Gianni Infantino on U20 World Cup: “Argentina’s candidacy is only one presented”


Gianni Infantino has stated that Argentina’s candidacy for the 2023 U20 World Cup is the only one that has been presented.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino made a big announcement on Thursday. Having met with AFA president Chiqui Tapia and CONMEBOL president Alejandro Dominguez, Infantino spoke at a conference on Thursday about Argentina being the possible host for the U20 World Cup. Per a video by DobleAmarilla, Infantino said the following:

“Today, Argentina’s candidacy is the only one that has been presented and with guarantees of the government.

“In two or three days, the FIFA Bureau has to make a decision.”

The World Cup would start on May 20 and this would all but make it official that Argentina will be hosting the U20 World Cup.


  1. Good times for us.
    The money that has come in as revenue for being WC champion is big. That will help being a solid host. Investments have gone in some other areas too. It is very important to invest properly from here. Money can be spent quickly, earning it is tough.

    In terms of support (see some debate below). E.g. In South east asian countries, there was always a soft corner for Latin football. Previous generation was more Brazil. Maradona wave made it 50-50 in 80s, and now Messi wave have heavily tilted for us. Apart from being the best football player ever, Messi has been a tremendous ambassador for Argentina and football in general. Maradona was not. He was not a good ambassador for how he represented outside of the pitch. We need to build on this legacy. As Messi said hope we don’t have to wait 36 years again. Anyway, going back to the topic of support, Europe or Latin would be warm to others or Brazil for various reasons. It will become too long a post.

    Finally, Scaloni and co. is doing a great job. Slowly we have to replace Pezella, Paredes, De Paul, Otamendi etc. Not exodus, but slow and steady transition.

    On transfer front, rooting for McAllister and Almada to go to big club this summer.

  2. Go here

    I make the massive ultra realistic 45 players possible call up for World Cup u20 based on their true ability and position.

    Note: I won’t include any players currently on U17 duty like Echeverry

    • el principe, I forgot to ask you about macallister. I remember you compared him with dele Ali after the wc. Are you still with that opinion? Also after the wc the Brighton made macallister to play more attacking role.

      • The prime Delle Ali was like Jude Bellingham today. He was England hottest midfielder and the world most expensive youngster. I wasn’t insulting when I compared to Delle. He was super good. I see similarity in their game yes.

        Delle WAS a tremendous box to box player but was not someone who u give most of the ball to. Similar to MacAllister. In terms of touch, De Paul and Enzo are much more dominant, but Mac goes up and down more than both.

        @Fahim I can’t copy and paste because the 45 players are in a picture, here u can’t post picture.

    • Thanx @el_pricipe as i looked at the @LatestTango on Twitter and i was just dreaming about this amazing thing looking more likely to happen now as allmost ceiled, that Arg will be the host’s of U20 WC !

      The question now obviously will be, that will the european teams allow those players with the most *stars*as showed on the map to leave in time to be able to play…?


      As has this ever happened before as U20 WC been held in ARGENTINA…?

      Anyhow, it is like miracle and the timing could not been any better as it is just basicly one month and half away…incredible indeed!

      Some notices from the map of @LatestTango… -look’s like Maestro Puch was the only one with 3* among those strikers, so how do u really think of the 2* ranked strikers, just like how potential will be for them to rise their current level in tournament as so prestigious as this will be with the support of the home crowd!

      2nd:- even if MANU and JUVE will not let GARNACHO AND SOULE to leave until the season is over, Still LM and RM position’s looked more stronger based on the amount of *’s compared to the striker’s for example…etc.

      3rd:- well, it looks like same kind of situation for CM’s too…etc.

      4th:- as DM’s according to amount of *’s looked a bit weaker, than the strikers for example…etc.

      5th:- LB’s looks more better with same meassaurements, than RB’s…etc.

      6th:- CB’s looks a bit worrying…etc.

      7th:- as the Goalies even more worrying…etc.

      So how would u put this in words if possible as just super curioused to gain some more knowledge if posssible as most deffently more than appericiate it !

      • The latest news say that MU or Juve have to release Garnacho or Soule as FIFA World Cup u20 is an international tournament. Hope that is right. So we will go full team this time bit I am not sure of our chance of winning it.

        Midfield and upfront is very good especially the wings but our CB and goalie is worrying. I would like Masche (who seems to be confirmed staying as the coach) to try Fede Redondo as I have seen both Perrone and Maxi Gonzales as 5 and they both did not provide any defensive security.

