Juventus deducted 15 points in Serie A over transfer dealings


Juventus have been deducted 15 points in Serie A due to transfer dealings.

The Italian club have been deducted 15 points for the current season by an Italian soccer court which was investigating their transfer dealings. The Italian federation announced the ruling on Friday.

For Argentina and Argentina fans, it means a deduction of points for Ángel Di María, Leandro Paredes and Matías Soulé.


  1. So Mighty spurs now at 5 where pool, chelsea are 8,9 at point table..very impressive from spurs. Hope end of the season the finish top 10!
    Advance congratulations to spurs fans

    • I hope Mascherano will stop copying Luis Enrique futbol (as he said himself). Tiki take futbol ala Pep or Enrique needs years to practice and need the right players and I think it is quite an outdated tactic in modern futbol.

      Yes Pep City can still (barely) won the league last year but they were nowhere near the CL champion. Spain already looked mediocre since Euro 2020. They lost in Euro and the World Cup too using that tactic. Maybe in 2011-2014 tiki taka was the world best tactic but not anymore. That tactic in today futbol works only against weaker opponents not strong opponents.

      Hope Masche sees this and stop copying Luis Enrique and start copying Scaloni instead. Scaloni tactic is the perfect definition of the modern futbol. It is very flexible and super balance both offensively and defensively. Not over reliance on ball possession unlike Bielsa/Pep/Enrique. Not over reliance on counter attack unlike Conte/Sabella/Mou/Van Gaal. Not over reliance on being beautiful unlike Scolari/Tite/Pekerman. Not over reliance on super defense unlike Italy’s Lippi. It is the combination of all of the above.

      • Man City is now pretty direct too, somewhat like Argentina. To play Titi Kaka, one would need a world-class team in every position. When Barca lost Xavi and Iniesta, they’re not the same Barca anyore.

      • Tiki taka 90% pocession futbol only works if you have someone who can break the lines. Messi at Barca.. for Spain they had Iniesta, but remember they won the cup barely scraping through with the least goals scored by a champ in history. Unless you have a talent, tiki taka is too predictable and it closes space when teams tire and just park the bus. No space, no goals.

  2. The old lady, cheating again lol. This club just does not know how to keep their nose clean.

    In other news, I see that Argentina media is no different than USA media. Any moron with any opinion that at some point played football gets to have a microphone so that they can spew their hatred. Enter, Hugo Gatti. The same alcoholic drug addict that made fun of Maradona is now making fun of Messi and Dibu. I guess haters will always hate. If you have so much hate in your life its sad, because we only get one go around in this world and some people waste it by carrying a poisoned heart and soul.

    • Don’t worry there’re always haters. It’s modern football, 10 times harder than the old time that Pele played.
      Did he see Mexico’s goal, Netherlands’ too?

    • Jealousy is a powerful POWERFUL ugly thing and many can’t help themselves but feel that way….all the nonsense and shit-talking about Messi and Argentina, you would think they lost LMAO….Christina fans elated that their IDOL scored 2 goals in a friendly vs Messi and PSG that NOBODY CARED ABOUT EXCEPT THE BIRTHDAY GIRL and her hosts to please her LOL……pitiful pathetic mentally-challenged morons that don’t know how to express their disappointment other than doubling down on their initial absurd arguments

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