Gerónimo Rulli joins Ajax from Villarreal


Gerónimo Rulli has joined Ajax from Villarreal.

Rulli is the first of the Argentine World Cup winners to join a new club. Per DobleAmarilla, the 30 year old goalkeeper has reached an agreement to join them from Villarreal.

It would be a transfer worth €7.5 million plus another €5 in objectives. With Villarreal, he won the 2020-2021 Europa League and with Argentina won the 2022 Finalissima and 2022 World Cup.


  1. Kind of an unexpected move but it makes sense when you look at it. Ajax are really drained of goalkeepers and their two top choices are 39 and 40 years old. Bigger club than Villarreal, possibly bigger wages, and consistent appearances in the Champions League. Even the year Villarreal made it to semifinals they didn’t qualify for the next edition

    • Also if i may add, that Ajax constantly bringing up youngsters either their own or bought from somewhere else so a lot of scouting allways near Ajax as forsure around Villarreal too, but maybe he wanted to have another experience as now with Ajax and, maybe that will eventually lead to an more bigger move in the future as in Spain or in La Liga allways good goalies for any European level to be around and some made it also to even EPL, where forsure wages are more than good, like Kepa for Chelsea as i can’t remember exactly how much they paid for him, but maybe Dutch Ereddivisie/first League is a bit closer to the way they play in EPL than La Liga and therefore i would not be surprised see Rulli one day in EPL, perhaps…?

  2. That’s a slightly odd one, I supposed he wants to always play in the Champions League. Otherwise he’s been an undisputed starter at Villareal and doing well there.

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