Pablo Zabaleta to become Sylvinho’s assistant at Albanian national team


Pablo Zabaleta is set to become Sylvinho’s assistant as the Brazilian is the new coach of the Albanian national team.

Zabaleta will get his first job as an assistant coach. The Argentine has followed in the foot steps of a few of his 2014 World Cup team mates and taken a role in coaching.

Sylvinho, a former team mate of his at Manchester City, is the new coach of the Albanian national team and Zabaleta is going to be part of his coaching staff. The two will start working towards the 2024 Euro’s.


  1. Its hearbreaking to see alverz on bench in a big match!!! With zero minute’s…
    Zero respect to his talent and consistancey
    Forget about his worldcup his performance for city alone deserve him at least 30mnt in every game as a striker
    Move to liverpool lad

    • I think that’s because he is less fit than others who played. I think Pep will give him much more minutes than before the WC that’s for sure. Pep gets to see that Julian is better than he thought. At worst he will be a rotation player for City. I mean give a break to our players who just returned to their clubs. They are still a bit out of shape. Di Maria did not even make the sub. Paredes played several minutes only. Messi just returned. Licha just played 5 minutes and so on. They still need more time to be match fit.

      • Yes, @el_principe as agreed on that those Arg players who played a lot or who were with kind of injury or another need to be given a proper rest, as obviously those big clubs with bigger roster of players available can do it more, perhaps properly than others, who may not have such big roster etc…i watched a bit of Soule with Juventus and saw Paredes coming in towards the very end, but, (well against team as Cremonese with due all respect etc.) he kind of looked more lively, though it is hard to say with such a little minutes of actual playing time, but at least he was willing to take a shot on his own, though he blasted it straight against Cremonese’s Goalie as, perhaps a little bit towards other post of the goal, well it could had been a goal etc…

        So did i see Cuti against Crystal Palace as i missed Spurs poor game against Villa or were Villa just a way better in their performance or how did that game really played out ?

        as i’m aware of Emery’s capacity to make Villa a much better than under Gerard as i would not Mind actually Villa signing one more Argentine player in this transfer window, which may be highly unlikely, though if Dibu will stay with Villa, which i doubt as eventually if not in this transfer window, but most likely in the summer he will move on to a bigger club with all due respect to Villa, which is a team well known in Europe, though i think mostly from 70’s era or, perhaps also before that as do not know about this as obviously wasn’t borned before early 70’s etc…

        Anyhow keep on posting and GONGRATS once again as Arg will be World Champions until at least the next World Cup and i think this will do good for Argentine football in over all as obviously those players who are WC Champ’s now will have a boost from that as also other Arg players will be eager to Challenge and make their mark’s hopefully for future Nt of Arg as i’m eager to see how quickly Scaloni( as hoping that he will remain as Arg coach) will intergate new and hopefully young players to around the team that more than greatly won WC for Arg after 36 year’s !

        Also intrested of any post’s from any Mundo member about future Arg players and about those who have moved allready to Europe and where to and from which club of Argentina and also maybe later on as how they have performed if given chances from their European clubs etc…as for all this i will be very greatfull and super preciated !

        As not really having time to go look on that info on my own and therefore just basicly reading Mundo !

    • Luckily City have games in 3, 6, and 9 days, I’d be surprised if he gets less than half the minutes available across all those fixtures. I remember a lot of people were complaining about his minutes at the start but it was actually very helpful that Pep only began giving him consistent starts right before the World Cup because it allowed him to maintain high intensity pressing (which was very crucial for us, especially in the final as it didn’t allow France to play through us or to easily reach Griezmann, Dembele, or Giroud) which may have been more difficult to sustain if he had to play grueling PL matches week in week out for 4 months prior.

  2. @ghostdeini
    Agreed. I know a bit about the region. Politics has f the whole world. Also same as old Yugoslavia. All of those countries from serbia to Bosnia, Croatia Montenegro… One squad! They used to have a strong team in 80s. If you combine the players of those countries presently then you would have the best team in Europe. Modric with dzeko up front. Holy!
    Albania has soccer in their culture, but they were always the bottum tier.

  3. Emi Martinez is second of the best goalkeeper in the world according to IFFHS with 115 points. Only behind Thibout Courtouis who has 130 points. The same IFFHS that gave Messi the best player in the world 3 days ago.

