Happy new year to the Mundo Albiceleste world champions family!


A big happy new year to the entire Mundo Albiceleste family and remember, we are world champions!

The year 2022 was a special one for all fans of the Argentina national team. It started off strongly with a win in the World Cup qualifiers and the team added a second trophy to their collection, the Finalissima.

After that came the big tournament that we have all been waiting for, the World Cup. And despite not a great start, it ended in Argentina getting the third star on their shirt.

At youth level, it was a year of revelations. Javier Mascherano’s team took part in the Toulon tournament and won the COTIF tournament in August. A year of many trophies for all of Argentina.

On a personal note, I would like to wish everyone a great 2023. One which brings you great health and to be surrounded by your loved ones. Thank you for continuing to make this community, this Mundo family the best around.

We are working on implementing many things with a potential growth in staff. I am cleaning up much of the spam comments and accounts, which is proving to take a bit of time. Once that is settled, many eagerly awaited features will be added to the site.

Thank you everyone for what was a truly great 2022 and here is to a somehow even better new year!


  1. Happy new year to the community Argentina world champion is the best gift for this year so happy for it.
    I ve seen redondo s mention greatest dmf ever with pirlo.
    Now Argentina has the 2 best ever player in the list diego and his copy after all those great names that didn t achieve it ortega aimar riqielme tevez i was sure that lio could do it and he did so felice for him
    Now we will wait 25 years at least to live the same thing to see another gift from God

  2. Happy new year to all. It has been a phenomenal year for us who so dearly wanted the third star for so many years. We wish the story does not end here. With Scaloni and his technical staff in charge and with a mix of young and not-so-young we can reach greater heights. There are rooms of improvement for us and sky is the limit.

  3. As a regular visitor for several years I am amazed at the comradarie here in spite of differences and the occasional trash peddling trolls.. thanks a lot Roy and team for keeping up the forum and a Very Happy New Year to all here!

  4. I have been following a lot of Chelsea forum lately. Not the best option for Enzo, but it is the club that will land Enzo for sure. So I have no option but to follow Chelsea from now on (unless something crazy happens and the transfer is cancelled, but it is highly unlikely). I will follow Enzo as I believe he is the fourth revelation of Argentina after Cuti, Emi, and Licha.

    Chelsea are in big transition. They lost their world class coach as well as some key players like Rudiger, Wemer, or Cristensen. But gained some like Fofana, Cucurella, Sterling. It will take time for the new players to settle in. They will lose Kante and Jorginho too next season which is why they will go for Enzo.

    Their coach favorite formation is 3-4-3 but they played 4-3-3 a couple of days ago in their victory.

    Who confirm to join them so far? Badiashile, David Fofana, Andrey Santos.
    Who they are targeting now? Enzo
    Who will they target next? A lot of Chelsea forum say they will target Declan Rice next as their dream is to make Enzo-Declan Rice (West Ham/England starter)-Mount partnership. I think Declan Rice does make a lot of sense as he and Enzo would replace Kante-Jorginho wonderfully.

    Let’s see who else they will go after this January. I think this January/next season Chelsea depth chart should look like this:

    Kepa/Mendy; Azplicuetta, Badiashile/Silva, Koulibaly/Fofana; Reece James, Enzo/Loftus Cheek, Declan Rice/Mount/Kovacic, Cucurella/Chilwell; Sterling/Broja, Pulisic/Ziyech, Havertz/Aubameyang.

    Next season Lukaku might return. It is clear they need more quality players especially in defense and upfront. Thiago Silva will be a free agent. Koulibaly is 31 years of age. Azplicuetta is 33. Upfront Sterling, Pulisic, Ziyech, Haverts, David Fofana (unproven) are all so so.

    At the moment, I will be surprised if this team can make it to the Champions league. Enzo will improve them for sure, but I think Liverpool, MU, Arsenal, or City squad are still better.

    • I am happy for you, that you are following up Enzo so close like me..
      I am a proud Enzo fan,
      His positive attitude in the pitch, keep on carrying the ball forward, no unnecessary backpassess, consistency in his performance etc etc..
      He is a complete midfielder.
      I hope nobody make evil eyes on my favourite..

      Btw, why your profile name is El_princepe..

      Aru u a fan of Diego milito or Enzo Francescoli,
      Or river fan…

        • Ooops..
          I forgot..
          Best CDM redondo..

          If I am not wrong, he got some attitude, playing style Argentine DNA, but behaviour bit of Brazil Antony

      • El Principe Redondo of course. I only followed super quality players. In the past I was a huge fan of Napoli (Diego), Madrid (Redondo), Batigol (Fiorentina). Was a fan of Lamela too briefly but he failed to live up the expectation.

    • If Jorginho and Kante are to leave, then this midfield needs a complete makeover. That makes the Enzo deal extremely critical in order to look ahead into the future. It is clear from their latest performances that Chelsea was getting run over in their midfield.
      Last year they were in complete disarray in terms of ownership. So scouting decisions were not in proper shape. The new owner’s strategy is focused on all under 22 players. Possibly they will get the desired results in a year, year and a half. I have a lot of expectations from Enzo, and surely his infusion will help Chelsea. He is one hell of a player and an even bigger fighter.

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