Julián Álvarez scores for Manchester City in 4-0 win vs. Chelsea


Julián Álvarez scored for Manchester City in their 4-0 win vs. Chelsea for the 3rd round of the FA Cup.

The young Argentine striker asked for the ball after a handball in Chelsea’s box and went to take the penalty. Although Chelsea’s goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga tried some “Dibu” Martínez’s mental games on Julián, “the spider” managed to place the ball low next to the
right post of Kepa and scored the 2-0.

Álvarez played the entire match as City’s coach Pep Guardiola put mostly a reserve team on the field for today’s game. It was Julian’s first goal since the World Cup. He had scored his last two goals in Argentina’s semifinals 3-0 win vs. Croatia.

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  1. Icardi was coming back from injury vs Fenerbahce derby in 73th minutes, one assist and one great goal. 5 goals 4 assists so far in 474 minutes. Finally a place where he is loved. Galatasaray finished in 13th position in last season.

  2. Whenever a player shoots from long distance, why most of the time and most of the players aim towards the middle and especially to the goalkeeper ? Why they didn’t pick up the either corner of the goal post ? For example in the final in the beginning, Macalister shoot directly to Lloris. At least for him the defender marks him a little bit to deny the side angle but Messi in 93rd minute, almost final kick of normal time, shoot exactly to center with full force and Lloris make the save. If you watch slowly, Messi got his left free. He must have shot to the left extreme of the post, certainly with that pace Lloris can’t make it. Why and how players do the same pattern most of the time ?

    • Here you are asking about long range shots in which you have to be perfectly accurate to find that angle. Then why the same can’t be applied to the passing accuracy? We saw many misplaced passes which even a lot easier than the mentioned long range shots. It’s not a fifa game. 93rd minute is a long way gone from the starting. You cannot expect a player to do always right in those sort of situations. Also I forgot to mention the control of the ball with the players in those long rangers. Long rangers are not easy. When you watch it on tv it looks easy but it is very difficult. We had seen even penalty kicks gone off target from players like kane.

    • Aiming at the middle means its still on target, if you miss kick (especially since range needs emphasis on power) its still on target, keepers can give up rebounds, deflections, etc. There is logic to it. Obviously a well placed shot is best, but if you aim upper 90 every shot, you will miss the goal all together may times.

      The real reason though is that they are human, under pressure and fatigue.

  3. One of the best clips of our boy, Alejandro Garnacho:


    Let’s do the comparison of the 18 year old Garnacho and the older disciple, the 18 year old Mbappe, and the master the 18 year old CR7. Let me remind you that all the 3 were NOT the number 1 wonderkid at that moment. Garnacho is number 8 according to Four Four Two. Mbappe was hot but not really number one. Martial who was older than Mbappe was thought to be the number one wonderkid as he was dubbed the most expensive teenager back then. CR7 was pretty good at Lisbon but was far from the number 1 wonderkid. So in this case, all 3 of them the same.

    1. Statistic wise at 18 (league numbers only not cups):
    CR7 just moves to MU: 40 matches and 6 goals
    Mbappe just getting started at Monaco: 14 matches and 1 goal
    Garnacho just being promoted to the first team of MU: 13 matches and 2 goals (so far)

    So at 18 their numbers are quite identical. In other words, our Garnacho is not worse than Mbappe and CR7.

    2. At 19 Mbappe had their breakthrough season. He started to make the world remember his name as he flourished in Monaco. The 19 year old CR7 improved a bit only in one year.

    CR7: 50 matches and 9 goals
    Mbappe: 44 matches and 26 goals

    Garnacho? Let’s see how Garnacho will do next season. It is safe to say that he will have a breakthrough year especially if he gets the starting job of MU.

    3. CR7 started to look like one of the world best only when he turns 21-22 or his 4th season in MU. Mbappe looks good already since 19 years of age and he won the World Cup as a 19 years old as their best player.

    My conclusion: Garnacho is not worse than both of them when same age. I would say he already looked better than the 18 years old CR7. Whether he can develop to be as good as them, it depends on himself. One thing for sure, I do have a great expectation on him and it is not unrealistic that his ceiling is Mbappe/CR7. Deschamps and Mbappe surely will be back in WC 2026.

    We need our new weapon: Alejandro Garnacho.

    • Good lord, i don’t know what the kid did to you but you’re really optimistic about him…
      Who knows, he could decide to play for Spain in the end.

      • 0 chance he will play for Spain lol. he might be immature but he is Argentine, not Spaniard by heart. There is more chance Neymar playing for the Seleccion Argentina than Garnacho playing for Spain honestly.

        • Yeah these 18, 19, 20 are the right age for improvement and to become a great player. I am not expecting mbappe or Ronaldo from garnacho but a di Maria is greatly possible for him. He has to work well.

