Julián Álvarez receives Manchester City welcome


Julián Álvarez was back at Manchester City and received a welcome by the club and the fans in the stadium.

Álvarez returned to Manchester after winning the World Cup with Argentina and was greeted by the club upon his arrival. The club put up a video of him arriving where he was hugged and congratulated by his team mates.

The Argentine was also in the stadium and played for Manchester City in their 1-1 draw vs. Everton.


  1. Pedro Almeida
    Benfica and Chelsea are in the final stages of the deal for Enzo #Fernandez, in total the player transfer could be closed for more than 130M€. Enzo has already given green light to the agent to closed the deal with the London club. 🇦🇷🔵 #CFC

      • Argentina to Portugal = pressure and he killed it
        First time in World Cup there is no greater pressure and he killed it.
        So far he seems to embrace new challenges and does very well so no reason to think pressure will get to him in new league. Similar story with Alvarez…

        • No he wasnt there in head. WC+transfer saga. His match highlight:


          A lot of creative passes in more advanced position, only a bit luck was lacking.

          Enzo WC performance:


        • Yes no one is bullet proof from pressure but I think you‘d have to look him over a period of games instead of 1. Well see what happens but for now, I’m optimistic

      • If pressure can hurt Enzo here then no one is safe from pressure and clubs shouldn’t ever spend more than 60 million on a player. Two new a half years ago he had only played one professional game of football and now he just won a World Cup, doesn’t look like someone hurt by pressure to me. Even in a World Cup final he plays really calm, like he’s in his backyard. In fact every time the difficulty and pressure increased for him he got better. He was better at Defensa y Justicia than he was in the River reserve, winning the Copa Sudamericana and the Recopa against Palmeiras scoring his penalty in the shootout with just months of professional football under his belt. At River he looked even better than at Defensa y Justicia, improving from the league winning season in 2021 to look even better in 2022 and adding more to his game. His first month at Benfica he looked like a better footballer than at River and he shone in the Champions League getting the top spot with PSG and Juve in the group. Then in the World Cup he looked even better than I saw him in some Benfica games, and you know exactly how he played and handled it so I don’t need to explain further. In fact he is one of the players least affected by pressure I have ever seen, both on his trajectory and style of play. I’d go as far as to say l doubt he’ll have bad performances to begin with

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