Emiliano Dibu Martínez on the World Cup final, his saves, achievements


Emiliano Dibu Martínez spoke about the World Cup final, his saves and his achievements.

Dibu Martínez gave an interview with SC_ESPN where he spoke about Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria’s performances at the World Cup. In the same interview, Dibu also commented on his save on Kolo Muani in the World Cup final. Here is what he had to say:

“It was a very fast save. The goalkeeper kicked it, Ota (Nicolás Otamendi) cleared it, the midfielder controlled it and cleared it and it was a perfect pass between Ota and Germán (Pezzella). I find Muani with the ball inside the penalty area and he’s going to break.

“I tried to attack him a bit diagonally to narrow the angle a little bit and show him the near post a bit. I stretched out my leg and arm, praying that he would go there. I got my body so firm that the ball bounced very hard. They are very fast moments and sometimes you have to have luck. We could have won it on the counter attack.”

Martínez also spoke about his performance:

“I didn’t blame myself that we could have won it in 90 minutes. It ended and I said “wow, what a football game.” It was the best football match I played in my life.”

On what he told Kylian Mbappe after the match:

“Obviously he played a great match, that it was a source of pride for his entire country.”

On his biggest achievements:

“Winning a trophy, The Best, is something individual. But achieving that many boys want to go to the goal is my greatest pride. I would put everything aside to bring joy to the boys and the people of Argentina. Today, knowing that they have you as an idol or that they want to be goalkeepers, makes me want to continue and improve myself, so that they have someone.

“Not only is playing football good for the boys, it gets them off drugs, off the streets, it gives them a path. The Argentine has a history as a football player. Getting kids off the street who want to be professionals would also help the country.”


  1. Proud of you Dibu. I always dream about this save. Oh my God! I even don’t want imagine what could happen to me if this KoloMuani scored that. Thanks God. Thanks Dibu for this best save of all time !

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