Netflix, FIFA+ partnering for 2022 World Cup documentary


Netflix and FIFA+ are partnering together for a 2022 World Cup documentary.

The 2022 World Cup will be getting a documentary which will be released this year. According to VarskySports, the two are working together and the documentary will provide special access and exclusive material from all 32 teams.


  1. Buendia is making his mark in the premier league. A good rebound goal with excellence in total play. He is getting into the rhythm. We want him. A real quality player. And now the tables are turned. Countinho is the sub for him. And our emi made a great save which can be the save of the season.

    • Man you shouldn’t worry about a man’s look Some people like to grow beard some are not and that is thier personal choice , here we discuss football matters and we all like messi but I couldn’t care less what he do his private life even though I know he is humble a smart guy. Add to that I grow my beard and like it plus ladies says I look good with my beard 😁 that is what counts a man’s pointview.

  2. I still can’t believe how Juventus disregarded Romero like he was trash, just sending him on loan and then selling him immediately without batting an eye. They had a world class center back in their hands with a high ceiling that was already better than all the ones they had and chose to stick with an old Chiellini, two average brazilian fullbacks that apparently now play in a back three, and then buy a poor man’s Romero for close to the cost they sold him? I hope Soule doesn’t play today because he doesn’t deserve to be on the pitch when the referee blows the whistle in such an embarrassment. Happy for Napoli though, I want them to win the league, would be refreshing and fitting to see three new teams win Serie A in three consecutive years. This Napoli is fun to watch.

    • Napoli is on their way to become the real predecessor of Argentina. Last time they won the scudetto Argentina were defending champs long back in 80s era. And now Argentina are world champs. Expecting Napoli to go all the way.

  3. The atmosphere at Diego Armando Maradona in Naples is electric, the party that started with Argentina’s victory is about to resume. Napoli is Argentine forever because of Diego.

    • @EnganChe ” The atmosphere at Diego Armando Maradona in Naples is electric, the party that started with Argentina’s victory is about to resume. Napoli is Argentine forever because of Diego.”

      Yes, u could not write this better as u did as i truly hope they will finally win the Scudetto this year since the days of ” MaGiCa” !

  4. I’ve still not watched the copa documentary on Netflix as not available here in Europe! Does anybody have any links to watch it?

  5. One month passed from the semi final game against Croatia 🙂 🙂 🙂
    to celebrate this day i will see again tonight the match to live again and feel again in calm and peace little from that historical day 🙂 🙂 🙂

    13 December 2022 what a day what a emotions.

    • Can’t believe it’s been almost a month since the final! I’ve already started to think about River and the Sudamericano sub 20 because football goes by so fast but I will maybe only truly realize the great thing we’ve accomplished in a few months or more. It still doesn’t seem real, and I’ll relish it for years. I still feel like I haven’t processed how truly great those games were and how crazy the final was, it’s so much so fast. I feel like I still don’t appreciate how incredible our team is, the fighting spirit and how they represented us in the final is like something I’ve only seen a few times in my life. Just crazy.

      • @Olive u are so right about ” the fighting spirit and how they represented us in the final is like something I’ve only seen a few times in my life. Just crazy.”

        As if i may say that u may have allready realize or that u have realize allready, but Still u have as so much as u wish as plenty of time to realize more as much as u want and also with your own natural way which suites u the best as there is no hurry or no more worry about it, just take your time as u feel the best for yourself as you allways been relishing for Arg, so will u also in the future as offcourse the difference is now that Arg just won their 3rd WC !
        Dale Campeon !

        GONGRATS ONCE MORE AND JUST ENJOY AS MUCH U CAN AS THERE IS SO MUCH TIME, though i do understand how fast time flies as watching both of my kids allmost everyday at their training make’s me feel so happy for them as since Arg won the WC they are both playing with more confidence and with so much joy as on the 17th december my son won his first tournament with his team as my daughter did after Finallisimo and now sometimes both of them get to play with more older kids than them as my son is sometimes playing with many different players from many different countries as most of them much older than him as mainly allraedy as grown up’s so he is fully enjoying theese special ocassions once in every week, more or less etc.+with his own team 4 times a week and also Futsal too and they have games like allmost once in a week too as same for my daughter too etc.., as on tuesdays when my son does not has his own training with his own team, he dresses fully with Arg kit as with with the home shirt with black shorts, but as we don’t have the black socks from Arg so he uses the white socks from Arg and with KUN’s name at the back with no. 19 which Ota used in the latest WC that Arg won more than deservedly !

      • Argentina fan my whole life…all 43 years. After so much heart break, close calls, should haves, could haves this team has delivered the best 2 years of selección fútbol that I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Beating Brazil at home for the copa then beating the European champion Italians for the Finalissima and the cherry on top by beating the defending champs France in the most epic WC final ever. Add to all of that 2 goals from Messi in the final. I refuse to ask anything else of Messi. The good thing is that there are some very promising youngsters coming up who will be prime age for 2026. Scaloni’s genius has been building a family and using every player at some point throughout tournaments. I am confident that we can move ahead without as his last moment in the WC should be the WC memory that he is remembered for. 3.5 years to go. Garnacho, Alvarez, Fernandez and company will be led by the next captain which IMO should be DePaul

    • Sounds like a good plan my friend as i think i will be following your example on the 18th on this month ! Stay well and keep on enjoying as much u can all the way until the next WC as offcourse there is Copa in a between and now Copa Sud Americano as i truly hope Mascherano’s team will Qualify to the U20 WC ! BTW, how many SA nations will be able to Qualify to U20 WC ? And who is in charge of River now as is it Still Gallardo or some one new and if not Gallardo any more, well is there any news from his next destinations or has he allredy, perhaps decided allready ? Saludos and greetings from both my kids !

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