Juan Foyth scores for Villarreal in 2-1 win vs. Valencia


Juan Foyth scored for Villarreal in their 2-1 win vs. Valencia.

Foyth became the first Argentine World Cup champion who scored for their club. The 24 year old did not start the match but was brought on as a substitute.

With the score at 1-1, it was a corner kick for Villarreal. The Argentine reached the ball and headed it to give Villarreal the 2-1 lead and win.

Gerónimo Rulli was an unused substitute for Villarreal. Both players were greeted by the Villarreal fans prior to the start of the match, as they wore their World Cup medals.

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  1. Wish you all very Happy New year friends..tbh time and life freezed for us since December 18..all the thanks to footballing gods and non-footballinf god’s.. hereafter nothing to ask and nothing to get.. everyday we can sleep peacefully.. still watching the highlights of final brings nervousness..The eternal thanks goes to Martinez for that save and Dybala and Enzo for the clearance..

    • > The eternal thanks goes to …… Dybala ….. for the clearance..

      What a save from Dybala in the dying minutes!

      Mbappe smoked 3 defensive players – first Paredes, then Romero, and then Enzo. Thankfully Dybala swooped in and cleared it cause Mbappe was in a perfect angle for a goal.

    • I like such a defensive team. Dybala played an important role in the final. He deserves the title of world champion. Look at the faces and body language of these players. I had a feeling for a long time that they were going to be world champions.

    • The truth is I’m left with the impression that he’s one of those typical talents that’s a really good dribbler, okay shooter, and not much else, not a totally complete player unless he adds more to his game. Prestianni (who’s a few years younger) is an insane dribbler but also has incredible technique for crossing and incisive balls

  2. Other than the unfortunate hand ball in the final Montiel had a great tournament. He initiated the buildup for the third goal and also the final cross to Lautaro who missed an open header!!

  3. So I am confused

    Once I read “Enzo to Chelsea” And then “MacAllister to Chelsea”
    Is Chelsea getting them both? or just either or….?

    • Raphinha is not a top club material. He is only good in middle to lower clubs which plays more of a counter attack. He got that pace and dribbling to play those clubs and become their main man. But not in clubs like barca, Bayern or City where possession game is more needed against more small defending teams. I dont think any of the Brazilian forwards except Neymar has that potential. Antony also looks good while cutting inside but no where near prime di Maria. Also if Antony lose the ball too much while cutting inside then his lack of crossing ability would be questioned.

    • Good comments on Enzo from Chelsea insider:

      Jan 1, 2023
      Replying to @Blue_Footy
      He changed Argentina at the World Cup, transformed Benfica. Let’s say he is one man complete midfield player. A rare breed. Kroos isn’t much of a ball winner, Cesc the same, Xabi Alonso came close.

      This guy can make any midfield partner look good. And he’s just 21. It’s amazing.
      I have said before that he has the most accurate long balls in Europe, bcos the volume he plays per game and the accuracy is unreal. He will single-handedly improve our attack and chance creation. We have been crying out for his kind.

      I can’t wait for this meal to be served.

      I don’t think people realise how much we need Enzo Fernandez. He will transform our midfield. The switches, assurance in possession, key passes, ball-winning. I mean, look around Europe, you won’t easily find someone who has 3 important midfield profiles rolled into one player.

    • Antony and Raphinha are very bad compared to the previous winning team of Brazil in 2000’s or late 1990’s. I mean they are overhyped, overrated, overpriced. In 1990’s or 2000’s Brazil had legendary wingers or AM like Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka. That’s why they won something. The current Brazilian teams have only Neymar and a bunch of overrated attackers who think they can out attack all teams and won the World Cup, but Neymar generation never got past the QF of the World Cup.

      Even the overrated Denilson or Robinho still looks better than Raphinha or Antony. I mean they both are similar to Di Maria but not just poor man Di Maria more like homeless man of Di Maria. They are early 20’s. Logically they should be faster, better dribbler, better pace, better attacker than the 34 years old Di Maria, but they are not. From A to Z with the exception of stamina, Di Maria is way better.

      • Actually a lot of countries overestimate their own youngsters either in the past or now and a lot of them fail to live up the expectations after looking so bright as youngsters (similar case to Raphinha and Antony). Some of the overrated ones are:
        1. Timo Werner (star in bundesliga, failure in Chelsea)
        2. Haverts (star in bundesliga, failure in Chelsea)
        3. Leroy Sane
        4. Lucas Paqueta
        5. Richarlison
        6. Joao Felix
        7. Sancho
        8. A lot of English youngsters (past or present)

        Now Germany are promoting 3 new youngsters in Musiala, Moukoko, and Adeyemi. All of them are below 20. Let’s see if they can live up to the expectation. Spain promoting Pino and Nico Williams. Gavi and Pedri have lived up to the expectation so far. France promoting Nianzou, Ektike, Wes Fofana. Brazil promoting Rodrygo and Martinelli. Portugal promoting Leao. Belgium promoting Jeremy Doku. England promoting Jude Bellingham.

