Enzo Fernández joins Chelsea from Benfica for €120 million


Enzo Fernández has joined Chelsea from Benfica for €120 million.

Fernández to Chelsea is completed. According to several media outlets in Argentina and in Europe, Chelsea have got their player on the last day of the transfer deadline.

Chelsea will pay a reported €120 million to Benfica for Fernández. According to César Luis Merlo, Chelsea will pay it in six installments.

The first installment will be close to €45 million with the rest being paid on a prorated basis. River Plate will receive €41 million as it was in his transfer clause. He will join until June 2031.

The Argentine was named as the 2022 World Cup’s Best Young Player and is now the most expensive Argentine player in history.


  1. Sadly, I can’t begin to express how much of a bad idea this is. Enzo as the most expensive transfer in EPL history will be expected to set the EPL alight from the very first minute he plays, and by ‘set alight’ I mean the fans and the media will expect him to be Kante and Lampard combined and I’m not exaggerating. The very second he shows any weakness those vultures at the british media will eat him alive, I mean heck, look at Licha, he’s kicking ass and some people in the media are still on his case for being short.
    I really hope I’m wrong because talented players like Enzo don’t come everyday.

  2. Oh man, why the hell did he go to Chelsea? I know it’s not his choice because he may have had a release clause but Chelsea is such a shit club for Argentines!

    • Lol. He will light it up at Chelsea as did Crespo. Where else did you want him to go ? Which other club expressed much interest and appreciation for his talents ?

  3. This may be off-topic (new series lol – see my comment on previous post) but I have been doing lots of research on Mario Kempes. For those who got a chance to see him play, he was a fast, agile, hard-worker striker who could score from any angle ala Batistuta. I know his claim to fame was his performance in WC 78, in which he won the golden ball, but I am a little puzzled on why he never really flourished for Argentina post WC 78. HE actually only played 43 games for the national team which is insane when other Argentina legends have registered close to 100 games for Argentina. I honestly forgot he was part of the 1982 WC team. You would think for a striker of his quality, he continue his dominance in ’82. Sadly, he had zero impact despite starting all 5/6 games. Where do you guys rate him in comparison to Batistuta who never won a WC but always showed up on the biggest stages (outside of 2002).

    So was Mario Kempes really a great striker but Argentina failed to capitalize on his talent? Or was his prime really that short hence why he was ineffective post ’78 WC?

    • Compared to Batistuta??
      Though Kempes won a WC for us, he is a level below Batistuta’s Ability and Consistency. Unfortunately, Bati never had a great team during a World Cup. Unlucky in 1994, Imagine if Maradona continued. An ok 98 Squad. And an ageing 2002 WC Squad. He has 2 World Cup Hattrics in 94 and 98. He was also a legend in Florence.

  4. Galtier and PSG doesn’t seem to have learned anything from the world cup made evident by the number of passes Messi received last match. Messi pulled a young team full of players playing for mid-table to become the champions of the world. Only after the world cup Europe has realised that our team was full of competent players in every position made apparent by the January transfer market.
    If PSG and Galtier really want to win the Champions league , Messi need to be the middle of every attack and I mean every attack and Neymar and Mbappe will have to play the supporting role. The futballing IQ of Messi is what made us the champions and only if Galitier makes him their main man he will beat Bayern and may be win the Champions league!!

    Hopefully today we will see some change. Also the ego clashes seem to have ended due to the world cup. The way the world worshipped Messi during and after the world cup , Mbappe seem to have finally realised that he can never ever surpass the GOAT!!

  5. I wish he would have chosen a different club. Chelsea is where good football goes to die.

    But he proved himself in Benfica. He proved himself in the World Cup. Perhaps he will do so again, and elevate Chelsea.

  6. Oh and this ambitious Chelsea want to strengthen GK too! Their targets so far according to the reports are Declan Rice, Caicedo, Raya (GK Brentford). Emi pleaseeeeeeee!

  7. Great news. I feared that if Chelsea didn’t buy him thn if in summer when the wc hype dies down thn big clubs might have not come for him. Now he is in big club and he performs his career could be amazing😍

    • Yeah. Many has doubt regarding his potential. And now it’s his turn to make all Argentina fans proud with his stunning performance. Many argues like he should play like a ballondor candidate from the first match to stay with the hype of his transfer money. And yeah it is a real challenging for Enzo who always loves new challenges.

    • I don’t think Boca will sell Varela before the summer, especially since it’s physically impossible for Benfica to do it now given the closed European transfer window. I do hope they go for either in July. It doesn’t seem like it would happen but it would be nice if they get Alcaraz after a seemingly imminent relegation with Southampton, as they were eyeing him in the last month as well

  8. As an Albiceleste and Chelsea fan at the same time, am the happiest. He has a tailor made role at Chelsea as regista replacing Jorginho, we really needed him, he will shine alongside the best talents in England, the league will also challenge him to become a better player, same way the league improved Mac Allister, Licha and Cuti to our benefit.

