Fans swarm Lionel Messi as he leaves restaurant in Argentina


Fans were swarming around Lionel Messi as he was having dinner and leaving a restaurant in Argentina.

It’s nearly impossible to be Lionel Messi and to go unnoticed in public. And even less so in Argentina.

The Best player in the world is back in his native country as the Argentina national team will play two matches this month and the excitement and celebrations have already started. The World Cup winner was having dinner at the Don Julio restaurant and when word got out, fans flocked to the outside of the restaurant.

From fans singing the “Muchachos” song, to an ovation as he was leaving, to Messi literally being mobbed as he was entering his vehicle. It’s not always easy being Lionel Messi.


  1. Emi Buendia has completed twice as many through-ball passes than any other Aston Villa player in the Premier League this season 🎯 36 through balls 👏 wonderful

  2. There is no way Messi is resigning with psg again. I keep telling people that Argentina had one of the greatest teams of all time in 22 world cup… And PSG is the living proof of it. Messi is the greatest of all time, but there are ten other players on the field who make up over 90% of the play and movement. To win a game and especially a tournament you need a great player and a great squad around him. I hope everyone stays healthy and is able to prove how great this generation is before Messi hangs up his boots.

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