        Gino Infantino the captain is overrated. better try someone else in midfield. Gino CAN be a good 5 who defends tho, that could be the solution.

        As for 9, I pick Maestro Puch or Castro. I don’t think Veliz is good at all.

        I think what we need is fix the defense, that’s all. No defense, no trophy. Masche should try all nee CB as Di Lollo is a failure. Give a chance to someone who else.

        • @el_principe thank you so much for once again as i truly appreciate this info/data given by you!

          It makes a lot of Sense, that Masche must fix his defencies issues, which indeed did not look good at all the last time…

          I hope he has learnt his lessions and also will be geared up fromthe SUPORT OF THE HOME CROWD!

          If i remember right Infantino did not had such a good time also last time as obviously Di Lollo was failure and i think he should shuffle his defenssive back and try Redondo’s son, though i have never seen him play, but if he has been in form and, well his father was more than amazing player indeed as playing in U20 WC in front of home crowd can or could be turned in to a poistetun factor that may help some players if they are up to it and hold tbeir nerves, though it can be turned also very easily to the opposite as obviously i do u derstand the pressure from the home crowd too, but as they did not Qualify by themselfs and hopefully now are given a second chance…well i hope Masche will somehow use his experience playing in the biggest stage in the world and try to prepare the players mentally for this amazing oppurtunity, which won’t happen every day indeed ( if given, good bless as i truly hope so! ) as playing the U20 WC in your own country!

    • Yes, I would love to see my dear crespo back on top somewhere. I just hung out with my Portuguese friends for the first time since the beginning of the cup, and man are they haters. “easiest cup in history, Argentina is so lucky” 😂😂
      They are blaming their great x coach. Which in my opinion was a great coach. Anyways, I guess you have to get hate when you are a world champ

      • ARGENTINA has always ALWAYS been hated by more people than less for some reason, maybe because of Messi or Maradona before him but the hatred has always been real.
        Social media has given voice to everybody and anybody who has something to say, the more ridiculous, ignorant, outrages, idiotic, ludicrous……their statements are, the more believable it is to many morons…the conspiracy theorist have come out of the woodwork about how FIFA wanted Messi to win, how the REFs gave ARG Pks they didn’t deserve, how they got away with fouls that should have counted, how Messi should have been red-carded in the Mex game, how ARG’s goal vs Frenchy should have been disallowed because the subs rushed onto the pitch (BTW Frenchy did the exact same thing and the REF. showed the Media that video when asked about it), How ARG supposedly paid off the REFs, as if the AFA has money to bribe anybody……I personally thought nobody could get dumber than Trump supporters until I saw such comments.
        ARGENTINA are the WORLD CHAMPS, Messi at 35 has proven that he is STILL THE BEST by leading, scoring, passing, assisting, managing …….let the haters boil in their own venom.
        Anything that Messi has done since winning the WC is the Cherry ON TOP OF ALREADY CHERRY on top of that cake, Mission Accomplished plain and simple.

        • I would also call someone “ridiculous, ignorant, outrages, idiotic, ludicrous” who interject their political view where they don’t belong.

      • If they hates Argentina , Argentina still World champion
        If they love Argentina, Argentina still World champion

        Makes no difference. Portugal is non-factor in WC history. Zero final. Sweden and Hungary has been more successful.

  3. The elation and euphoria of our World Cup win must be slowly fading away since the usual suspects, same old unsavory characters are coming out the woodwork once again…

    • @enganche
      Lol! the usual suspects, that’s a good one and stay as positive as possible, like allways u done so as there is no space and time for anymore negatism as this world been filled with that crap for way too long so hopefully we all will enjoy more positive vibes from our beloved Albiceleste once again!

  4. Garnacho choosing us or Spain?? Any news on that?? I read somewhere that garnacho was not happy because of his exclusion in the wc squad??

  5. Hopefully it’s another God’s intervention. Because of the loss in the qualifier, we will go very carefully to the WC if hosting. So, hopefully, from the team selection to tactics they will have that care. Players will also try to be more of a team player than showcasing individual skills.

    It will be a great opportunity for our youngsters to play the WC infront of our fans.
    Hopefully, AFA will add Aimar and Walter in the coaching staff. Take advice from Scaloni too.

    • I think Nehuen Perez and Medina are ahead of him in the pecking order. Senesi also likely ahead. We’ll see once Pezzella and Otamendi move on or retire. Competition for CB position is among the stiffer ones. Balerdi is still in the vicinity of the NT though but maybe not that close just yet.

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