Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia submit bid for Lionel Messi


Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal have submitted a bit for Lionel Messi.

The Best player in the world could be leaving PSG and playing at a new club next season. And according to Okaz/Saudi Gazette, Al-Hilal have made a bid for the Argentine.

Per the report, they made an official offer in the past few hours and it includes all advantages and “meets the demands” of Messi. This comes after a report in the French media that PSG would not want to keep him.


  1. He might sign a contract committing to Saudi club to play for them after 1 or 2 seasons and mean while take a huge pay cut to play for Barca. I just want to see Messi play in Europe for couple more season. He has lost a bit of pace and his finishing isn’t the same but he is still the best playmaker in Europe and is without double the top 5 attacking players in game right now.

    fun fact: Messi’s salary of Euro 400 million/ year can help ease Barca out of their debt in 2 seasons!

  2. I don’t mind Messi going to Asia. Seriously Messi has achieved everything, you’ve seen everything from him. And he got probably 4 years left maxium in his career.

    You can’t turn down 400M for an offer that’s worth 40M where you had achieved everything, as simple as that. Barca can’t win Champion league again in the near future, Messi has won multiple of them. Things that can’t buy with money can be bought with lots of money. That’s what happening here. Remember it’s 400M!!

    • He already has many many millions. Money isnt everything. Like you said, he only has a few years to do what he does best, why waste it there as a show pony? His kids happy there? His wife? Him?

      I rather be poor and happy than infinitely rich with lambos and alone and shallow.

      The play is stay in a top leauge 2 more years, then when you are truly washed up nearing 40 go to middle east for one season as the money grab. Then go play for fun in Rosario.

  3. Leo please. Don’t go to camel retirement league. Show the world you got more class than penaldo.

    Plus you are still at the top of your game. No need for you to go to retirement league.

  4. Messi has still to offer at EPL, La Liga, or Serie A, at least Messi will play at MLS before he retired. Going back to Argentina will not be easy, comfortable, and safe for him and his family.

  5. AND as far as Frenchy goes….You can keep your PSG and their golden child will soon depart as well👏👏👏👏👏🫵🤏🤏🤏

  6. I have nothing against my 🇸🇦 Brothers and sisters, IN FACT I always thanked them for the loss that put ARGENTINA on track to win the WC BUT I don’t wanna see La Pulga in the Camel league

  7. Going to Barca is complicated. It’s not easy.
    I wish Man City step in for him atleast for one or two seasons. If Manchester City winning champions league this season without him, then the possibility is less.
    Staying in PSG will make Messi decline fast. It’s a sht club. There the fans not supporting him, he will be not interested to play his normal game.

    We need a happy Messi. If he doesn’t have offers in Europe, then let him go wherever he gets maximum money. Let him enjoy football without pressure and earn maximum money.

    Messi retire at Barcelona..? I wish he retire at Argentina.

    • Messi has no business in Barcelona. They got back on track with Xavi and are doing well in La Liga with Lewandowski and the younger players like Pedri and Gavi. To make room for Messi’s salary they would have to sell 4-5 players. It makes no sense. Messi won everything at Barca multiple times. He cannot improve on that. A return can only disappoint.
      A return to Newells Old Boys is the best move on paper. Crime in Argentina and lack of funds to pay him will probably prevent a move home.
      Inter Miami or cashing in the desert are likely.

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