Javier Pastore joins Qatar SC from Elche


Javier Pastore has joined Qatar SC from Elche.

Pastore has left Elche and will be playing in the Gulf. The club announced on Wednesday that the 33 year old has signed with them.

Part of the 2010 World Cup team, Pastore was once considered one of the best young Argentine talents having started at Talleres and Huracan. He broke through in Europe at Palermo and would later join Paris Saint-Germain.

After PSG, he joined AS Roma and would join Elche in Spain.


  1. Guys talent with no work ethic and discipline is nothing…. Pastore always looks that he doesn’t train…..

  2. At one point I considered this guy Pastore the most technical Argentine player after Messi. There were times I wanted Argentina to play through him especially during that Copa 2015 when he played alongside Messi and shone.

    Pastore and Lamela are among the most significant “what ifs” stories in NT history.

    I hope Enzo, Garnacho, MacAllister, etc stay injury free and/or immediately leave a club that doesn’t give them playing time or suit them.

  3. Talent powerhouse. His connect with Messi during the 2015 Copa America created some magic and the pundits said finally Messi has got his Iniesta in the Argentina national team. The 4-2-1-2-1 formation was possible because of him. However, our happiness did not last long. His injuries and perhaps lack of tenacity are making him shift to the Gulf at the age of 33.

  4. Wow! didn’t realize he still plays.
    Some facts…

    1. Had silky skills.
    2. Injury prone. Didn’t tare care of the body enough.
    3. While in PSG, in his own interview he mentioned, there was a coaching staff dedicated to him to emulate his game towards David Silva, then Man City legend. He just couldn’t adapt
    4. lack of motivation, desire to fight

    That’s when you realize being Messi for 18 years is not only talent.

  5. Looking at current season of Argentina legue, i just realize the class of Alverz, mean i dont think any one scores as consistant goal as him in the last decade (youngsters)he is like messi, aguero, higuin in terms of consistancey thats vey rare now days

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