Lionel Scaloni talks about Argentina renewal, Lionel Messi, Emiliano Martínez


Argentina national team Lionel Scaloni spoke about his Argentina contract renewal, Lionel Messi and Emiliano Martinez.

Lionel Scaloni has lifted three trophies with the Argentina national team. The 2021 Copa America, the 2022 Finalissima and the World Cup.

An incredible achievement for any coach, Scaloni had been speaking with the AFA management in regards to his contract renewal. Speaking in an interview with El Partidazo de COPE, here is what he had to say:

“I’ll be traveling to Buenos Aires these days. I hope to meet with the president and see if we reach the agreement we want. That’s the idea. I don’t know what day I will travel because now I’m enjoying myself with the family.

“I’m fine where I am. I’ll continue coaching. Being in the national team allows me to be at home, with the family, see my kids grow. At some point the moment will come to coach a club.

“I have the best relationship with him and I thank him for the opportunity he gave me to have been in charge of the national team.”

In regards to Argentina captain Lionel Messi:

“For me, Messi is the best in history. Maradona was great but with Leo I have something special.

“The first thing Aimar and I did when we got to the national team was to video call Messi.

“To press and to steal the ball, Messi is number one.”

Regarding goalkeeper and penalty shootout hero Emiliano Martinez:

“Dibu (Emiliano Martínez) has a personality that has given a lot to the team. It’s incredible what a good guy he is, you should know him.”

The last minute save by Martínez on Kolo Muani in the World Cup final:

“I have seen Dibu’s save several times… And if I go back to watch it, it might go in.

About the World Cup:

“I haven’t seen the (World Cup) final again. Until today, I think it was a shame we were not able to close the game in 90 minutes.”


  1. I hope he renewed soon. As copa is less than 18 months now. And with 16 teams in copa it will be interesting tournament. Almada need to move from MLS.

  2. I was among the first who were calling for Scaloni’s head as soon as he was hired ……. a rookie couch I called him, no experience, coming back from the old regime, shit it might as well been anybody off the street coaching ARG.

    and then something changed during 2019 COPA, a sense of TEAM started developing, Messi all of a sudden became vocal and ANGRY and he showed it and getting CHEATED by Brazil added Jet Fuel to the FIRE.

    Lets not forget the supporting cast, full of passion and fire, I, WE CAN SAY IT AND CONTIUNE TO SAY IT, WE ARE WORLD CUP CHAMPS, FINALLY, MESSI IS THE UNDISPUTED Boss of BOSSES and anybody who dares open their stupid mouths will be instantly be shut down.

    I was telling a friend the other day, reality exceeded my dream…. I said that if I ever found a Genie lamp and the Genie granted me ONE wish then I would have asked for ARGENTINA to win the world cup and and and if I could be a little greedy would have asked for MESSI to be the FINAL MVP by beating Brazil (remember not possible but its fantasy) Portugal, No brainer, England…………but ended up beating the CHAMPS and the Golden Child.
    I NO longer need to fantasize, its TRUE WC CHAMPS.

    • I too was all over him, especially after the venezuela friendly that Argentina lost (3-1). Then there were the first 2 games at copa where Argentina only got a point and looked close to being knocked out of the opening round. By that point Scaloni has used 11 different formations and strategies in 11 games and didn’t seem to have a clue on what he was doing but then…..he brought in Lautaro and brought in De Paul and things seemed to change.
      Flash forward 3 years, with an unbeaten WCQ run, copa america / finalissma trohpies, a 36 game ubeaten run and then FINALLY the big prize. Well done Lionel!

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