Marcos Acuña scores for Sevilla in 2-1 win vs. Getafe


Marcos Acuña scored for Sevilla in their 2-1 win vs. Getafe.

Acuña returned for Sevilla and scored his first goal of the season. With the score at 0-0, a free kick into the penalty area found the World Cup winner Acuña who scored a great header to give Sevilla the 1-0 lead.

Sevilla’s World Cup winners were all celebrated prior to the match as Marcos Acuña, Gonzalo Montiel and Papu Gómez were on the pitch with their World Cup medals.


  1. Having attacking fullback is so important.

    Brazil side lost partly due to that. They did not have any quality RB and LB. It is surprising really! Brazil is the home of great wingbacks.

    IMO, Brazil without Tite will be weaker. Tite has some limitations with him. But his side is very solid defensively. His side lost edge when he lost Paulinho and Coutinho. He could not integrate any creative midfielder, thus Brazil became a top heavy team with average wingbacks.

    Brazil don’t have a good manager to replace Tite. They tried Mourinho but he said no.

    We won the world cup. We have home grown, young, ex-albiceleste players as our staffs. There are talented players coming from youth ranks.

    We are in better position in this decade than Brazil.

    • Yes, Brazil seemed to have lacked players connecting defense and attack, whether fullbacks or box-to-box midfielders. Danilo is a defensive fullback while Alex Sandro’s level dropped in the last few years. It’s so important to have both modern box-to-box mids and attacking fullbacks. We were blessed in those areas this World Cup and our success can be in large measure attributed to that. Tagliafico was not just defending well, he often pushed forward and provided width too. Acuna did even better in attack and we all know that Molina had a superb impact and Montiel was instrumental in the build-up as well. Our midfielders were everywhere too.

  2. After world cup nowadays only EPL offer attractive football. Other league are too slow, boring!
    southampton now at relegation zone but still they have chance to avoid relegate. C Alcarez is very good player, hope he will help his new club to stay at Epl.

    • it is your opinion and about your taste. Personally i watch only Argentine football and Copa Libertadores games and from Europe few games of Champions league. i feel fully satisfy and i am not bored at all. Just oposite.
      By the way i really can t wait domestic competitions begin again and to see the new era of my beloved River plate.

      • I watch every single River and Argentina game (obviously) and then I also watch the big clashes in the Champions League. But during most weeks I rotate between teams in Europe that have Argentinians, this year I’ve done Manchester United, Manchester City, Benfica, Roma, Atlético Madrid, PSG mostly. In Argentina apart from River I follow the teams that have the better young players and I try to watch all the clasicos. Anyway I am about to watch our friendly against Monterrey and I am happy to see we have Enzo / Fernandez on the team 🙂

      • Yeah bro, at least in theory it looks bright. Not to put a damper on it though, but not all of the are going to be successful. Remember many from the Velez golden generation vanished, we used to think that Caseres, Matias Vargas had a bright future but they did not live up to hype, even Almada and Nico Dominguez are not yet where they should be. Gaich is a disappointment, Almendra too, same with Lanzini, De La Vega and Ascacibar. Some others can be named as well.

        Out of that young under 23 crop of players I have highest hopes for Garnacho, Paz, Soule, Almada, others will hopefully do well too.

  3. People say Messi dragged an ordinary side to glory…….I do not see what is so ordinary about Cuti, Ota, Molina, Enzo, GLC, Nico G, ADM, Julian, Dybala, Correa WTF are they talking about? Do you guys feel the same way?

  4. Southampton are set to sign top talent Carlos Alcaraz from Racing. He wasn’t close to Benfica and Saints are now set to complete €14m deal. 🚨⚪️🔴🇦🇷 #SaintsFC

    Racing will have 15% on future sale, as @CLMerlo reports — medical tests this week, one more here we go after Orsić. Fabrizio Romano

    Another talented Argentina to epl, woow that is great. Even though I prefer he should go to wolves bcs they have good chance to survive from Relegation than Southampton.

    • A lot of Europe clubs will go after more Argentine players now as they all made a mistake not to sign Enzo for as low as $15 million just less than a year ago. Now he is worth €127 million (more than 11 times more expensive). Enzo and Julian case are good for the Argentina played who hope to go to Europe.

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