Champions League Round of 16 preview: Julián Álvarez, Lautaro Martínez


The Champions League Round of 16 continues on Wednesday with two more matches.

A total of five Argentine players can take part in Wednesday’s Champions League games. Julián Álvarez and Máximo Perrone travel with Manchester City to play against RB Leipzig.

Julián Álvarez has two goals and two assists in six Champions League matches this season. Máximo Perrone is in the Champions League squad for City and has yet to play his first match for the club.

Lautaro Martínez, Joaquín Correa and Valentín Carboni host FC Porto. Lautaro has one goal and two assists for Inter in six matches in the Champions League this season. Correa has two assists in five matches, while Carboni has only played one match. Here are the Champions League matches for Wednesday:

RB Leipzig vs. Manchester City (Julián Álvarez, Máximo Perrone)

Inter (Lautaro Martínez, Joaquín Correa, Valentín Carboni) vs. FC Porto


  1. Yet some people think Man City is better than PSG lol, no they’re both team of mercenaries. Pep hasnt win CL since he left Messi/Barcelona. Messi won another treble without Pep.

  2. No substitute for 90 minutes, hopefully, this method will not be followed by others. Pep is getting weird nowadays, have a WC Champion player but didn’t optimize and give the optimal chance. Besides, he knows that KDB, the creator is not playing. Man City will be eliminated in SF if he keeps the patterns like this.

  3. Alvarez needs to get the fcuk out of City. Yes, he learned a lot under Pep in the last 6 months and it really helped us to win the world cup but he is never going to bench Haaland, especially if he never gets a chance. Next season he must look for a club where he starts regularly. He can’t stay on the bench one more season at City, it will be bad for his career. Right now even if he doesn’t play a single minute, he will have a lot of clubs intrested to get him but another season on bench might change that.

    • He is 23. Argentina starting forward. A proven WC winner and should be among the World Cup team of the tournament. He can’t be just rotation player. He needs to play as much as possible to grow. I agree he needs to ask for a loan out to a team that treats him as a key player. At the moment he lost competition to Grealish, Mahrez, Silva. Then there is still Foden.

      City will be in a big trouble anyway, could be relegated. Julian needs to be out.

  4. Pep didn’t make a single change till minutes 90, the other team changed 5 😀 For Pep, the pattern I saw is he idealize himself once he got lots of success. Like what he did at Barca, the latter years, he didn’t win and gambled into some strange experimental strategies

  5. i don t care about champions league he he he
    today for first time after covid begin i will see live my beloved River plate 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    i am so exited and happy today 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Congrats! I’m glad the Copa Argentina and other tournaments like this one give hinchas from the interior the chance to see River in person. Anyway about the game I will only say that I hope we have the complete defense against Boca (I think in May?) because that’s the only way I see us losing is unnecessary bad defending. Luckily Arsenal in the Monumental shouldn’t be a threat for our current defense so we should be able to get three points and then Lanus is a chance to gain a good points difference at the top. 4 out of 5 wins is a very good start for Demichelis even if some things aren’t perfect

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