Lucas Martínez Quarta assists, solid performance in Fiorentina 1-1 draw vs. Monza


Although Fiorentina couldn’t get the win at home, Lucas Martínez Quarta had a great game with an assist included. According to the Sofascore ratings, the Argentine center-back was the highest-rated player of the match with a 7.8 score.

Here are some stats of his game in Fiorentina’s 1-1 draw vs. Monza:
Ground duels (won): 6 (5)
Aerial duels (won): 3 (3)
Tackles: 5
Key passes: 2
Assists: 1

Martínez Quarta played the full 90 minutes of the game, and he has been showing a good level recently. It seems that he has earned a secured place in the starting eleven with his club.


  1. watched Cremonese vs Juve. Can t get any poorer. Soule played for 55 mins. I stopped watching after that. He was one of their better players but sadly, just like in Garnacho case, the team mates just don’t want to pass it to him even when he is in good position. was hoping to watch Ascacibar but he didn’t play.
    watched Roma vs Bologna. Dominguez plays well within himself but doesn’t get too involved and always stays a far from the action. Again, the quality of football was just bad.

    Alan Varela has also interest from Ajax and Leverkusen along with New Castle. But looks like they are only planning a June move. Just monitoring him right now. Xavi likes the player too apparantly.
    Boca have rejected a 4 mil offer for Valentin Barco from Getafe.
    Bundesliga teams monitoring Mateo Retegui.

  2. Enzo Fernández deal. As things stand, Chelsea & Benfica have not scheduled new meeting after talks collapsed 🚨🇦🇷 #CFC

    Rui Costa always said: €120m [clause] or no way. Chelsea verbally discussed that with Benfica then official bid was €85m. No deal.
    Fabrizio Romano…
    So deal collapsed..
    Not bad at all.. Benfica is a good team, have a chance to play champions league semifinal then move at summer. He deserve minimum 120ml.Though i want to see him Epl as soon as possible

    • No. He has been overrated for many years. Loitering in the box leeching goals off world class attackers is not as great an achievement as people make it sound like.

      Only difference this year is managers and team mates have stopped pandering to his self-interest.

  3. I watched both Crystal Palace vs Spurs and Cremonese vs Juventus.

    Cuti was good as always. He lost a bit of concentration in the beginning of second half that let Ayew stole the ball but nothing happened after. Cuti looks fit too, not tired, not half injured like most of the time.

    Soule looked very amazing. He played like mini Di Maria. The fact that Di Maria is at the same club really helps his growth. He had 2 shots like Messi/Di Maria: cut inside and shot with left foot that was saved by the goalie. I am glad he is growing. He clearly looks better than the Toulon days now.

    Now the problem with Soule is that he and Luka Romero plays very similar and plays the same position too. Masche has a big homework here. Scaloni can make Messi and Di Maria play together by moving Messi as a pure 10 and Di Maria as the right winger. In Toulon, Luka and Soule did not work out because of the similar problem that Dybala and Messi used to have. They both occupied the same territory. In Toulon Scaloni made Luka false 9 but it did not work out as he still occupied the territory of Soule. He made him an 8, it also did not look that convincing. I think at the moment only one of Soule or Luke would start for Argentina u20 (next WC).

    I think the best starting midfielders and forwards would be: Perrone, Paz, Buonanotte/Infantino; Soule, Garnacho, Castro/Puch (9). In the back it needs a total overhaul as they all look not that good. Olive says Valentin Gomez looks good for Velez. Let’s try him. Only one in the back looks good to me so far: Julian Aude the left back. The goalie has to be Fede Gomez Gerth.

    • Good to hear about Soule. Di Maria is one of a kind, pretty rare in the world football. We need big stars for big games to win the worldcup. Only Di Maria and Messi scored in the final.

        • The World Cup U 20 will start on May 20th. Manchester United last match would be on May 28th. So a week after. Let’s see if MU will release Garnacho for the World Cup u20. If they release him, he would miss the final 2 of the MU EPL matches. Soule situation is more complicated as their last match would be on June 4th so he would have to miss their last 3 games if he is to join the WC u20 squad.

          Let’s hope they will be released. We need them both. It could be similar situation to Toulon tournament where Carboni brothers joined us late in the tournament. I think they joined during the second game of the Toulon tournament.

