Juan Foyth substituted injured for Villarreal vs. Real Madrid


Juan Foyth was substituted out injured for Villarreal in their match vs. Real Madrid.

Foyth was substituted with another injury this season for Villarreal. The 25 year old was having a solid game for Villarreal who were leading 2-0 and was shutting down the Brazilian Vinicius Junior in every attack but after his subtitution early in the second half, Madrid scored three goals and got the win.

Villarreal have not yet provided an update on Foyth’s injury but the Argentine just arrived fit enough for the match. He left the pitch with injured, complaining about his shoulder and his back.


  1. In next world cup we will have mf like Lo celso, Enzo, Paredes, mac allister, de paul along with Garnacho, Nico Paz, Matias soule. Our mf will be full of star players.

    But do we have any promising players in LB position?

      • Alcatraz LOL sorry but this was a funny typo, no way a healthy GLC wont be there. Maybe our next gen of midfielders are more talented than De Paul Paredes Lo Celso trio, but will be there the leadership, never die attitude, grit and winning mentality of these trio? Talent is not enough.

    • Garnacho left winger/forward, Soule right winger/forward. Paredes Enzo Macallister De Paul Lo Celso Palacios Nico Dominguez Buendia Almada Perrone Alan Varela Paz Alcaraz Buonanotte.

        • We have a few 22-23 year old ones, who are pretty decent but not super promising just yet, Bernabei at Celtic and Blanco and Mercau at Elche. Franco Carboni and Valentin Barco look more promising to me personally but they are still kids (u20).

          Having said that, Tagliafico started to stand out at 24 and Acuna at 25 and were still playing in Argentina, so we’ll see.

          Short term, I don’t mind if Nico Gonzalez gets a few more starts in that position to see how he does. I think he can do well there.

      • Both Licha and Medina are makeshift LBs but Medina played there a lot more than Licha and can do a better job, still not their natural position. I think in modern football, a winger converted to a fullback works better than a CB asked to play wide.

        • What about Franco Carboni. He looks promising. Will be 23 in world cup. I think he is strong left back which we need in our NT. He is similar like Harnandez brothers in France

  2. Spurs vs City. First of all whoscored is a horrible site. If u don’t want the match and just check whoscored.com after the match, u will see that Cuti is the second worst player after Lloris with the rating of 5.9.

    But if u watch the match, Cuti is probably the best one among with Kulusevski in the terrible Spurs squad. All of the goals were the errors of Lloris, Lenglet, Perisic, Dier/Davies. None from Cuti’s.

    City attacked from their right most if the time knowing that the left side is the weakness of the Spurs. Cuti is the other side of the defense, the right side. He had 2 key tackles on Grealish and Haaland that prevented the 100% goals but according to whoscored his rating is 5.9!

    All the overrated sites like whoscored or transfermarket is a big joke for me. According to transfermarket Alejandro Garnacho value is €5 million lol.

    Let’s Como or Piacenza or Kilmarnock buy him then if his value only €5 million euro. The truth is Garnacho value should be at least €70-80million euro NOT €5 million for sure IF someone like Antony is $100 million or Mudryk is €100 million.

    Julian Alvarez was bad in the first half but was fantastic in the second half. Alvarez is a unique striker. He is an amazing pressing forward. We usually produced prolific strikers such as Batigol, Crespo, Higuain, Aguero, or Lautaro. A pure 9 who is known for their scoring ability. But if u remember 2 of Julian’s goals in the World Cup: the solo one and the pressing GK one against Aussie were unorthodox goals. Including the goal last night was an unorthodox too. He came out of nowhere and scored.

  3. the no.9 spot in the U 20s is between Veliz and Puch. Castro will play RW. Very average from the early signs. Not many high potential coming up in Argentina. A dying breed in a country that produced goal scorers at will.

  4. Martinez 4 in a row now😂
    Never thought he will comeback like this
    Good for us though since we dont have many class young strikers otherthan alverz lautaro is very important for next 2 years at least

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