Argentina national team players arrive to the country for matches


Argentina national team players have started to arrive to the country for the friendly matches later this month.

Lionel Messi is in Argentina, having arrived on Monday morning. He, along with Emiliano Dibu Martínez, Emiliano Buendía and Thiago Almada also landed on Monday.

Enzo Fernández and Nicolas Tagliafico landed on Sunday. Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will hold a training session on Monday afternoon.

The World Cup champions play Panama on Thursday and Curaçao on March 28.


  1. Italy is snatching our players shamelessly. I have huge hopes for retegui. But he chooses Italy over Argentina. I don’t know why scaloni is letting retegui play for Italy. He could have treated retegui case the way he dealt with marcos sensi. That’s why I hate Italy more than England. I don’t see any difference between Italy and Brazil. Both these teams along with German and Holland are the most hated teams. Mauro camorenessi became world champion with Italy. Then they tried to hijack dybala and icardi. They played Franco Vazquez for Italy. Now retegui and most probably Bruno zapalli.

    • > That’s why I hate Italy more than England.

      That’s like the guy who gets angry at the guy that his girlfriend cheated with. Get angry and the girlfriend (arg player), not the other guy (italy).

  2. after Retegui.. Roberto Mancini has Nicolas valentini on his radar..this is nothing but daylight robbery.. AFA should initiate prompt action.

    • This whole hijacking is the brain child of De Rossi, who had a stint at Boca (Retegui and Valentini were at Boca at that time and both are under De Rossi’s Agency) and now is a part of Mancini coaching staff.

        • These are the 6 that Italy target:
          🇮🇹 strike again❕
          They call up 6 🇦🇷
          1️⃣Mateo #Retegui 23, Tigre FW
          2️⃣Luca #Langoni 21, Boca FW
          3️⃣Nicolas #Valentine 21, Boca CB
          4️⃣Nahuel #Barrios 24, San Lorenzo LW
          5️⃣Lautaro #DiLollo 19, Boca CB
          6️⃣Bruno #Zapelli 20, Belgrano AM

          ⚠️Retegui wants 🇦🇷 but accept 🇮🇹

          Retegui and Zapelli are good but the other 4 I would say have no future for Argentina so they can take them.

          If they say yes to Italy, part of the reasons also because they are dying to move to Europe and Serie A is one of the best places.

  3. WELCOME HOME CHAMPS……..Messi Like a Victorious Roman General back from battle along with his troops……..
    I honestly don’t know what to think of PSG and Messi, that’s a very toxic team and fans, Like I said many times after and before the WC…….Messi, bring us the WC and you can go do whatever the hell you want, be a teacher, plumber, banker……..I don’t give a DAMN, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, the THIRD STAR has been added and all the Haters drown in their own venom.
    Be that as it may, I don’t want him to go to the Camel league or Inter Miami just yet…..many things have to change for him to remain at PSG!

    • Hell with the toxic environment of PSG and the ULTRAS. Messi is back to where he belongs. I hope and pray he leaves PSG for good at the end of this season, joins Barca and then plays against PSG for a revenge in the UCL next season. It was horrible to watch fans booing the best man on pitch. He provided 2 sublime passes to the biggest kid on earth, who messed it up bad time. Still Messi is held responsible for the defeat. What did MBappe do against Bayern? At least, Messi tried to make his way through and took several fouls upon him. Still Messi is the villain. This environment would make him mentally sick if he continues there. I hope Xavi has a plan to get him back. Xavi should learn from the Argentine victory at the World Cup what can Messi do when he works with a friend and young coach and when he is with the project.

  4. Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Luis Campos have received a very clear message from the PSG owners in Qatar that the the number 1 goal is to renew the contract of Leo Messi. In Paris they have pressure because in Doha they want Leo to continue at all costs. Qatari owners know that once Leo leaves no-one , not even a street dog will give a flying fcuk about PSG. Messi signing alone quadrupled the fans not just PSG but the whole ligue-1 itself. Has there been any player in history of soccer with the same stardom as LEO??

  5. Enzo Fernández among ALL Chelsea players in the Premier for 90′

    🔹1st in touches [91]
    🔹1st in assists [0.26]
    🔹1st in recoveries [3.78]
    🔹1st in passes to the last third [16]
    🔹1st in defensive actions [9.05]
    🔹1st in long passes completed [7.1

  6. Our midfield can be very good if all play to there potential.
    Enzo. MacAllister. De pual. Palacious. Lo Celso. Buiendia.. parades . Guido.

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