          • Ok, i see and thanx for the clarification and the dates of U20 WC ! Hopefully they all will be released, but doesn’t Arg has to Qualify first or how this works with the U20 SUD AMERICANO really ?

    • Where does Puch plays ? As is his first name Ignacio ? And was’nt he and Gerth amongst Cotif tournament, which Arg won and is there other Still left from this Cotif team who could have a shot with U20SUD AMERICANO AND HOPEFULLY WITH U20 WC

  4. Our youth looks very decent indeed

    Gomes Gerth; Giay, Perez, Medina, Barco/Bernabei/F.Carboni; Perrone/Varela/F.Vera, Enzo, Almada/Paz/Buonanotte/V.Carboni, Soule, Garnacho, Alvarez.

    • I hope Dybala becomes an important part of ARG team. It is his peak now. He is 70% of the time worlds 5th best player behind Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Mbappe I feel for the poor guy.

    • Man we have to qualifier next under 20s world cup and win it So our youth will acknowledged by the big clubs plus it will be good start for mascherano’s career coaching

    • Our youth look promising but the problem is Masche is a very Menotista coach. He admits that he is a huge fan of Pep Guardiola coaching and tries to emulate Luis Enrique coaching style because Pep style is impossible to imitate. Masche’s team is very vulnerable defensively as they are too attacking minded. Hope Masche makes Scaloni as his role model now not Luis Enrique anymore as Spain tactic is very outdated.


      Gomes Gerth; Giay, Perez, Medina, Barco/Bernabei/F.Carboni; Perrone/Varela/F.Vera, Enzo, Almada/Paz/Buonanotte/V.Carboni, Soule, Garnacho, Alvarez.

      Yeah and there are still more: Carlos Alcaraz (DM/MC), Aude (left back), Prestianni (winger), Luka Romero (winger), Infantino (8), Geralnik (MC), Maxi Gonzales (5). Our midfield are fullllll of talents though. Upfront quite good. In the back we need more talents.

      • To me Luka Romero is a number 10 who can play on the wing, but I have yet to see him have an amazing game. He’s still very young though and has plenty of time to develop, but the competition for the midfield role is going to be fierce. Playing him on the wing is a bit of a waste in my opinion.

  5. I like that Benfica aren’t settling for less than the release clause. For Chelsea’s point of view Enzo would have been great and one of their best transfers in years. Total game changer and a good player to bring to freshen the midfield up (Kante and Jorginho both 31). But from Enzo’s point of view I’m not sure. Maybe the money is good but I don’t think the club is big enough for him, I think he’s at the level to go to a European superclub (Liverpool, City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Bayern Munich, even United is bigger). Of course there are pros and cons to many of those and I wouldn’t want PSG, Bayern, or Barca. I would rather him to go a club with other Argentinians as well, City with Alvarez or United with Licha and Garnacho. I was really wary of United a year ago given the bad history but a) Licha and Garnacho are doing really well there, b) the fanbase is really welcoming to Argentinians from using our flag to welcome Licha to chanting “Argentina” c) they are a big club with a lot of history that for a while have had problems with midfield, he would absolutely transform them and fix problems. They’ve improved with Casemiro and Eriksen but both are 30 and Enzo would be a long term investment better than both, a much better use of 100+ million than Antony. From Argentina’s point of view it’d be very productive to have 3 players of our long term spine player together in their club. d) They are on the rise with Ten Hag, the toxic problem of Ronaldo out, and there’s an outspoken movement to get rid of their owners so who knows if they sell in the coming years and the club takes another leap. Am I crazy or does United seem like the best deal? I’d pick it over Chelsea any day. I’d prefer him to leave next summer than now

    • Man utd wants to sign him in the summer not now that is the reason Chelsea are desperate to get him now.
      I hope it doesn’t go to Chelsea, he should stay benfica till the summer do what he does best I’m sure a lot of clubs will be queuing for him benfica board knows that too.

      • Yeah, I can imagine after spending 100m on Antony that United aren’t in a position to dish out even more than that in a winter market

        • I also prefer man united over Chelsea. I like united and their camp has a History of improving players. I want him to go where he will start and okay against great teams.
          Also @olive … You don’t think Chelsea is a euro super club? In my humble opinion they are. They are always in the top mix in EPL, always champions league contenders, and I believe they just won the champion league like two years ago. Since I’ve known this sport they have always been able to afford star studded lineups. I just want to get further explanation. Maybe you know something I don’t ?
          But I agree with united, I already have their new white jersey because of Licha, and because it’s probably the cleanest kit this year.

