Video: Lionel Messi returns to PSG after winning the World Cup


Lionel Messi has returned to PSG after winning the World Cup with Argentina.

Messi landed back in Paris on Tuesday and was back training with the team. He received a welcome from the club, with the players and staff doing a “pasillo” for him which ended with Messi receiving a trophy.

I am very happy to be back. I want to thank everyone for the welcome back I received from the personnel, my team mates and the staff. I am happy and I will prepare for the upcoming challenges.


  1. Mascherano will have a good problem to think of. We suddenly have too many good players in midfield In Toulon he mostly started Maxi Gonzales, Infantino. The third midfielder he rotated Paz, Buonanotte, and Soule.

    Now Perrone enters the squad. I think he is bettet than Maxi Gonzales. Infantino is the captain but I don’t think he is that good. He is De Paul like player but I hope he is not an automatic starter.

    Then there are players who have improved a lot from the Toulon days: Buonanotte and Paz.

    I think the best 3 should be: Perrone, Paz, Buonanotte. Soule played either as a winger or 8 but he better played as winger. Then there are Infantino, Maxi, and Carboni as back ups. I am talking about the WCu20. For the qualfiers, only Paz and Perone are available. Buonanotte and the big three (Luka, Soule, and Garnacho) not available.

      • I spoke about the defense a week ago and mentioned Giay but I forgot to mention Valentin Gomez who recently became a regular for Velez at 19 standing at 6’0 tall. Has already started several games in the libertadores as well. He wasn’t in Toulon but was called up to this so we have a chance to evaluate him if he plays. Probably better than Di Lollo or Genez considering he has much more top flight experience

        • Yep, it’s part of what helped us win this World Cup. Players like Alvarez, De Paul, Enzo, Dybala, Di Maria, Mac Allister, etc helping defend. Not all of those are forwards but you get the point, no free loaders and a willingness from every player to get back the ball and defend with their lives. Even Messi pressed when his legs permitted him. Good to see Soule exposed to this early on, it’s possible he grew up used to being the “gem” in his teams like Velez or the Juve reserves. In fact Mbappe’s lack of tracking back and defending is part of the reason we were able to control France because we created overloads on his side which made space for Di Maria on the left, and we all know what that space led to

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