  4. I am very sad for Enzo. He is better than Bellingham but still under valued. Chelsea didn’t trigger the release clause for him and no other club is interested in him. He deserves top 5 league football. Sadly after wc hype dies down no big club will come for him while every big club going gaga over Bellingham and our wc winning players r again not getting their dues. Alvarez still playing in cup games DePaul getting benched apart from Juventus no big club is interested in McAllister. Sad situation. I thought wc win may change the situation but its still the same when will be our players get value??

    • Still there are many critics that argues like, without messi this Argentine team would not have won the wc. And this argument may be a prime reason for it. Also there is a misconception that current Argentine players are only good for short tournaments and not good for long runs. But the so called Argentine club legends has not won anything or contributed anything for the NT except Messi. I mean Aguero Higuain mascherano Tevez Riquelme has not won anything or performed at the right time for the NT. Even di Maria except the great finals not contributed fully in a tournament. But they always has great club values irrespective of their NT performance. Eg Higuain.

    • Why are you worrying so much. Let that kid keep his head down and deliver for Benfica, if his performances are directly proportional to Benfica going deeper into UCL, his value will only sky rocket higher. I think in the long run its good that he didn’t end up in Chelsea, as yet. The way they are playing now, he won’t see any Champion’s league, Europa, anything apart from the Premier League between 2023-24. I would want him to stay in a more competitive environment than that before the Copa.

  5. What kind of interface is this?? I couldn’t login because i couldn’t understand where to right my user id and pass finally manage to login by just pure guess

  6. I respect Manuel Pellegrini and Unai Emery a lot. They always love working with Argentinian players and improve them. Banega would not have a career without Emery. Riquelme and Demichelis’s European career would be over without Pellegrini. Both of them were destroyed by Van Gaal, revived by Pellegrini.

    Worst are Simeone and Van Gaal when it comes to managing Argentine players. They are not fair at all.

    Pochettino is fair to Argentine players, but can’t bring best out of them.

    Another manager who loves Argentine players is Roberto Mancini.

    I detest Simeone, Tevez and few others for their role around NT. Simeone for destroying Argetinian player’s career. Tevez was a cancer.

  7. The final scores could have been 3-0 Australia, 2-1 Netherlands, 3-0 Croatia, 2-1 France. But I am also very happy that we won two crucial PK shootouts. We are now 6-1 in PK shootout at WC, which is the best record. This will be a huge psychological advantage in the future, and a forever winning gene for Argentina football.

  8. There are 2 interesting things I discover lately:
    1. Di Maria actually was FINE and did not ask to be replaced. He told Scaloni he wanted to keep playing and he was confident to score another goal to make it 3-0 (after winning 2-0) and then Scaloni could replace him but Scaloni took Di Maria’s gesture wrong. He thought Di Maria asked to be substituted. After the game Scaloni in his interview admitted his mistake saying that Di Maria could have played at least 10 more minutes (he was subbed around the 63rd minutes).

    —– If we watch the game, Di Maria was the number 1 threat of France as there was a huge hole on France right side defense. Di Maria was confident he could expose French weakness. It was a bad miscommunication between Di Maria and Scaloni. The silver lining is that: we watched the greatest final ever and Emi Martinez got his golden glove. If we had won 3-0, Emi wouldn’t have been the golven glove winner.

    2. The Polish referee was praised for his officiating in the final. The only one who crucifies him is Le Equippe of France saying that the third goal of Argentina should have been disallowed as before Messi scored that goal, 2 Argentina bench players entered the pitch. The Polish referee hits back when asked about that by showing the picture of 7 France sub players entered the pitch before Mbappe scored the third penalty. The Polish saying “Why France never say that their third goal should have been disallowed too?” while showing the picture of 7 France players entering the pitch before Mbappe scored.

    • It’s a shame to hear Di Maria’s story. I predicted the final ending 3-0 similar to the results of France98 with us being France and France is Brazil, the current champion. It almost happened!

      If we lost, it will be forever regret for generations. Maradona and Messi are the players for every 100 years, not just for Agentina, but for the whole world! If we don’t win this time, it’s another long wait, not sure how long!

    • Incredible. Honestly most people including myself had no clue why Di Maria was taken off. in fact when the equalizer from Mbappe went in, I was picturing 2006 and Scaloni became Pekerman for me till Leo scored the 3rd.

  9. I watched the Mbappe volley again…….those who are saying Emi could do better……..could not disagree more, that went like a rocket……nobody could ever save that

  10. De Paul is being benched by Simeone. Tell me, which Arg coach managing an elite Europe club did support Argentina players more than Pep, Emery, or De Zerbi? Even Potter trusts Mac Allister or ETH has full faith in Martinez. Look at the long record list, Poche at PSG, Tata Martino at Barca, and Bielsa at Leeds. Did they have full confidence or doubt on Arg players.