          • Maybe I’m being a little unfair and it’s just what I’ve felt, but they’re kind of a “newer club” that got a ton of money from rich owners 20 years ago which allowed them to win almost all their relevant trophies (leagues and 2 champions leagues) to date. City have the same situation but I feel that their football level is far above Chelsea’s consistently while it seems like Chelsea is always going through some rebuild or patchy era. To be fair they beat City in the champions league final so it is harsh. With their financial power they technically are among the top three or four in the world

    • @Olive First u are not crazy that is forsure, lol and secondly u are absolutly right about your points why MANU will most likely be the best option for ENZO as u said it and explained all more than right and also very properly etc.!

      As even never really been fan of MANU until they signed Licha and having Garnacho there too i have started to like this team specially with ETH and now finally Ronaldo out as suddenly Casemiro scoring as stunners, Lol, which is good for him and obviously for MANU too, though i would like them get rid of Maguire at least and maybe some others too, but now with 2 great Argentine players they allready make a case for me that i can’t disslike them like i did in the past as obviously once Veron and Heinze were there too and most propably who i do forget now, but Still Veron and Heinze were really never my favorite Argentine players as obviously other teams in Europe had other Argentine players which i personally preffered more during those times etc… as for now it is completly different story in England as EPL obviously having most of the money available and paying such aheavy salaries that have allmost become normal in terms of football, which is Still insane for me, but as i’m not the one having such a sums so better i quess that i won’t talk too much about theese heavy sums etc., though obviously i have my oppinion of my own for this subject, which in a way is irrelevant in terms of global football, lol ! But, Yes it is hard to disslike MANU theese days, though i Still have my own miserable favorites, lol ! As i was grew up in that old fashion so i think i really can’t let go fully until there is no Argentine left with Spurs, lol ! But, theese are now only English teams that i’m talking about as Serie A is Still i quess the one or at least very, very close to my heart as not only because of DIEGO, but generally in the 80’s and early 90’s Serie A was a class above other European leagues as that time most of the money were there, but it has become hard now specially after Corona things are and i quess that won’t get to same as before as only by foreign owners and their money Serie A can be competive in money terms with EPL for example, but i Still follow it a lot specially teams with Argentine players and now as Napoli lost against Inter as theylost also for the first time in this Serie A race for 2022/2023 as they were the only team unbeaten in whole Europe until they lost to Inter it will be intresting to see how things will end up with Serie A as i kind of wish for Napoli to win as they have not since Diego if i’m correct, please anyone correct if i’m wrong…also in other hand i don’t know if i Still want them to win as even now Gio Simeone playing in there, i Still feel that Napoli could sign at least one more Argentine player at this transfer window, which is quite high unlikely, but we will see about that and everything else too with Napoli if this will be their year etc…?

      About Enzo’s option i think Real will be also a good destination even ihave not being fan of Real for long time, but obviously once were as under Carlo i think it will be good too, though i know he is kind of old fashion, but he has experienced a lot as a player and as coach too, well anyhow i just don’t hope it will be Newcastle with all due my respect as i don’t think that will work out good at all, no matter the SUM OF TRANSFER or the wages !

  6. The Enzo deal with Chelsea have fallen apart for now. Apparently, Chelsea only offer 85M and not 120M.

    As I said before, I am happy if this does not work. Chelsea is a mess and will come 8th to 10th in the table. He should play in a CL team. top team.

    I don’t like how he behaved with Benfica. The supporters are mad at him and wants him out of Benfica. He should play with full heart as long as he is a contracted player.

    • It must be sad for Enzo. It seems that Chelsea offering 127 million in the beginning but then they reduced their offer to 85 million. It is normal if Benfica is unhappy with that offer. Enzo already sets his heart in Chelsea. He must be really sad. Hope Chelsea OR someone else will offer him this January. MU or Liverpool is the best option to me, but again Benfica insisting on 120 million cash, no one can pay such money without installments.

  7. Looks like Enzo deal has collapsed. Rumor is Chelsea offered $85m and Benéfica isn’t going to sell for less than $120m. Turning into a shit show

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