    Bounuo and Domi Livakovic are the 3rd and 4th.

    After the Copq America 2 years ago, I said it that Emi is at least the second best goalie in the world if not the best. Some fans here disagree with that. They think Oblak or Alisson is number one.

    I tell you what… Argentina would NOT want the World cup if it had not been him as a goalie. You could put Alisson, Oblak, Courtouis, Donnarumma, Livakovic, Bounuo in his shoes, we would not have won the World Cup. That’s for SURE.

    No other goalies listed above would have won the PK shootout 2 times, saved 2 dying minutes world class saves against Aussie and the France. NO ONE.

    Congrats Emi Martinez. As a fan who follows all his matches closely after the Copa America, I couldn’t be prouder.

    You can say whatever you want, for me he is not just the goalie of Messi. He is the Messi of goalie.

  4. I don’t care what people say, Peter drury is the best commenter in the world , just listen on his poetry when messi Argentina won world Cup, man I will never get tired to listen on it

  5. Enzo not going to Chelsea is great news as far as I’m concerned. Can you all imagine what would’ve happened if Enzo (now the most expensive midfielder/player transfer in EPL history) comes to a very troubled Chesea and NOT set the world alight within 3 games? It would’ve been choas and the british media would’ve had him for breakfast (after crusifying him ofcourse!).
    Benfica is a much better team that Chelsea right now and I think they can make a dark horse run in the CL, so Enzo should just keep his head down, work hard and keep developing into the world class midfielder that Argentina hasn’t had in a long while.

    • Yes maybe a blessing in disguise. Enzo is the best young player in the world. Only Jude market value realistically is as high as his. He needs to move to a top team. Enzo himself knows that. Benfica is good but is a Portuguese league. The likes of Enzo is a generational talent. Eventually only about 7-8 clubs in the world deserve him such as Liverpool, MU, City, Barca, Madrid, PSG, or Bayern.

      Maybe Chelsea not good enough for him. But hope in the future he will move to one of the 3 EPL teams above if not Madrid or PSG.

  6. Is anyone following the USMNT madness with Gio Reyna? Apparently his mommy went and complained to the USSF that the coach committed domestic violence in 1991 to his girlfriend. Fast forward 32 years the guy ended up marrying that girl, they have four kids, and Reyna’s mommy brings this up because the coach didn’t play her son. This shit only happens in the USA. She is treating the World Cup like it’s a fucking summer camp soccer game and her son should have gotten playing time. Thank god this piece of shit Reyna and his entitled mom didn’t get within 1000 miles of the albiceleste. I wouldn’t piss on these people if they were on fire.

    • Yes man I heard it about , it’s b…… to be honest, No man Argentina will never bring this kind dram As long Lionel Scaloni and co in charge

    • This is the first time that I have ever seen the U.S. play proper football with hope for the future and not just the NOW, played young and talented players and seems that they shot themselves in the foot out of pure stupidity.

      Somebody correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t some here wanted Reyna on the ARG NT just few years ago?? anyway, he didn’t want to do the work after knowing that he wasn’t going to start.

      • Some wanted that piece of shit on our NT…Truth is Gio Reyna couldn’t even carry Thiago Almada’s jockstrap. The guy is always injured and really is probably a mid level Primera player at best…thank God for not bringing this piece of shit into the fold and his bitch mom.

      • Yeah, a couple of years ago there was a lot of commotion. I remember someone said there is a Reyna in every club in Argentina and I realized that is true. He wouldn’t have made our squad this WC at all and there are several young players in Argentina right now that would beat him to it in the future

  7. Does anyone know where I can buy replicas of the 1978 & 1986 NT shirts? I’d like them to be as close as possible to the originals. I had seen a 1986 replica that had little holes in them , like the ones used in 1986, but I’ve never been able to find it again. Thank you in advance!

  8. There is no urgency for Enzo to move, he’s still young, just won the World Cup and playing in the Champions League with Benfica. Perhaps it’s best if things cool off a bit for him until summer transfer window. The only thing is, he has refused to train with Benfica and tried to force the move. This never looks good from clubs’ perspective and will be awkward at least initially, but the club and Enzo will move on quickly if he stays in Benfica for now. Obviously, it’s just a matter of time when he moves to a bigger club.

      • It is good that he is coming for matches in jan. Soule. Luka . carboni brothers. Looklike they will choose argentina. For PAZ its look like advantage Argentina because of WC and messi.

