Máximo Perrone scores for Argentina U20 in 2-1 loss vs. Paraguay at Sudamericano


Máximo Perrone scored for the Argentina U20 team in their 2-1 loss vs. Paraguay at the Sudamericano.

Perrone scored Argentina’s only goal of the game in a match they were unlucky to lose. Two defensive errors by Javier Mascherano’s team allowed Paraguay the win.

With the score at 0-0, it was an effort on target by Paraguay’s Melgarejo from outside of the penalty area but the ball was mishandled by goalkeeper Gomes Gerth and it went in for Paraguay’s first goal of the match.

Argentina’s Santiago Castro played a great ball in from the left side which found Manchester City’s Máximo Perrone and he would score from close range. That match made it 1-1 with Argentina scoring minutes after Paraguay’s first goal.

Federico Gomes Gerth would make a big save before the end of half time to keep the score level. The second half would start and while Argentina would see much of the ball, it was Paraguay who would score off another defensive error.

Di Lollo would handle the ball inside the penalty area and it was a penalty for Paraguay. Dure would score the penalty and while Gomes Gerth guessed the right way, he was unable to make the save.

Coach Javier Mascherano would make substitutions in the second half with Brighton’s Facundo Buonanotte coming on for Real Madrid’s Nico Paz. They would send crosses into the penalty area but were unable to convert their chances.

Facundo Buonanotte was stretchered off for Argentina. He would jump for the ball and a hard landing on the pitch saw him down for a few minutes before the medical team stretchered him off the pitch.

Mascherano’s Argentina, who are in fourth place in the group, play Brazil on Monday.

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  1. Tomorrow we have the do or die match against the mighty Brazil. It’s a big test for Mascherano if he has the coaching material in him. Only few great players became great coaches like Jidane, Simeone, Conte, Bechenbauer, Ancelotti etc. Maradona was a big flop. Mascherano did not have a great start last year.

  2. I think one player that needs to step up is Nico Paz. Without the big three and with the number 10 is questionable for Brazil game, Buonanotte. Nico is the player that we relies on. Against Paraguay, he was good in the first 30 minutes but then he played worse after. He needs to be more direct. He spent more time displaying his amazing Zidane/Pastore like technique than creating chances. He needs to know that unlike the Toulon, this time the team does not have “superstars” but him.

    Nico Paz is a very talented player but again, he needs to step up. Madrid speaks highly on him. Madrid thinks of moving him from Castilla to the first team. Spain U20 interested in him. Now show us what you got.

  3. Manu need number 9
    And alvarez need regular 90min
    Then he definitely score 30+ per season

    Holland. alvarez two world class number in a single team means..one is wasted.

  4. Federico Gomes Gerth after spending great time in qatar make sily mistake.. Lol
    And another sily Handball….
    I think talent is there.i think its mashcrerano failure… bullshit tactic..he should move on from luis enrique

    • Mascherano instead of keeping it simple is trying to imbibe tactics from Luis Enrique and Pep. Its not wrong to adapt tactics, but at times you need to simplify your approach on a big stage. What they needed was precision in passing, sure, but not just in their own half. There was hardly any intent in moving the game forward in the 2nd half, how would you win a game in this way? Next is Brazil, and they need to step up the gas. This is not done. I mean you are a strict disciplinarian, which we get, you are making it compulsory for people to learn english and all that, but the game plan is the essence of a coach, if that’s not upto the mark, no one would give a shit about what ethos he is bringing into the junior division.

  5. The first team to represent Argentina in the 3 star shirt and they lose. Sad.

    Given the upcoming opposition, no need to make reservations for Indonesia in June.

    • The game is in every 2 days. So the next game is less than 48 hours from the first game. It is impossible to use the same teams, this tournament is meant to rotate players. We should see many new starters in the next game. Actually the squad is about 80% Full strength I would say. Only Luka, Soule, Garnacho, Carboni brothers, and Barco are missing. I don’t think Prestianni is considered as they see him for the next WC u20 I think. Among them, only 3 are starters materials in the big three of Luka, Soule, and Garnacho. So we use pretty much our best players but upfront actually.

      So if they can’t make the WC u20, it would be a disaster. No excuse. If Masche does it Scaloni’s way (starting the tournament slow), hope we will bounce back in the second game.

  6. Considering the squad and comparing with other teams, not winning the tournament will be failure for Mascherano. Not Qualifying for WC will be the biggest failure.

  7. Maxi Perrone is not a no.8 but rather Busquet style player but unlike Busquets makes it into opposition box now and then.
    I believe he will make the cut at city or at least I hope he does. He is a Velez product so we will keep our fingers crossed.
    You can’t blame Mascherano much here as he assembled the best squad available to him. This is our real quality. The foreign born players are a bonus. I mentioned how the AFA scouting system will help us to compete with other top countries and yesterday’s match was a testament to that cos it showed our true quality. The players did their best.
    Valentin Gomez reminds me of Gvardiol of Croatia.
    Hopefully, Buononotte turns it on.

