No agreement reached between Chelsea and Benfica for Enzo Fernández


Everything seemed to be ready for Enzo Fernández to sign with Chelsea from Benfica but talks between the two clubs have concluded. No deal has been reached as Chelsea’s offer was much lower than the price expected from the Portuguese club.

According to Fabrizio Romano, Chelsea’s final bid was €85 million. Benfica’s president Rui Costa mentioned several times that the club would only consider a sale within this transfer market by the amount of Fernández’s release clause, which is €120 million. Hence, negotiations have stopped.

Benfica’s manager Roger Schmidt has been very harsh on how Chelsea handled Enzo’s negotiation:

“They’re disrespectful, they’re leaving the player crazy. They acted like they wanted to pay the clause… then want to negotiate.”


  1. I think its good for Enzo for now. Let him focus on Benfica and continue playing with them through the season. If Benfica go deeper in the UCL, then he will have other clubs at his disposal as well. Plus there will be the extra burden of expectations of a so called “higher transfer fee” that the English media deems as “outrageous” and even one failure will be enough to crucify him and crush his confidence. Premier League clubs barring Man city haven’t really been supportive to Argentines, so Enzo could really revisit his decision to go there. Once the whole season pans out, it will be there for the whole world to judge how good he still is after the world cup and is not a one tournament wonder.

  2. Nico Paz: A mix of Zidane, Pastore, Lamela, and Redondo. I will follow all his matches in Sudamericana u20 for sure. He is not that speedy, but he could be our most skillful player since Pastore. Hope he will work on his defense too unlike Pastore. He is more of a pure 10/enganche. Argentina don’t play that way nowadays, so the only way is he needs to play number 8 (like De Paul position). As winger, he doesn’t have the speed or pace unlike Garnacho, so better play 8.

    • It sounds good player with great potential hope he makes Madrid first team only if he chooses to play Argentina meanwhile I just started to follow him on Instagram a long with Facundo Buonanotte.
      I’m still eagerly waiting olive’s list that he promised the other day regarding the youngsters in the local even though I checked golazoargentino which is great place to scout the upcoming young players from the local.

      • Yep, coming soon! I might have to add halfway through the year since some talents appear out of nowhere, neither Tanlongo nor Buonanotte were on my radar a year ago and now look. I’ll also mention a few players that have kind of “disappointed” me

    • Nico Paz indeed sounds good ! I quess he might have somekind of Futsal or street football background as he must be obviously very technical gifted player specially with the ball at his feet, but also hopefully having that great vision and unique IQ which helps a lot if u are not the fastest player etc..,

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