      • I don’t think it really matters. Why the scrutinization of his social media? Is that his life? Is he the only one that has it? It doesn’t define whether he’s happy about it or not

    • Thanx and more than preciated @Mafioso as him ending up with Spain would had been a kind of horror movie to me at least, as not obviously a fan of horror movie’s lol !

  9. Roger Schmidt: “There’s a club that wants Enzo and they know we don’t want to sell him. They attracted him and they know they can only have him with clause. They’re disrespectful, they’re leaving player crazy. They pretend they want to pay clause and then want to negotiate.”

    Chelsea what the &#*$! I was ready to become their fan and they act like a scammer! From what I understand, they promised to pay 127 million in 3 installments. Benfica was ready to accept that. Then last minute they reduced their offer to 85 million. Of course Benfica rejected that. They already rejected 100 million from Liverpool for Enzo, let alone 85. That is so unprofessional. I have never seen anybody decreasing their offer from 127 to 85 in 48 hours.

    Fuck Chelsea hope they get relegated. I hate that team now. Them and Arsenal.

    Now Enzo for sure won’t play at Chelsea. it is bad for him because he already says good bye to everyone in benfica. he already told his coach that he wants Chelsea move. He already pushed Rui Costa to transfer him to Chelsea. He already skipped the training sessions. Man, I hope another EPL team will bid for him. I think there are only 3 EPL teams can afford more than 100 million. They are City, Liverpool, and MU. Arsenal and the Spurs don’t have the money. Newcastle do have the money but is still an unproven club.

    It seems like my wish to see him playing in bigger club will be in the summer. Hope Enzo will keep performing good for Benfica so everyone will fight for him even for 120 million or so.

    • This is Chelsea official offer:

      “According to Record, Chelsea submitted a cash bid of £75m (poundsterling) plus Hakim Ziyech for Enzo Fernandez, and also included Datro Fofana and Andrey Santos on loan. Benfica insisted on €120m release clause.“

      Enzo Fernández ‘s transfer to #Chelsea finally fell through on Wednesday. Except for a massive turnaround, the Argentine will not end up playing for that English club. (TyC Sports)

      #Chelsea had been monitoring Enzo Fernández since he joined #Benfica. Just after the World Cup, Chelsea had their first meeting with Benfica who made it clear to Chelsea: they pay the €120million clause, that had to be in a single payment (TyC Sports)

      #Chelsea made a verbal counter-offer to #Benfica: they stated they were willing to put up €127m but through a payment in several installments. After deliberating for several days & following Enzo’s request to leave, President Rui Costa opened the doors to negotiate. (TyC Sports)

      Negotiations began days before the New Year & were halted for the holidays without an agreement yet. #Chelsea didn’t even go so far as to arrange Enzo’s contract because they knew that this was not going to be a problem and could easily improve his salary in #Benfica (TyC Sports)

      On Monday, January 2, #Chelsea and #Benfica resumed dialogue: Benfica was waiting for the structure of a €127m complex operation to be put together – how much was going to be in a first payment, installment terms and how much money would be in objectives. (TyC Sports)

      However, #Chelsea verbally changed the conditions of the deal and #Benfica issued an ultimatum: everything had to be resolved in 48 hours. Both on Tuesday the 3rd and Wednesday the 4th, they met in person in long meetings that even ended at dawn in Europe. (TyC Sports)

      Yesterday, #Chelsea with negotiations led by Christopher Vivell & everything monitored by owner Todd Boehly, informally made a new proposal to #Benfica: €90million to be paid in 4 installments and the possibility that there are players included. Benfica were furious (TyC Sports)

      #Benfica returned to the initial position of termination clause or nothing & said that the decision was set in stone. Benfica ended the meeting. The operation is dead today unless #Chelsea revise their plans and pay the exit clause, which they are unwilling to spend (TyC Sports)

