Alejandro Garnacho scores for Manchester United in 3-1 win vs. West Ham


Alejandro Garnacho scored for Manchester United in their 3-1 win vs. West Ham.

Garnach oscored the goal which gave Manchester United the win and into the next round of the FA Cup. With the score at 1-1, the ball fell to Garnacho in the 90th minute and the 18 year old would curl one into the side of the goal to give United the 2-1 lead.

Now on four goals for the season with United’s main team, Garnacho has one goal and one assist in the FA Cup, two assists in the League Cup, two goals and two assists in the Premier League and one goal in the Europa League.


  1. Some haters are whining that players can’t be awarded best players based on 7 world cup matches but it is okay to award a champions league winner best player based on 13 matches only???

    • Good point. Plus, every year the CL is given so much weight in these trophies (to the point where Jorginho is on the podium, still shocking to me), I think people should be able to withstand one year where the WC is considered

  2. El Principe bro what happened to your twitter account
    You were doing superb job you were sharing useful information regarding Argentina players.

  3. I think the majority of the players that play in the first friendly should be the ones that missed out on the WC plus AG………for Scaloni and company to see what they have in reserve.

    • Deserve to be at Albiceleste senior team. And Scaloni need to refresh the team. Although for the next friendly Scaloni will bring all the WC champion players

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