Lionel Messi named L’Équipe’s “Champion des Champions”, best male athlete of the year


Lionel Messi has been named as L’Équipe’s “Champion des Champions”, the best male athlete of the year for the second time.

Messi continues to win trophies, even at 35 years of age. The Argentine has been named as the best male athlete of the year by L’Équipe in France.

He won with 808 points, very much ahead of second place Kylian Mbappe who had 381 points and tennis star Rafael Nadal with 285 points.

This is the second time Messi has won the award, having previously won it in 2011 and is the only footballer to have won it twice, excluding the award which is specifically for French athletes. For football players, prior to him was Zinedine Zidane in 1998, Romario in 1994, Diego Maradona in 1986 and Paolo Rossi in 1982.


  1. @ Olive ” Argentina absolutely did not dominate the final’s “favorites” just because of Messi. If a little had gone slightly differently that game could have easily been a 3-0 or 4-0 embarrassment for France.”

    More than spot on as France being very, very lucky to get to even extra time and even more luckier with getting to penalties, but there is no doubt who was the winner as those who Still thinking otherway around are either blind or don’t understand nothing about football !

    Arg could easily response , that they just toyed with the French and wanted DIBU to kill them in the penalties even they could had easily won by 3-0 or even 4—0 as u said if they would like, but i know they will not as there is no need to reply to those who think that Arg won with average team and blah, blah and blah as those idiots with zero knowledge of football will just kept on going etc…

    Arg has pride even bigger than others also Arg has respect for others too as if Arg would had lost i don’t think we would have seen such act’s made from Arg against their opponent or opponents, offcourse something due to rivalry, but not some bullshit that keep’s on going with those idiots who just don’t understand of the game and are more intrested of another things, which don’t even really have anything to do with football at all as unfortunatly too many people are intrested about topic’s that will deffenetly never help this world etc..

    As i understand completly how u are feeling about” The idea from some that our team was going to need to be dragged to do anything or that it was average or lower than others on paper makes me want to go outside and yell into the sky”

    Well, this just some one of most stupid idea’s i have heard around football played in WC as all of it is just based on pure jealousy and evil !

    I mean first in puplic Arg was allways amongst favorites to win so how come suddenly after the loss against Saudi’s, when Arg won the rest of their every game as also the final more than desrvedly, come those who are claiming that Arg won with average team, yeah right on as how stupid theese or those people making whatever bad comments about Arg really are as obviously they have zero IQ ! Gimme a break for GOD’s sake( exuse my language), but the level of the idiotism around with those making bad comments about Arg is way beyond imagination, as i feel so sorry fir such a idiots and pity them, really as their lifes must be full of only idiotism, jealousy and evil, well they will get eventually with their lifes what they are asking and seeking after with any harrashing comments made about Arg, that is forsure as that how the real world should work as Arg showed all this on pitch as more than well demonstrated fir whole world to given as lessson and also and opportunity to learn from it, but obviously sone will never learn about anything good that is given to them and meanwhile the rest of poor world will just get poorer and those who are super rich will just get richer as those super rich and those who are making bad comments about Arg should be made to watch in ”Stanley Kubrik’s Clockwork Orange style ” how did the country of Argentina reacted when they finaly and more than deserdly won the WC after 36 year’s !

  2. There is a campaign to belittle the win of Argentina in pockets from Europe. While there is overall acknowledgment and praise, especially for Messi, some themes I see…

    1. Enzo only played 80 senior games in life. Why is he 120M? Almost saying its a fluke and lets watch and see what he truly is. People don’t have a problem with other transfers, but for Argentine players, lot of scrutiny.

    2. The team somehow won, but individually the players are not great. They won’t even make to elite club team in Europe.

    3. More focused on Emi’s celebration but no word at all how Mbappe and Hakimi were absent when Messi got the guard of honor on his arrival.

    As I have mentioned week back, Enzo should keep his head. He must not go to Chelsea, its the biggest mess in Europe now. He should apologize to Benfica fans and put together a stellar second half of the season. Then, go to Real Madrid. That is the best destination for Enzo. May in a spanish top club and play for Ancelotti.

    • Yes, this is typical European way of playing like two faced or speaking with tongue of snake ! And Yes where the hell were MBabbe and his b…h Hakimi when Messi got his guard of honor ? And howcome players who won the WC are individually not that great according to many Europeans as this a pure disgrace towards players who won the WC for Argentina after 36 year’s, though there should had been 2 more WC’s won by Arg at least during those 36 year’s, but sometimes things are just not ment to be so Arg had to wait for 36 year’s…and what a kind of shit game Chelsea is playing not only with Benfica, but even more with Enzo as i don’t know if the move would had been good or bad as OBVIOYSLY it did not happen from part of Chelsea as instead they just showed only disgrace and disrespect towards Enzo and Benfica too, so now like u said Enzo have just go back in his Mind how he performed the first half of the season for Benfica and what a performance he had with Arg in the WC to become not only a world champion, but also won the price/award for the best youngest player in WC !

      As i kind of feel too that Real would be good for him and specially with Carlo as the coach !

      Well, defenetly he will get eventually the move to a bigger club, but at the SAMETIME and now with this Chelsea’s total disrespect and disgrace hopefully he will understand that there will allways lie a kind of threat with every big club as we seen them buying and spending crazy, but not allways necessaryly worked the best for the players themselfs as some did not live up expectations and others were treated badly by the Club’s themselfs etc…

    • I remember the massive talk about how the squad was not good “on paper” and if we did something it was only through Messi. Of course Messi is the best player in the world so he naturally and unavoidably did a lot for us but our squad is absolutely not poor or average on paper. Cuti, Lisandro, Enzo, Julian, Dybala, Lautaro, Di Maria are all either world class or bordering world class. De Paul was statistically one of the best midfielders in Europe before his Atléti move. Acuña one of the best LB’s in LaLiga before Sevilla’s horror season. Emiliano Martínez also one of the four best keepers in the world statistically in his first season in Villa and the most decisive big game and penalty shootout goalkeeper in the world. Tagliafico one of the most in form left backs in ligue 1 and Europe this season. Guido one of the best dms in laliga. Otamendi a general at the back still performing in the champions league. Even our four minute cameo Foyth was in the champions league semifinals with a massive underdog last season. Mac Allister sought after by big clubs and sitting higher than Chelsea in the PL. Paredes statistically one of the best passers in all of Europe for years. The idea from some that our team was going to need to be dragged to do anything or that it was average or lower than others on paper makes me want to go outside and yell into the sky. For the second highest goalscorer of the last four years and mainstay first team player (Lautaro) to suddenly not be able to hit a barn door in the tournament and still win the whole thing is impossible to do with an average squad. Belgium had a couple of their big players crap the bed and they exited in the group stage. Argentina absolutely did not dominate the final’s “favorites” just because of Messi. If a little had gone slightly differently that game could have easily been a 3-0 or 4-0 embarrassment for France.

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