Carlos Alcaraz joins Southampton from Racing


Carlos Alcaraz has joined Southampton from Racing.

Alcaraz has joined Southampton and will he undergoing his medical on Tuesday in England. According to César Luis Merlo, it’s a contract which will keep the 20 year old midfielder at the club until June 2027.

The transfer is for €14 million plus €1 million in bonuses.


  1. They say that he is a rare talent, yet going to a club which hardly has any visibility at all. Could he have waited at Racing for another season before being picked up by some other club that’s better than Southampton?

  2. All About Argentina 🛎🇦🇷
    18 hr
    (🌕) Real Madrid, Manchester United and Liverpool have an interest in Enzo Fernández, but not for January.

    Also Atletico want Garnacho back. Lol fuck off Simeone.

  3. It is really difficult to enjoy a match when both teams has Argentine players. Frankly speaking when these situation comes I always support the team that have Argentine midfielders. Even if it’s PSG vs Villareal I support Villareal for lo celso and wish to make him bigger impact than Messi. I really wished Enzo to play for Chelsea. More Argentine midfielders in PL then it would be crazy.

  4. Great news! We have many young talents in Europe now, so that we don’t need to even think about calling up any MLS frauds. 😊

    I just have a feeling that the 4th star will come sooner than we think..

  5. A loser named Joao Felix just join a loser team named Chelsea. Good luck losers. Enjoy each other.

    It is a win win situation for A Correa as 2 forwards of Atletico are already out: Cunha and Felix. Now only Griezman, Morata, him.

    • Dude why are you calling him loser?? He’s doing what he loves and getting paid a lot of money while you sit in your mama’s basement with your drawers on calling people loser….sad

      • @Martinjean Joao Felix is just an overrated Portugese just like most brazilians or english. He is a reason for the lack of growth of A correa. Yes he is a loser. So what? Many so called experts who couldn’t even play 5 to 6 matches for their country criticizing legends like Messi. It’s their opinion. And here it’s his opinion. Why you going after him? Are you a fan of Cristina?

        • Dude you are all over the place. Clearly no structure, we are talking about Joao Felix and you brought CR7 in the conversation…jeez…Point is that you may not like someone but you don’t need to call him a loser especially when he is playing for one of the biggest club in the world and another big club Chelsea wants him. Would love to know what you guys are doing with your life to think that you can call people names

  6. This is what I want to See in Copa 2024.



    Montiel, Perez, Medina, Acuna
    Paredes, GLC, Paz
    ADM, Dybala, Soule, Toro, Nico Gonzalez.

  7. As for our players moving to EPL (as long as they PLAY regularly) for me is always good news. We saw in the World Cup how 4 of our MVP play in EPL: Emi, Cuti, MacAllister, and Julian. It is a good league to accelerate your progress as a player. Plus, Scaloni always thinks highly any players who play in EPL compared to other leagues (with the exception of Enzo).

    I mean see how Scaloni always gave minutes EPL players like MacAllister and Julian instead of Palacios (bundesliga) or Guido (la liga) or Correa (la liga) or Dybala (serie A). Southampton might be relegated but as long as Alcaraz plays, it is a good place for him to develop especially Alcaraz is a physical player not that much of weak/small technical player. Plus Benfica won’t sign him anyway as they won’t sell Enzo. So it is fine to me.

    • Premier league is the best league in the world in terms of everything, for me it’s always bonus to have Argentina players in the Premier league, another thing is we will see more Argentina players coming to the epl for many reasons
      -1 UK came out European Union completely which means same rules applies people from overseas come to work in UK including European countries that means Premier League clubs will be scouting more in South America which ten times cheaper those from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Holland.
      -2 recently success Argentina players coming from Argentina to UK like macallister, dibu , Alvarez and others from European clubs , cuti and lich
      3 Argentina winning world Cup and copa America.If mascherano and co win u20s world Cup, I promise you that we will even see more youngsters coming to epl and Europe in general.

    • It’s good he joins a PL Team but to watch one of our most talented players join Southampton is disappointing

  8. 7 Argentina players make the list of the Team of the Year FIFA 2023 version. They are: Emi Martinez; Acuna, Cuti Romero, Otamendi; Enzo Fernandez; Messi, Julian Alvarez.