    Chelsea is also a club that has counted on Argentines before like Veron and Crespo. This boy is going straight to the top.

  9. Chelsea is rebuilding but they have the best and the most ambitious and the richest owner. Any player would be happy if they move to a rich club being a key player there because there is no way a club won’t grow if they have unlimited money.

    Enzo, Mudryk, and Badiashile are seen as the first ones in the project. I believe in 2 years this team will be the strongest in EPL especially now Liverpool won’t get any stronger as they lost key players and their key players they have now get older or past their best. Plus they made one bad transfer in Nunez. Only City and MU can challenge Chelsea them in 2 years. Arsenal? Sorry that piece or shit is just lucky. Next year they will be 5th again.

    Next year Nkunku coming. He is one of the best wingers in Lique 1. He and Mudryk upfront and Enzo-Mount in midfield look scary.

    • City, Newcastle and PSG have unlimited money owned by arab oil countries not Chelsea who cost their next 10 years transfer budget right now.Thats the reason 8-9 years long contracts.

      • Yeah City, Newcastle, and PSG have Arab owners. They are rich, but they don’t spend that much anymore lately. All good free agents still want to come to them, but when it comes to buying players, their money is not that unlimited anymore. PSG was supposed to buy Skriniar last summer but they did not want to pay. They they are supposed to be able to get him for just 20 mil Euro this January but they did not want it although they know for sure Skriniar would improve their defense.

        City also the same. They lost Cancelo but bought no one. People think Newcastle has a lot of money but they just bought a mediocre talent named Antony Gordon, someone that the Spurs was linked to but all the fans did not want him for around 40 mil Euro. You see even if they are supposed to have money but they don’t use them.

        Chelsea will have a very strong squad by next year especially if they go after Declan Rice to be Enzo partner. Since Chelsea is the chosen one by Enzo, I will support him. I am just GLAD he did not go to Madrid or Arsenal. Let these 2 teams sign any Brazilian, French, English, German players in the whole universe but Argentines.

        Potentially next year they can have this starting line up. I heard they are interested in Osimhen and Declan Rice: Kepa; Silva, Badiashile, Koulibaly/Fofana; James, Enzo, Declan/Mount, Cucurella/Chilwell; Mudryk/Noni, Nkunku/Sterling, Osimhen/Harvertz. There is still Lukaku

        • In addition to what elprincipe has mentioned, Mbappe had quite a heated argument with Enzo in the final and he wouldn’t want Enzo in PSG due to his ego. He was forced to kneel to Messi after what he saw at the world cup but it’s not good for Enzo’s to risk his still new career to Mbappe’s ego. At City he will not have enough playing time. Chelsea is ambitious and will give him ample time to settle.

          • Some people had hoped Enzo to delay his decision until summer. But delaying the decision for 6 MONTHS when you are right on the top is not a good idea. There are too many what ifs:
            – what if u get serious injury?
            – what if Benfica lost in the second round of the CL?
            – what if his form regressed?
            – what if his competitors (Jude Bellingham, Caicedo, De Jong, etc) outperform him by miles in 6 months?
            – what if Chelsea suddenly look very strong without buying Enzo and makes the CL?

            All those 5 what ifs would decrease your value for sure. So when Chelsea desperately wants u and they really show it, it is correct to accept them as they are very ambitious.

            I read that the owner won’t stop for the next 2 years at least. He will keep spending like crazy. He wants 10 years project to be cut down to 2 years which is good news for Enzo.

          • @elprincipe
            True! Foyth was on the verge of moving to Barcelona for 60 million euros but got injured and it fell apart! His champions league form was what made Barcelona interested but they are not coming back anytime soon for him now.

          • True, but we know that the reason Chelsea put so much money now is because they will have a ton of competitors in the summer that will be capable of going over 100m, so it would be irrelevant if Chelsea realize they don’t need an extra midfielder by then or go for another transfer. Benfica were so insistent on the 120m release clause that there are still chances that another of many extra suitors would take him for that amount. I agree about injury or form though and it’s good especially for River for this to have just been finished now so we can begin to receive cash and finally not be cheated (so far it was only 18m for one of the best midfielders in the world). Either way the Chelsea project looks like it wants to challenge Man City in the coming years so it could be very interesting

  10. What a wonderful season for Enzo. wish him all the best. Benfica ( Rui Costa really makes a lot of money for this transfer). Benfica will find another young Arg to replace

  11. Last time I wholeheartedly supported Chelsea was when they signed Crespo and Veron before that!! Rumor is they might go for Simeone as their next coach and Cholo’s extreme defensive tactics might hold Enzo back like Depaul. Lets hope 🙏 it doesn’t happen. Enzo has the potential and every weapon in his armory to be the next Zidane.

    • Around 54.75m million in total. 18m for the first transfer + 30-32.75m for the 25% sell on clause of 120m plus 4.5m in installments. That is without the possibility of some of it being taxed so we don’t know exactly how much of it River will have to spend

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