Rodrigo De Paul: “I think we are the best national team our country has ever had”


Rodrigo De Paul spoke about the current Argentina national team and their place in history.

De Paul has been part of the Argentina national team since 2018 and has won every trophy there is to win. He played the assist to Angel Di Maria in the Copa America final, he lifted the Finalissima and played in every match at the World Cup.

Still only 28 years old, De Paul spoke in an interview with TyC Sports about the current status of the Argentina national team. Here is what he had to say when talking about coach Lionel Scaloni:

“He did everything from the ground up, it’s a set of things that he generated in the team. He taught 19 players how to wear the shirt of the Argentina national team, with the help of the captain and the experienced guys.

“But the most important thing he got was the camaraderie, we are very close friends inside the camp and on the pitch. And a very good bond was created, which is not easy when there are so many players. But it was always very clear that the important thing is the national team and we all understood what our piece in the puzzle was. I think we ended up making, if you’ll forgive me, the best national team our country has ever had.

“I’m not saying that out of ego, far from it. I think the national team had better players than the ones that make up this one, but as a team, we beat all the current champions. The last American champion (Brazil), the last European champion (Italy) and the last World champion (France).

“It wasn’t easy, we did the qualifiers without losing, we won in Bolivia after 15 years, we won in Peru after I don’t know how much time, we broke the record of undefeated matches. As a team, this national team achieved something extremely important and also the connection to the public… The people saw that we were fans who had the chance to defend the jersey.

“I don’t want anyone to get angry with me because Argentina has an extremely important and rich history.

“Being world champion is the key to eternity, because we are going to be eternal. You go into the AFA premises and you see photos of the champions of ’78 and ’86 and you stare at them. And now, we are going to be there. It’s incredible.”


  1. i dont think this was the most talented team. i think we have had much better players in past
    but this this played very well as a unit.

    every WC winning team wins with things falling in place. all teams need that luck sometimes. by luck i mean things going your way. there no problem in saying this. spain were lucky in 2010 with robben miss. italy lucky in 2006 with penalties
    brazil had luck in 94
    fraNCE HAD LUCK IN 98

    again by luck i mean good fortune which all teams need.

    the past WC we never had this
    94 diego getting banned affected team moral
    remember we won back to back 2 copas and finallisima

    98 vs holland we hit post twice

    2002 – was painul as the ball just did not go in vs sweden, this happens
    2006 – penalties
    2014 – germany were lucy with higuain

    i will say our 2010 team was worst, no system rubish coach.

    arentina have always had great team which is why we always go to copa finals and WC finals.
    thankfuly this team had the belief of winning finals after copa 2021.

  2. In terms of talent and playing style, No, Agentina’s current team isn’t the best ever. The 78 team had a more visually appealing football while the teams of 94, 02 and 06 had better talent, on paper atleast. However when it comes to consistency and results, which is what matters most, then it’s no question that the Scaloneta is by far the best Argentine team of all time.

  3. The question that I am asking…. what is the place of this team in the history of National teams?
    The Spain team that won the WC in 2010 is the best of all time in my opinion…
    The French team that won Euro 2000 was a great team
    The German team that won the Euro 1996 was a wonderful team as well
    Where do you guys place that Argentinean team?

    • That Spanish team won with th least amount of goals in History. They had 99% procession but struggled to score. It was all 1 0s and they struggled to do it. Beautiful team, but not the best in my opinion.

  4. I have been saying even before the WC that this team is the best Argentinean team that I have seen. I started watching Argentina in 1990. When we talk about team…. that means everyone has to work for the good of the group. This team did that perfectly. The players of this Argentina team are like pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly in the right spot. Although we had great midfielders like Redondo (my favorite), Veron, Mascherano, Riquelme, and Veron they never complement each other. The ones that we have now complement each other so beautifully that we dominated the best midfield in the tournament (Croatie) at the top we have Messi and Alvarez. I agree with Depaul although I would not say that if I was Depaul.

    • I agree, best team for us in history.
      But I have to disagree with veron, very over rated. I could go as far as saying he was trash, but then I would be exaggerating a bit. But he isn’t noteworthy in the history of Argentina in my opinion. We used to boo whenever he was announced in the starting lineup. Not only was he over rated but he always had a bad attitude.

  5. If its down to squad talents , technical abilities, then the 1998 & 2006 teams were better. Technically the 1994 team was the strongest (Diego, Batigol, Caniggia, Redondo, Ortega, Ruggeri, Goycho, etc) but we all know how those WC ended for us.

    Sometimes you lose on penalties, sometimes its because managers making wrong decision ( no long haired players in 1998, no Messi, Saviola or Aimar in 2006 QF, subbed out Roman after leading) , sometimes its because of injury of key players. I believe we would have won thise 3 finals if Di Maria didnt get injured.

    • In terms of number of star players in the squad 1994 and 2002 were quite strong but in terms of chemistry and cohesion, 2022 is the best , 2014 comes second and 2006 third. 1998 team was also very good but lacked experience, I think.

      • Some key players from 1998 has been playing for years and some already won Copa America (Bati & Simeone) . Majority of the squad was in their mid or late 20s, I wouldnt say they’re lacking experience. I think Gallardo and Crespo were the youngest at 22.

        Veron is new addition but he actually had good tournament. We hit the post twice against Netherlands (Bati and Ortega) and then Ortega self destruct and get a sent off. We lost the momentum right away.

  6. De Paul has a strong case for saying this national team is the best we produced. Don’t know much about 78 and in 86 Diego was head and shoulders above everybody else and probably singlehandedly won us the WC.

    In Qatar we had a strong, unified team spirit and individual talents just felt like a cherry on top. Above all else, the testicular fortitude, the grit, the determination we showed in difficult moments like WC final penalties, is a testament to how mentally strong this team has been.

    “Being world champion is the key to eternity, because we are going to be eternal. You go into the AFA premises and you see photos of the champions of ’78 and ’86 and you stare at them. And now, we are going to be there. It’s incredible.”

    Incredible indeed! Dale campeon! Argentina es campeon del mundo! Qué alegría, muchachos!

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