    There are 100 total players listed.

    That is fair enough. I got 5 of them on my team of the tournament of the World Cup, anyone above but Otamendi and Acuna.

  9. Potential Argentina 11 in elp

    —— — dibu

    Cuti——– senesi——– licha
    Buendia— macallister–Perrone—Buonanotte
    ————– alcaraz———–‘—-
    Alvarez——- Garnacho

  10. Personally I’m happy this move yeah it could be better, Look it’s 10 times better to go Southampton than going msl, middle east or low level teams in Belgium and the Netherlands btw Southampton have 12 points win next two matchs they will be out of bottom three I mean isn’t doomed yet isn’t over let’s hope he hit running on the ground quickly

    • You know Southampton squad is not that weak actually. Don’t know why they are at the bottom now. Their strength is their midfield. Ward Prowse is an England international who is one of the world best in FK. Romeo Lavia a DM is rated number 7 in Four Four Two ahead of Garnacho. Then there are some international players like Bella Kotchap, Salisu, Caleta Car. They also have another England international Kyle Walker Peters.

      I hope they will stay in EPL. Alcaraz has different set of skills. He is one of those we prepare for the future. Just hope he will get to start at Southampton.

    • He had issues with Pasarela but he refuse to play in national team even after Pasarela left. His character was similar to Cristiano of this era. Huge ego and arrogance but same big level of talent and quality about football.

    • He is the best defensive midfielder that I have seen. He revolutionized the position. Deep lying playmaker came with that guy…. players like Pirlo, Busquest can’t match his talent…. how many times you year a defensive midfielder as best player of the tournament? Everytime he won a tournament he was the best player……

    • Passarella was too strict which was a boomerang to the whole team. Passa should have been balanced. It is true that some superstars back then like Redondo or Cani had ego but you still could NOT go to the World Cup without them. It is unacceptable whatever your reason was.

      Up until now there is NO Argentine who is better than Redondo in his position. I mean not even close. As good as Enzo is he is still a baby compared to Redondo. Agree with Gramoso, better than Pirlo, Busquets, Deschamps, Xavi, Kroos, everyone you can think of.

        • Messi is perfect in attitude. He doesn’t show that he has a problem with his ego because he has always been treated as an VVIP person on and off the pitch.

          Btw Lloris retired from France. Muller continues playing for Germany. Muller is the engine of Germany. Good news for Germany although he is already 33.

  11. As the poet Freddie Mercury once said :
    “and another one gone and another one gone, another one bites the dust”

    Going to a club surely to be relegated? God this is sad but that’s what happens when a nation’s economy is bankrupt and clubs have to sell on the cheap.

  12. I see this guy Weghorst from the Netherlands team might go to Man United.

    Does anyone else think he should go by the nickname “Bobo” and put that on the back of his jersey? Wouldn’t that be kind of awesome getting a nickname from the GOAT at a World Cup?

  13. Oh well. another relegation team. It seems our players continue to struggle in transfer market. Having said that, Southampton is one of the best developing club and academy in England. That can help.

    In another post, I read about Tevez supporting France. I have not seen it anywhere. However, I will not be surprised. I have seen he has said he didn’t wish Messi as he will do it personally some day. Again, I am not surprised. The cancer, toxic guy. He and Maradona ruined our 2010 world cup. I am probably one of the biggest Maradona fan, while he is on the pitch, but outside of it, they didn’t want Messi to win anything. The national team is much bigger than anybody and I would want Argentina to win post Messi too, whoever is the main protagonist or superstar. Tevez and Maradona cared more about their legacy.

    We are the WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! I still scream when no one is!

    • Carlos Tevez, nice player, but he has a brain the size of a walnut. Selfish guy, could have been a lot more, but he is consumed with envy and zero class. It happens that way sometimes.

      • @san Isidro
        Do you really think that Carlitos had a brain the size of a walnut and he was selfish? I don’t know, maybe you know something I don’t.
        I always saw him as the kid who made it from the worst slum, and who was always over protective of his family, and he didn’t like press or attention. In 2006-2010, he was amongst my favorite players along crespo and sorin.

  14. The only problem is, Southampton is a relegation bound club and Alcaraz risks playing in the Championship, second tier next season. They are rock bottom currently.

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