Rodrigo De Paul speaks on his injury at the World Cup


Rodrigo De Paul spoke about his injury at the World Cup.

De Paul started the World Cup and played in every match but there was a doubt regarding his fitness. There were rumors about him being a doubt for matches due to an injury and De Paul spoke about it all.

He commented on the current status of the Argentina national team and where they stand in history, and also spoke about his injury. Here is what he had to say about it:

“The most difficult thing was the uncertainty of not knowing if I would miss the World Cup. If it was a match, if I risked not being able to play in the remaining matches if we went through. The uncertainty is very difficult to handle at those moments and even more so because you don’t have time for anything. It’s 48 hours where you are either in our out. And if you’re out, a team mate has to play. Every hour was important for what was happening.

“I was in pain but I wanted to be there. I always said that I was feeling good but the coach came, threw the GPS at me and said “Now accelerate”. And that’s when you see the truth because of what the data says, to see if you accelerate the way you have to accelerate.”

On what the medical told him:

“It was good. He told me “I have to tell you the truth, many people in your place wouldn’t have even tried because it’s difficult. I know you’re going to try but there is an 80% chance that you break down and that you miss the rest of the World Cup. For me, you have to rest and in five or six days, the injury will have changed a lot.”

“And I didn’t know if there was another game, if in four years they were going to call me up again to play in a World Cup. Maybe it was my last game in a World Cup?”

On his chat with Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni before the match against the Netherlands and what Scaloni asked him:

“The only thing I ask is that if you ask me, I will tell you the truth. Because if the doctors interfered at that moment, they had to him the truth, which is a bit harsh. And Scaloni told me to stay calm, that he was going to ask me and I was going to decide.”

In the last training session:

“When I tried, I had this fear of breaking. I ran the first one, the second one with a bit of fear and after that I decided to think that whatever was going to happen was going to happen. I didn’t break and after training, I went to talk to the coach. He asked me and I told him I was fine and he said I was going to play.

“I knew that I couldn’t asked to be substituted 10 minutes in because if that happened, I would be failing a ton of people, but more than anyone, Scaloni. He backed me and put his chest out for me in a ton of situations. But luckily everything came out very well.”


  1. Anyone recently watched LMQ performance??
    He has got average 7 and above from sofascore rating….have any chance for him to call again in NT, though we have cuti and licha for this place.

      • why would i show respect he didn’t do it for me.he is always talking, messi is not talking dimaria is not talking dybala enzo licha cuti don’t talk much but this guy is annoying on and off the field.the way he is playing i will be suprised if he is there in 4 years time with the amount of talent we have in the middle of the park

    • He has right to talk..he will talk rest of his life..It sounds really good to me😊..He doesn’t need to play well either..but he is a world champion, as a fan we don’t need beyond it

    • I agree with your sentiment. But you should have been more diplomatic in your presentation lol. People here are very closed minded when it comes to criticism of any of our champion no matter how justifiable.

    • I very vaguely remember him going to Juve B a while ago but then I heard he got covid and ruptured his ACL and figured “another 1 bites the dust” but apparently he’s been doing well for Juve B.
      He played a good 70 mins but unfortunately for him Locatelli will be back the next match and Pogba is gonna start getting more minutes so I don’t see him getting any time in the midfield.
      It’s really too bad because there are 2 talented Argentines in Juve (Enzo and Soule) but I don’t see either of them getting much development in Juve, hope I’m wrong.

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