  11. Simeone is a completely outdated manager. I have no idea why Atleti is so loyal to a guy that is stuck in the nineties. I would send his ass packing and call Gallardo immediately. DePaul, smh, I love him but he really, and I mean really needs to pull his head out of Tini’s ass. He needs to get serious about playing again, because I guarantee you with the crop of young midfielders we have coming up there will be far better options.

      • Lets be honest, everybody thought DePaul would have to carry our midfield with LoCelso out but it was Macallister and Enzo who did….It would be even more interesting with a Enzo, MacAllister and Soule/Nico Paz/Carboni/Buenanotte, etc….in time.
        We need a replacement for Acuna and Lio when he retires. I think Garnacho will be the new ADM.

    • Simeone almost ended A.Correa’s international career and now he is very close to finishing Depaul. His persistence with Koke, Barios and Loriente over Depaul is mind boggling. His favorite players weren’t able to string five passes together, losing possession , making errors. Molina alone created 3 solid chances for them today and they wasted all of it. Playing Depaul 20mins every week and expecting him to do wonders like in national team shows how outdated and poor manger Simeone is. Depaul, Correa and Molina should force a transfer, Depaul and Correa should try to gtfo out in this transfer window. How long is Simeone going to play overrated Europeans over Depaul, Correa and Molina. Before the worlc cup Atletico was looking to sign Dutch RB as they gave up on Molina over handful of matches.

      • At this point any Argentina player that goes and plays for Simeone is destroying their career. Really, you are better off staying at Primera or even MLS than sitting on the bench and not playing. This guy even is destroying Felix career. Trash manager. Some fucking people, you can give them filet mignon, and instead of grilling it will ground it up and make a hamburger patty. That is the piece of shit known as Simeone.

    • Simeone is the homeless version of Scaloni. He has a lot of tactics like Scaloni. He played 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, 3-5-2, 3-4-3. The problem is unlike Scaloni’s tactic, none of his tactics look good. Unlike Scaloni’s side, all of his players under performed when playing for him.

      The reason why they did not sack him is because their team is still in top 4 for a long period of time. No good reason yet to sack him. I remember back then it was most of our dreams having him to lead the seleccion. He always said no because of money reason. We were fortunate.

      Anyway Kepa tried to imitate Emi mind game. Lol. He is the second goalie after that Dutch goalie who tried to imitate Emi mind game in a PK situation. Both failed miserably. Emi can’t be copied; his mind game is part of his nature. Y’all can criticize his celebration or anything u want, but I want him to get even more wild more nasty more rude than that. By being more wild, he will have stronger personality. His mind game will develop even more.

  12. I don’t understand Simeone either. Give Mourinho this ATM team and they win the league.

    Sometimes, you cannot be a manager for too long based on previous successes.

    ATM never improved after Champions League final defeats. They even forget they need a world-class relentless striker (Falcao, Diego Costa, Fernando Torres, etc.) which is the recipe for their success. He doesn’t even help his son who needs playing time.

    • Why not atm kick him out…nothing coach
      Atm have so many quality players, if gallardo there he definitely built a attractive football team

    • Hi all my mundo familly.actually to day i am log in after long time.i forget my account pass word.but finally i reset the pass word successfully and enter our beloved site.congratulation to every one for the world cup victory.after 36 years of heart breaks we r the champions of the world again.thanks Allah almighty.thanks scaloni.thanks team manegement.thanks all the players.and then thanks our beloved capten leo messi.leo leo leo leo leo messi world champion.we r the world champions.vamos vamos argentina

  13. Molina is on fire!! Made a great block to deny Barca their 2nd goal ,a great run to shoot wide , exceptional through pass and cross just to be wasted by mediocre Atletico overacted players. Molina is oozing confidence and has brought his world cup form to La-Liga!

      • All of our up and coming left-backs are still very young, Barco, Aude, Carboni, 18 to 20 years old. Bernabei is 22, let’s see if he develops, so far he’s not an automatic starter at Celtic.

        • There are 2 more young left back prospects but are not called up for this U20 South American qualifier. Roman Vega (Barcelona) and Niko Takahashi (Barcelona). Ciciolli is a right back. He will challenge Aguilar and Giay for the starting line up. He can play as left back too.

          Roman Vega is more of a defensive minded left back. A bit similar to Licha/Medina. He can play as a left sided center back too. Niko Takahashi is eligible to play for Argentina, Spain, or Japan. He is undecided but he is a high profile player.

  14. Kepa can put pressure all he wants but just winning a World Cup does wonders to one’s confidence, which was already quite high for Julian who has been outstanding for us.

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