        So far only Argentina who promote Alvarez and Enzo as youngsters have been spot on as they both make the best 11 of the tournament and won the World Cup.

        • Bro enzo is legitimate talant he is riquelme + Redondo + mascherano I mean his passing Dribbling ball control elegance, Tackling shooting.
          I believe scouting talant of big clubs including Chelsea were closely Following enzo while before world Cup his world Cup performance took him to next level which makes man City rush to sign next big midfielder talant from Argentina maxi Perrone because man City know they made big mistake not getting enzo while he was at River with cheap price. As Alvarez he is complete multifunctional forward he can only get better.

        • There was a period where I fell for the Sancho hype a little and was a bit worried about England in the coming World Cups because according to English media he was one of the most special, unique, best British talents in history and had the potential to be the best winger in the world after Mbappe. He did have a lot of assists at Dortmund too so I wasn’t too suspicious. Then he disappeared into the abyss and recently when I started watching United because of Licha I am shocked that he was once considered a generational talent. The England team don’t scare me whatsoever and if anything I’d like to play a friendly against them soon just to complete a bit of “business” that we didn’t get the chance to do this WC. I do think the three Germans you mentioned are legit talents, of course I hope I’m wrong but if Musiala had made it past the group stage he could have easily been in the team of the tournament. Poor kid was the only one truly taking ownership for Germany. And Moukoko is a consistent starter and goalscorer for Dortmund at 17

        • All top football countries have a graveyard of overhyped players and Argentina is no exception. Overestimating players is a result of success and the more success, the greater chances players will be overhyped. Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Germany, France, etc are all countries with trophies so I’d expect Media and supporters to drool at promising players. Similarly, I see many Arg supporters claiming another Messi or Maradona will come along when there is absolutely no certainty of it. In fact, statistically, the chances are almost nil.

    • We have luck of a champion this time. This is important, just like France in France98, Italy2006, Brazil 2002 (strong teams got eliminated early), Brazil 94. I am still gutted with Di Maria replacement, the same with Levazzi 2014, Requelme 2006; same with Di Maria got injured in 2014 final, Cannigia in WC90

    • I have always believed that without Di Maria, Argentina would not have won a single title in the last few years. In the final, Dibu was great but he was also lucky even with only 1% chance to save at the last minute. I never wanted to see Argentina win this way.

  4. Since Argentina nt need new wingers/ forwards I checked the profile of River plate’s forward / winger pablo solari who has been good form before world Cup, I bet he is scaloni kinda profile player he will be new River plate player in the Argentina nt since Franco Armani won’t consider to be called again because if his age I guess.

    • Yes solary was best singing in the argentine league last year. He’s very speedy, both footed, tricky goal scoring player. After watched his game for river last year I wonder how this top player was playing in the Chilean league ….

    • Solari hit the group de running at River and then suddenly his form dropped significantly, I think part of it had to do with confidence and I don’t remember that he had any injury. I feel confident that eventually he will make it to the NT but I don’t think he’s at the level now and I’m not sure yet what his true ceiling will be. A player capped 2 times, 10 times, 30 times? Not sure, it’s hard to tell now

  5. Franco Armani never play in Europe in my knowledge
    His career is amazing though
    2 copa Libertadores
    1 Argentina league title
    1 copa America
    1 world Cup
    1 Finallisima
    Not many players played outside Europe can have all this.
    Legend thanks to that penalty you saved vs Paraguay which would have lead earlier exit in group stage copa America back in 2019 and probably kept scaloni and co as I’m sure afa would have gone different route if that was the case .

    From now I will show some appreciation for our world Cup and copa America winners 1by1 the drought is over finally

    • I remember someone mentioned this before and some people who still couldn’t accept his inclusion got mad. The truth is like it or not Armani’s penalty save kept Scaloni in the job which eventually led to all of what you guys know. Credit where credit is due. I’m sure his WC experience and history of playing finals and winning trophies was useful for the other two goalkeepers and it’s the reason for his spot on the team. Now it may be a good time to move him on since we have a whole new project for the next four years and naturally his age won’t be ideal then if it isn’t now

  6. As Enzo moves closer to Chelsea, some of us here worried about his price tag which is more than $130 millions, easily our most expensive player and one of the most expensive ones in the world. I said it yesterday, in my opinion, only 2-3 players in the entire world worth more than that: Mbappe and Haaland. Jude maybe around the same if not a bit more. Others value should be less than Enzo I don’t care who they are.

    I agree with Olive here. One thing that separates Enzo with our other midfielders is consistency. I mean in 7 world cup games including the loss against Saudi where he played pretty good actually, when did you see Enzo perform badly? Never right.

