Lucas Ocampos returns to Sevilla from Ajax


Lucas Ocampos has returned to Sevilla from Ajax.

Ocampos is back with Sevilla after spending six months on loan at Ajax in the Netherlands. The 28 year old joined Ajax on loan last summer, a contract which was supposed to end on June 30, 2023 but both clubs reached an agreement for the Argentina to return to Spain.

He made six appearances for the club.


  1. Sad to see all this ,I am a top fan of him , that season were Devil’s won Europa league made me his fan the way he run 90mnts the way he scored 14+ goals that season defence attack he was every where I thought he will be heading Liverpool at that time

  2. Some players fit the Ajax style, like Licha, Tagliafico and Mauro Rosales some time ago. Others don’t. Magallan and Ocampos and Gabrich before them were complete flops. Blame it on the scouts who misjudged them.

  3. The Eupheria is going to be endless. Even if we win 2026 or any further treble none would be as satisfying as Quatar for the jinx it broke. I sincerly belive it is time to share my sentiment and exprience to mundo families with out any intention of stealing the thunder.

    While the treble was claimed, I personally was in despair attributtable to one of the deadliest conflicts of 21st century aka “The Tigray Conflict” some where in east Africa,Ethiopia. Survived multiple tortures, siege, atrocities and all worst possible nightmarish of human life. I had been accesing this site as a matter of blessing and privilage via the limited internet access I had dawn from the region-Tigray. Though,largely meant for family reunification purposes my urge for Argentina was alive and stayed intact with evrey copa games, Finallissima and Quatar22. The only silver line that assissted me to maintain my mental balance was this site and my passion for Argentina (sawed during the twlight career of Maradona) which was the only
    Postitive coping mechanism in the last 02 years .

    Finally peace has also prevailed by the Pretoria accord a month before we could claim the WC trophy. Am the happiest man around with a positive vibe. Mundo was the site to shield my grieviences.

    My membership would trace back to 2010 as Elche ( Cheguevara) briefly and kept changing to many profiles one of which was Perotti and since 2019 copa to Delpetro. I used to fight much with outlawish guy and at times with ghostidin. Now the site is clean of negative vibes which was the source of attraction for the winning streaks. I missed old guard members like pablo, kid and the most seniour of all from Thailand (forgot his name).

    Stay blessed and keep trusting the endless supply of emerging and some shining talents to maintain the helm for the coming decade,for sure.

    • Bro I’m from your neighbour country somalia I know what is like going through horrendous civil war and terrorist organisations I don’t think no country went through what my homeland went for last three decades I lost so many members families, close relatives through civil war and terrorist organisations I never forget this day 14 -10-2017 in our capital Mogadishu it was most devastating blasting explosive ever in city centre killed by over 500 people lost thier life because of wicked heartless terrorist group. I don’t want go too many details as I will going emotional but my country is recovering from that, things look a lot better and now we are going rebuilding process people are happy with current administration.

      • Dear Argentino Trucho and Godin 11, thanks for your solidarity. Was lucky enough not to lose even
        any of distant family members during the horrofic period. Things are calm now and improving much better after the besiege is lifted.

        I shared the story to thank mundo family and how my passion was my saviour to a certain extent in bringining hope and positive mentality. Thanks again.

    • Hello,

      I hope you and your family are all right and that there will be peace from now on.
      My country also went through a war and in the end we won freedom.

      In February I will be 40 years.
      I’m here since 2006, almost 25 years, more than half of my life.
      I passionately argued with many people in here and at the World Cup blog.
      It’s hard for me to remember all the people I argued with, simply too many.
      It wasn’t personal, It was against the idea.
      I felt things weren’t going well, and it could be done more to do better.
      I was vocal about it and think mostly rightfully so.
      I supported Scaloni because he was young and forward thinking so mostly kept not commenting because I was in agreement with his decisions.
      To be fair “Gonzalo” was the biggest Scaloni supporter.
      Since Scaloni took over I took a backseat and almost never commented.
      In the meantime I married, had a child and was busy and in this time period of not being active in here forget many posters names and arguments I had with.

      Life is beautiful and last month something happened that I would never thought would happen in my life time.
      We became WORLD CHAMPIONS.
      it still feels like a dream, I have to pitch myself to ensure I’m not dreaming.
      But it looks like it real.

      • True pal. I w’d recall most of the details you shared about your situation which were hard to process then for me but turn out to be de javu to my scenario.

        You are one of the members with a sensible comments. Cheers! and as you put it rightfully the thing that matters most is we are world champion!

  4. Just a month ago, DIBU /EMI MARTINEZ made one of the greatest if not the greatest save in a World Cup final to help Argentina win his third trophy and cement Messi place as the one of greatest of all time after Diego Armando Maradona. Like many at 120+3minutes stoppage time the earth stood still, I went to cardiac arrest and returned back to life for 5 seconds according to my PCP(side note, myself) 😂😩 Long live football, Long live Argentina 🇦🇷 Vamos Argentina.

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