

Gerónimo Rulli also spoke at the press conference:

“We are very happy for what we achieved and for bringing joy to the country. What we experienced in Qatar and seeing how our people accompanying us is a beautiful, life long memory.

“They were incredible days in which each of them, we took something nice from it. Personally, the moment in the final when the penalty kick went in and you are proclaimed champion, it’s unforgettable. Also, the reception of our people, who were there at all times.”


  1. Manchester City are set to trigger the release clause for Vélez talent Máximo Perrone, worth $8m — here we go expected soon if all goes to plan. 🚨🔵🇦🇷 #MCFC

    Argentinian midfielder born in 2003 is considered huge talent. He’d join City after the Sudamericano Sub20.

    From Fabrizio Romano

    • I was just talking about it last night, apparently its mascherano who recommended to Guardiola.
      You know bro the best thing happens to south American football was when UK/ England came out European Union because now same rules applies all of them Weather you are French , German or Argentina Soon we will see most of English teams scouting South America mainly Argentina thanks to successfully purchases to Julian Alvarez and MacAllister plus way cheaper than most overrated french and English youngsters

    • Hope after Argentina success in the WC and the success of the youngsters such as Alvarez and Enzo, Argentina youngsters are no longer considered overrated anymore like what happened before this year (a lot of Europeans were hesitating to buy our youngsters).

      Now things should change, there will be more players imported to Europe more. As for the u20 Perrone is better than Maxi Gonzales for the DM. He, Paz/Infantino, and Buonanotte/Luka should be our starters next year in WC 20.

  2. For Copa America24..
    12.Lisandro Martinez
    13. Dybala
    15. Paredes
    16. Lo celso
    18.Nico Gonzalez
    19. Perez
    21. Medina
    22. Di maria
    24. Musso
    What you think?

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