    • This sounds a way bit more like some soap Opera story from Chelsea as OBVIOYSLY VERY DISSRESPECTFULL AGAINST BENFICA AND ENZO TOO ! As now i hope he will only understand from this that how treadly any Club can be as the bigger price, well the more there will be all kind of possible circumstances as those who have the money kind of know that they do get some power with it too the way or another, well they or most of them will eventually turn up to be something else that they acted before, but in this case it is completly non acceptable from Chelsea how they play with not only Benfica, but much more obviously with Enzo as i truly pray and wish now that this shit from Chelsea won’t have that much effect on Enzo as it is obvious that it will have somekind of effect, but i hope he goes now back in his Mind to his first half season with Benfica and about his more than marvelous WC for Argentina and just forget as quickly as he can about this shit from Chelsea and focus on his football fully as for sure he is only worth for those teams that u mentioned as other obviously not having the money etc…as not being a fan of Real for long time, but obviously once i was or liked their team or teams a lot, Still in the way i kind of feel like Real could be the right place for him, but obviously there are others as well as MANU with ETH would not be bad at all as with Liverpool or with City might turned out be good too from EPL, but deffenetly not Newcastle as i’m not a fan of them until that Saudi regime will be changed for good in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, nothing about racism as this is completly another kind of evil matter, but i won’t go details of it more, so instead i will just let be as i can’t really do anything about that etc.,,

      Anyhow one day Enzo will get his more than deserved transfer as i’m good with Benfica and hopefully he will be too if there won’t be another bid for his release clause in this transfer window !

  10. Wow, what a challenge zabalatta has taken on.
    To be generous about Albania soccer… They suck. I hope he gains good experience from the tough trials he is about to face.

    • It was between Cambiasso and Sylvinho.
      they chose Sylvinho and Zabaleta is an assistant.
      Albania qualified in 2016 for the Euros.
      Albanians live in 2 independent countries: Albania and Kosovo.
      Both have national teams.
      In North Macedonia 30-40% of the population are Albanians and many players with Albanian origin play for them.
      There is also the Diaspora where players like Xhaka and Shaqiri play for Switzerland and Shkodran Mustafi even won the World Cup with Germany in 2014.
      If all those Albanians would unite and play for one team we would field a competitive team.
      Sadly politics and corruption will not allow it to happen.

      • Yeah I noticed the same thing too, Albanians seem so fragmented both from emigration and living in split territories that it must not allow a single, unified, Albanian team to be easy to field. Wish you guys luck in the future, I mean North Macedonia made it to the Euros and were a footstep away from the World Cup so nothing’s impossible

        • > Albanians seem so fragmented

          Fragmentation within the Balkan Peninsula has been going on for centuries. The amount of times the countries were absorbed into a larger country or split into sovereign countries is hard to follow to say the least.

          • @Choripan Yes, that Balkan Peninsula and the areas near by has kind of allways been in that position as i don’t know if it is due their geographical position as placed as the Balkan Peninsula, but it is true, that if we for example start to follow the Migration or Fragmentation, well there is a very long study a head of us all, though anyone can have quick look and read about through thanx to Wikipedia nowdays, but still, Yes this Balkan Peninsula has allways played a part in whole history of Europe the way or another even back then when there was really not even any European countries established as more just kingdoms and mostky different kinf if tribe’s living around different parts of Europe

      • Yes, so so true @Ghostdeini all what u said about Albania and most of Albanian’s living in 2 independent countries as also more than many living in North Macedonia and some obviously for mostly because off politics and corruption all over the Europe as theese split territories as @Olive correctly mentioned will not allow peace between those who are living in theese split territories as Yugoslavia once being a super power in Europe’s football, obviously now spilitted in so many territories as nowdays reckon as their own Countries as i’m not so close from theese splitted territories of Balkan and near by and therefore it is hard for me to say or talk about it as i can only think of all this for football wise that if all the Albanian’s could play under one team and all X Yugoslaviavian’s as one team, well those 2 teams will be lethal as specially the X Yugoslavia’n team combined from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Slovenia too, which i think was the first one to break out when the war started in Yugoslavia back at 90’s as during this time as 94 i visited Slovenia and find out about their beautifull nature and people too as it was kind of weird to hear those sounds of war’s from Still so close, but Still so far from distance as obviously i know nothing really about war as i never have experienced one at my own as only my past grandparents once did as so many obviously back then not only in Europe, but all over the place as from very young age i learnt to hate war and the all kind of circumstances around it and from where it mostly become’s as unfortunatly the way or another money allways playing a big part in war with way or another there are people in this world as those forexample selling modern weapons since way before blody first world war etc…offcourse there is more to war than this, but it is never really so simple as told in most of world’s media’s etc…and just wondering allways how long will whole wide world Still keep on suffering from war, because of politics, corruption and money etc.,,

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