    We saw other midfielders having an off night like De Paul (Saudi and Mexico), MacAllister (Mexico and Australia), Paredes (Saudi and Netherlands), etc but not Enzo. He is extremely consistent. That’s what makes him 130 million worth. No one would spend 130 million if what they buy is an inconsistent player. Absolutely NO ONE. I am sure Chelsea scouts have watched all WC games carefully and they decide that this guy is a very consistent one.

    For me consistency is what separates great and good. Nothing else. The likes of Gakpo (good player) can have a series of good game but I am not sure if he is consistently good enough for more than 2 seasons. There is also a one season wonder guy who consistently looks good only for one season such as Bremer, Darwin Nunez etc, but Enzo has been good from the last season of River, Benfica, AND all WC 7 games which resulted him winning the prestigious young player of the tournament award whose previous winner had been the likes of Pele, Beckenbauer, and Mbappe. I am not worried about his price tag. He is a supremely confident guy and he’s got all what it takes to be the best midfielder in the world, if he is not there yet today.

    • Hater of macalister always come with bullshit thing.. Enzo is good we all agree and all know but why you still shit against Mac..are you watched game? I recommend you rewatch maxico game..lol Against Mexico at frist half mac was best player from Argentina side..check again it and 2nd also done well.
      Australia? Lol from where frist goal come? Its was mac pre Assist and overall very good game.. hater of mankind!
      Thanks to scoloni in the end he remove your favourite papu and include mac who definitely our top 5 performer in Qatar..

        • Fuck you stupid with english style.. What messi fuck with English? English what?..sick, stupid, wasted person.
          I am sure a mentally sick person like you has zero friend.

      • To be fair JEWEL, I don’t think you are in a supreme position to talk after you consistently wrote comments against Enzo when he was at River saying he’s “not special”, making sarcastic comments about how nobody commented on the favorite boy Enzo for a couple weeks, etc. That was your entire theme for a solid four months and don’t think everyone’s forgotten. If only we could look through a list of an individual’s comments separate from everyone else’s

  7. ARGENTINA WON THE WORLD CUP and we’re still fighting among ourselves?? That’s the biggest joke ever.

    MISSION Accomplished, Messi got his WC win, the undisputed Best of the Best and her highness is playing in the desert and his country laughed at, Brazil was humiliated, Germany was destroyed, The Dutch were smacked by ARG and then MESSI, you gotta beat the man TO BE THE MAN and that’s exactly what ARG did by beating Frenchy, aside from the few mistakes on defense, ARGENTINA dominated the best of the best and toyed with them but But BUT ABOVE ALL, ARGENTINA ARE ONCE AGAIN WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS and the 3rd star has been added.

    NOBODY is perfect and yes mistakes were made and its a lesson for what NOT to do in the future.

    • At this point I’m not surprised, I think the day of the victory a couple of people were posting negative comments about how we could have lost or they would have preferred a larger victory or Scaloni made some mistake. Of course those things may be true or could be analyzed and discussed no problem but that’s the first comment you think of making after we won the third star after 36 years? And where is Undisputed at?

  8. Please do not criticize any of our player. We have won so much in last two years which deserve credit to our coaching stuff and player. Hope we will do same in coming years insaallah. Vamos Argentina 💕 from Bangladesh

  9. As much as we are happy for Argentina win…still cannot believe how Paredes escaped a red card against Holland..this kinda of attitude should change..it would have costed us a lot..

  10. Another player who I love like a lot and gets unncessary criticism often is Lucas Biglia. Nothing super gifted but Lazio captain and performed superbly in 2014. Played that pass to Messi in 2014 final which he could not convert…….Argentina midfield wise looked so much better after he was introduced…….It is not his fault that in 2018 he was at the latter stage of his career and trash coaches kept picking him.

  11. Manchester City will sign Argentinian top talent Máximo Perrone from Vélez, verbal agreement confirmed and here we go — deal at final stages. 🔵🇦🇷 #MCFC

    Perrone will not join City Group clubs, but directly Man City right after the Sudamericano Sub20.

    Deal worth $8m plus taxes.

    Fabrizio Romano

  12. Happy New Year to all at Mundoalbiceleste! What a great year it has been. Let’s hope we see some great new talents integrated in the squad in preparation for the next Copa.

  13. I hope scaloni select players for future. Papu armani pezzela etc old ones should get 1 farewall match. Then we should move forward…

    • Agreed but I do think Papu’s WC criticism was overboard. In the mundo survey, the 3 worst players were Pezz, Toro, and Papu by a large margin. Beckham almost had 2 assists against Saudi and created some danger on the left..I don’t see how he performed that dreadful.

        • During World Cup Agüero live steamed a 60 or 90 minute convo with Messi, Papu, De Paul, and Paredes.
          Papu dyed his hair blond and confessed he was going for the Beckham look but he didn’t look like Beckham at all so the guys spent a lot of time harassing and making fun of him. It was hilarious.

          Anyway Google “Papu Beckham” and you’ll see the image of Papu holding his phone with Beckham next to his face.

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