  8. Zero points vs Brazil will probably mean that Argentina is out. But I wouldn’t read too much into the results of sub20 tourneys. Very low correlation between sub20 and NT historically. Only 2-3 guys from this squad will make it to the NT in the end anyways and that’s good enough.

    • Beg to differ. Messi, Kun, Zabaletta and Di Maria come from great U20 sides. And during that time we won two cups at that level. In fact, the U20 system in the first decade of 2000 created our golden generation that finally gave us the 3 gold and 3 silver crowns between 2014 and 2022. No NT had that impact over the same period of time. 2018 was an aberration for us.

      • Sure, you can have a different opinion. However, between 1995-2007, Argentina won U20 WC five times. How many titles did we win during this period and until 2021? I would say that Messi and Di Maria are anomalies, rather than proof of correlation between successes at U20 level and senior level. On the other hand, Enzo, Alvarez, Lautaro etc did not have good U20 WCs but did very well at senior level. My point is that unsuccessful U20 WC does not mean dark future for the NT.

  9. Buonanotte has a neck injury. It does not look as scary as it looks as he himself wanted to keep playing but Mascherano took him out for precaution. All the tests are good. He should be back.

    Mascherano on the loss: “We were superior. We lacked depth in the first half. It was not our day but no need to go crazy. We have to correct some things but there are also some positive things”

  10. The world best DM: Enzo Fernandez best article: (A MUST READ)


    He leads the Primeira Liga for most touches with 1390, has completed by far the most open-play passes with 1067 (212 more than any other player) and has completed the most open-play progressive passes with 79, showing that his passing isn’t simply for passing sake, but instead used as a vehicle to progress his side up the pitch and into attacking zones.

    He is currently averaging 96.4 successful passes per 90 minutes, 20 passes more than any other Primeira Liga midfielder to play 800+ minutes this season (Florentino next on 76.3).

    To contextualise how rare this is, across the top five European Leagues since 2018-19, the only midfielder to play 1000+ minutes and average more passes per 90 minutes in a season has been Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti. (97.7 in 2020-21 and 96.6 in 2022-23).

  11. Enzo man… 2 assists AND 1 pass that leads to an assist. I tell you this guy will produce numbers like Bruno Fernandez or even De Bruyne once people realize that he is too good to just play DM. His vision, passing accuracy, confidence, passing speed, positioning, shooting, technique are all there. For me currently the best in his position in the world. One last thing: Eat your own shit Enzo haters! He will make all his haters or clubs who doubt him eat their own shits. Chelsea lol enjoy your Mudryk.

    Enzo Fernández tonight:

    2 assists
    101 passes
    84% pass accuracy
    2 key passes
    1 big chance created
    10/15 accurate long balls
    3/3 successful dribbles
    6 tackles
    1 interception
    1 clearance
    1 blocked shot
    1/1 aerial duel won
    12/15 duels won

    • Frankly, I wish City vs Benfica final in UCL and Alvarez & Enzo showcase their mettle further. However such a final is not possible. At least, if one of them can make it to the final and our boy in that team can be a player of the final, that would make me happy. PSG, anyway, seems to be a lost case this year with its star-studded forward line broken by the two sides of the same WC dream and supported by a pretty mediocre defence and midfield.

  12. IMO ,this team only Brian Aguirre ,J fernandez ,Paz,J Aude ,Bounanotte ,M Gonzalez or Infantino have the potential to be national team material .

    I am not convinced Perrone is that good ,actually except the goal he is below standard as a manchester city player .

    another problem is the best players never join the team .Except those from Europe. Also some players in local team. They are Zeballos ,Prestianni, Bruno Zapelli ,E fernandez (Boca),Federico Redondo

    • These are all older players except Redondo and Prestianni who is much younger. What are you talking about? Federico Redondo really? He lives only from his father name, poor mans Perrone.

  13. Serious concerns why is Masche in managing? Once Scaloni renews his contract you need to have a manager that teaches Scaloni style, not this shit Masche does…this guy man…I don’t know why we keep giving ex players opportunity when they don’t know shit. Basically this guy is a defensive player with no vision on how to create offense. He is turning our race horses into mules.

    • Everything you’re saying describes Scaloni when he took over. Don’t forget La Scaloneta took 3 long painful years to start playing well

      Ex player ✅
      Defensive player ✅
      No vision on how to create offense ✅
      Turned race horses into mules ✅
      Zero managerial experience ✅
      No results so far ✅
      Don’t even know what system he plays ✅

      • It’s different thought we Scaloni. Scaloni was building a system. in U20 they have short time with the player and should teach the same system in senior team. Scaloni never turned race horses into mules. Scaloni my friend was a revelation, but in my opinion this doesn’t mean Mascherano will be also. Honestly, somebody like Ayala, or Samuel should lead that team, just like Aimar does the under 17. And we saw promise even from the very beginning under Scaloni and don’t forget he has a UEFA managers license. I don’t think Mascherano does. It ALWAYS concerns me when managers talk about other skills like clean your room, learn English, etc in limited time other than football. This stuff has nothing to do with the pitch, which is Masche’s only job.

