Xavi speaks about potential Lionel Messi return to FC Barcelona


FC Barcelona coach Xavi spoke about Lionel Messi’s potential return to the club.

A former team mate of Messi’s at Barcelona, the club legend and current coach Xavi commented about the rumors and reports about a potential return of the Best player in the world. Speaking at a press conference on Friday, here is what Xavi had to say:

“It is not time to talk about Leo’s return. From here to what can be done is a world away, but I will be the first to do everything possible to bring him back.

“I’ll be the first one to be happy. Yes, I love Messi. Don’t misinterpret that… [laughs]. It’s normal that people are excited. It’s a Last Dance like Michael Jordan.

“I talk to him often, but now is not the time for the benefit of everyone: for the player himself, for the club, for the current squad… I wish that he can come back to help us. He’s the best player in the world and in history.”

Lionel Messi has continued to make the news with continuous rumors about his future at PSG and whether or not he will renew with the Ligue 1 champions.


  1. Bravo Emanuel petit as a french legend you supported messi great points. We messi fans r fuming over the treatment messi getting from psg that’s rude and insulting.

  2. Never really liked Mascherano in our midfield he should have always been a sub- too much holding the ball. And he played with incredible teams. Enzo in 3 months shows you what a midfielder can do (he played DM and CM). Vidal was better, Xabi Alonso better, Casimero, Kante, Busquets, and Rodri, etc. (all versatile). Now as a coach, he is given a young team like this?? This man has had a lucky career to play for the best clubs in the world with his skill set. I guess a strong personality/leadership persona goes a long way. He is the Draymond Green (GS Warriors) of Argentina. He does some things good where everyone thinks he is important, but you have to ask, “could another have taken his place and done more?”

    • You clearly, clearly, haven’t got a clue. Mascherano is one of the best DM in history, let alone Argentina history. He is behind only a few DMs in Argentina history. You are probably basing your whole point just on his performance in the World Cup 2018. Ridiculous.

      • No… He was a solid DM but one-dimensional. He also overstayed his welcome. Glad you mentioned 2018. Cambiaso and Gago were better. People praise Masch for his sliding tackle against Robben in the 2014 WC, but Robben had beaten him and was through on goal. If Robben hadn’t passed him so easily, he would have waited and baited for a penalty as he did throughout that WC. I will say he had a good tactical reading of the game – but that should come with experience. Masch was a slow player who held the ball too long, with reckless slide tackles like Otamendi. Parades is better too. No multiple 4-0 defeats like the teams Masch played in. Parades problem was injuries and not getting back in form – he was on Copa team of the tournament in 2019.

  3. Echeverry and Ruberto looks good.

    Compared to U-20, U-17 plays so much better. It is more about coaching stuffs. I am not sure why everyone is insisting on Mascherano.

    U-20 side is not perfect but it has some really talented players. What Masche did with Garnacho, Soule, Paz and Buonanotte? Getting defeated by lesser teams.

    I would agree if we were conceding due to poor defense but also scoring using our attacking talents. But Masche’s team neither can defend nor attack. Disjoined and purposeless football.

  4. My Best 11 from River plate whom played or playing arg nt.


    Montiel—– pezzella——– Demichelis— sorin

    Enzo ——– mascherano— palacios
    ———————Aimar ———–

    Saviola ———— crespo

    It’s time to appreciate River plate again because it’s simple and it’s Argentine nt main supply. latest one is 17 Claudio Echeverry

  5. 🏆 #Sub17 – #Sudamericano2023

    ⚽ @Argentina 🇦🇷 4 (Claudio Echeverri, Santiago López y Agustín Ruberto x2) 🆚 #Venezuela 🇻🇪 2 (David Martínez y Junior Colina)

    #Argentina u17 has deadly front trio: #Echeverry Santi Lopez & Ruberto.

    In midfield #5 Rey is lively.

    🔜 🇧🇴 next

    🎗️ Remember this name


    7. Claudio Echeverry (17 AM) Riv
    🌟🌟🌟🌟 Comp: P Aimar

    📌Number 7 of my top 30 list.
    Ceiling: Superstar

    The only u17 player chosen to train w/ #Messi & the senior team a week ago. A superstar in the making 💯❕

    1⚽️ 3🅰️ so far Ⓜ️🅾️Ⓜ️

  6. Not happening!! The current president of Barcelona is a backstabbing loser and the president of Laliga hates Barca!! Messi’s story with Barca ended 2 years ago. CR7 return to United shows never go back to your ex , especially right now.

    PSG owners are hell bent on keeping Messi. They know without Messi even a stray dog won’t pay attention to them. They are happy with the media attention Messi generates for them. Qatari owners have instructed PSG president to make Messi’s contract extension no-1 priority. At PSG he will only have pressure in Champions league and with Mbappe hunting for glory, it will help Leo extend his European career. Yes, he will have to put up with toxic PSG fans and team mates but at this stage of his career, PSG is the best option for him now, both financially and physically.

  7. It really doesn’t matter now but as it stands right NOW, He is better off going back to Barcelona because PSG is as toxic as they come and he’ll always be to blame when things don’t go right as they often have.

    • I don’t know Fox. I wasnt happy how he had to leave barca. I understand money was involved. But I don’t think he wanted to leave. I don’t remember to be honest.
      It would be cool if he joined an Italian side to revamp series a. Napoli would be epic.

      • agreed the way Barca treated at the end they simply do not deserve him again. But i do think Xavi would build a hard working team around him. I think Messi would thrive most there or at City.

        • If Messi went to city then they would potentially be the one of the greatest club teams of all time ….all time.
          Debruyne, alvarez Mahrez, gundogan, siliva, young argie perrone, walker, greealish, stones …..Haaaaland!!!!! And I’m sure I missed a few top players.
          Just sit back and think about unleashing Messi on this already fantastically intimidating team.
          Haalaand is abnormal. Hes already on his way to detonate all sorts of records. I would buy a man city jersey for sure… Even tho I don’t rock anything with Emirates on it, ….but that’s another rant bustsrdos!!!!

          • Etihad or Emirates. Same proxy army for Israel given permission to be the only country to thrive while north, west, and east Africa and parts of west asia remain in shreds with ports and resources being robbed by warlords depriving local peoples of a normal life, included UAE bombing running every few months which isn’t being broadcast on any media agency whatever, not to mention the intelligence agency founded in 90s to create fake insurgent groups, one namely with a four letter acronym….. Cough… Cough.

  8. Cristiano Ronaldo flopped for Portugal and disappointed my country Portugal while Messi won third WC for his Country. What is the point of scoring meaningless goals if he cant be MVP at least once in 5 WC participation. Ronaldo is holding back my country Portugal.

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