Sergio Agüero returns to football and scores in Kings League


Sergio Agüero has returned to football, playing and scoring in the Kings League.

Agüero has returned to playing the sport he loves. Following a forced retirement due to health reasons in late 2021, the Argentine became more of a content creator, streaming through various platforms.

During the World Cup, he was shown in the final celebrating with the team. On Sunday, Kun made a surprise return.

He was the joker for his team in Gerard Pique’s King League, scoring for his own team KuniSports in their penalty shootout loss vs. Porcinos FC. He celebrated the same way Lionel Messi celebrated vs. Netherlands at the World Cup as he put his hands behind his ears.


  1. So, after backing from buying Enzo, Chelsea bought Mudryk and now looking for Moises Caicedo to bolster their midfield. Boehly is no doubt a shithead.

    Really good assist from Lautaro Blanco (left back) in LaLiga today for another Argentine Ponce. Elche are in a dire situation with their relegation battle and it would be a shame for them to be relegated because they have two of our more conventional promising left backs – Blanco and Fernandez Mercau. Blanco is a really good crosser who’s style of play reminds me of Acuña, a player that tries to beat their marker with close control to then execute a cross. Fernandez Mercau is also a good crosser and long passer. Apart from that our near future left back would have to be Medina who is defensively really good and a progressive, attacking minded passer but I’m not sure about his crossing and width. Valentín Barco is very young and much less developed than the rest

      • @San Isidro ” San Isidro January 16, 2023 At 6:17 pm
        Why does nobody want this guy Paredes? He seems fine for me. In other news, the Kun article is not news. Great legend, but long gone and a side show now.”

        Yes, it does seems a bit weird, that like u said nobody really showing, that much intrest in Paredes as for me i think personally he has upgraded his European club form a lot since by winning the WC with Arg as i think if keep’s now on this path and form, well some players even they obviously come older does Still get better as i think he Still has a lot a head of him, but offcourse he must stay firstly fit and keep’s his current form running as we are obviously talking about class player with any doubts !

        Great to see Kun on the pitch again, though i do not know really anything about Pique’s King’s League, which looked like Futsal played on turff more or less, but as u said Great legend he truly is !

    • Like Riquelme, Paredes isnt fast player. In today’s football, that kind of player usually gets overlooked. Then again Allegri is basically serie A Simeone.

      • @Rattlehead fully agreed and specially with ” Then again Allegri is basically serie A Simeone.”

        As if Alkegri did not have his very close as more than close connection with Juve’s owner or owner’s family, well he will be long gone as i think Cholo only remaining as he has such back up from mainly from ATM’s fans, i quess…

  3. Barcelona signs both 16 year old Gianluca Prestianni from Velez and 18 year old Lucas Roman (Ferro) this week?
    Are they hunting for the next Messi?

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