        • Well, i truly hope he turn’s it around, but i agree with about teaching the same system, that has just won Arg their 3rd WC after 36 year’s( Still hoping to live long enough to see hopefully 4th and 5th star too printed on ARG’s NT Jersey til’ forever !

          But, AFA chose Masche even they could had propably turned it over forexample to one of those names, that u mentioned and who were all part of coaching from the WC winning team etc.,.

          As Aimar is coaching under 17 etc..

          But, as there is not much time til’ the upcoming game it will be intresting too see how he will deal with this situation, though invididual ERRORS costed the game, Still i don’t know how much is he able to do besides fielding players like Fernandez, Aguirre and Castro or Puch as no.9, but i’m a bit more concerned about can he manage Arg’s U20’s defence shaping as whole solid unit, that will give confidence to the rest of team as @el_principe said” Actually the squad is about 80% Full strength I would say. Only Luka, Soule, Garnacho, Carboni brothers, and Barco are missing. I don’t think Prestianni is considered as they see him for the next WC u20 I think. Among them, only 3 are starters materials in the big three of Luka, Soule, and Garnacho. So we use pretty much our best players but upfront actually.

          So if they can’t make the WC u20, it would be a disaster. No excuse. If Masche does it Scaloni’s way (starting the tournament slow), hope we will bounce back in the second game.”

          Well, fully agreed on this as if they end up not qualifying to U20 WC( which, hopefully not be the case), then i think time for Masche to go and time for AFA to point someone closer to Scaloni’s way’s, though even it is not confirmed yet, that he will continue with La Seleccion, Still i really hope, that he will, even he has allready gained legendary status amongst as Coach in Arg as he managed to win Copa21, Finallisima and WC22 !

    • San Isidro bro this time I completely disagree with your unnecessary runt it’s just beginning of javier mascherano coach career and I’m 100% convinced he will do good, just let the guy do his job plus it was individual mistakes that made us lost the game .

  14. mascherano isn’t up to standard as a coach .
    1 CB di lollo always has problems not this match but many friendly before .
    2 THE best winger behind garnacho should be Brian aguirre but he is on the bench.
    3, Castro is a no.9 ,but used as a left winger.
    4, J aude is a skillful player but some times swap with perrone as a box to box
    5, Veliz is moderate and never represent argentina u20 before ,but this time is our no.9
    6,Infantino is a box to box but suddenly used as a no.5 .
    7, our best no.5 should be M GONZALEZ but he suddenly drop him back to bench.
    8 Vallejo isn’t a winger and seldom represents u20 but he is infront of Bounanotte and J fernandez .

    Lots of problem not only the team but the coach . actually the best line up should be
    ######M GONZALEZ

    • I agree with all your 8 points. Masche tries to focus on his defense more than the Toulon days that’s why he makes Infantino a DM, but then his defense still sucks. Veliz and Vallejo are surprise starters considering there are Puch, Aguierre, and J Fernandez there. The only point I disagree with I think Perrone is a talent. He looked fine today but he is a quality.

      I agree with your front 3 of Aguire, J Fernandez, and Castro. Hope they will start next game.

      Paraguay played smart. They played like Mexico/Saudi Arabia in WC 2022. They pretty much defended deep knowing that Mascherano’s “tiki taka” is always weak against any side that defends deep. Brazil should be more open, but then again I am not convinced with our defense. They panic a lot when being attacked. No composure at all.

  15. South American U20 is not an actual tournament. In 2015 in the South American tournament I think Angel Correa generation won it and he played like Messi in the tournament but when the actual WC u20 began Argentina lost in the first round.

    So it doesn’t mean that being the best here will guarantee you success in the WC u20. Brazil won the South American u20 the most out of all but Argentina won the actual tournament the WC u20 many more times than Brazil.

    What we need to do is just finish the top 4 in the group out of 6. Even if we lose again against Brazil next game we still can finish top 4. And then in the second round it is a whole new group of 6 countries and we need to finish top 4 again. The top 4 will go to the WC u20.

    The performance against Paraguay was not that good but Vallejo and Veliz were all but disappointing. Aguirre and J Fernandez should replace them. Paz does not really gel with the team yet. We need him more than ever especially now Buonanotte looks seriously injured.

  16. Could anyone please tell me why in many Messi videos they play the Famy Ava song? The lyrics has nothing to do with Messi’s story. Sounds like a break up song which probably has description of sex in it too.

  17. Not a big fan of Masche as manager. I still don’t see why anybody thinks he can develop youngsters. Zero managerial experience and no results so far. And I don’t even know what system he plays, if any.

    • I feel like a more “Scalonista” approach would have won us the game today. I think Mascherano wants a Guardiola type system with positional interchangement but to get results in a short space of time playing normal or even dull football to begin with and improving while being flexible like Scaloni would be ideal.

  18. I didn’t watch the first 20 minutes or so but I actually liked some of what Perrone showed as well as Valentin Gomez and his front foot defending. Nico Paz lost the ball a few times but I still really like his flair and ideas. On another day and in another system I think he could be much more decisive. Really liked what Julian Fernandez did off the bench. Disappointed Buonanotte barely got the ball but also more worried about his injury. Like Infantino’s commitment and running and overall tidiness.

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