AFA president Chiqui Tapia on 2030 World Cup, 2023 U20 World Cup


AFA president Chiqui Tapia spoke about potentially hosting the 2030 World Cup and the U20 World Cup.

Chiqui Tapia has been at the helm of the AFA for all of Argentina’s recent success. Winning the Copa America, Finalissima and the World Cup, Tapia has been there for it all. Argentina, along with Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay are looking to host the 2030 World Cup and the AFA president spoke about where they are at in regards to hosting the tournament.

Speaking in an interview with Radio LaRed, here is what he had to say:

“Yesterday we signed the FIFA books of conditions to be able to organize the 2030 World Cup and now I think we are going to organize the U20 World Cup.

“The people started to see during Scaloni’s first Copa America, a national team that reflects a lot of what the people wanted. Everything that we are living is beautifully crazy.

“We have a special relationship with Infantino. He respects the AFA, the national team and idolizes the best player in the world.”


  1. The I.Subiabre kid from River is probably the most impressive player after Echeverri. He’s their right winger. Very intelligent player with good dribbling skills.

    • Wait, our opponents were very weak so far, they seems good, but U17 is not our generation historically, other teams with black players are more accelerated, improve earlier physically.

      • Stats does back up your statement. But I have a feeling that winning the World Cup would usher the next generation. Its changing. BTW we are also the defending champions of Sudamerina u17. So far its positive. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

  2. “ [Arnal] Angel Correa: At 10, he lost his father. At 12, he lost his brother. At 19 he required heart surgery. Today, at 28, Correa lost his mother.”

    Very sad

  3. How many plastics in this site after Argentina won WC? I was here from 2018 qualifier vs Ecuador match.

    • I think, his NT career is over or almost over. Enzo took his place and no going back. We need hard working player in that position and many talents are waiting for the backup positions.

      • He is good enough to be in squad. And he is good in taking PK. But with locelso back. I think it’s between Guido – parades.

  4. Wats up with Barcelona. How they still play Busquets is beyond me. That guy is so much finished. If Messi indeed comes back to barca, it should be on condition that players like busquets and roberto do not play at Barca.

  5. Do any of you bustsrdos remember that we said if we win the cup that we will change our profile pics to ourselves? I think some of you wanted to forget 😂😂😂😂😂😂 bustsrdos.
    I’m ready. I got alot of pics in Argentina clothing.

  6. More firepower for ARGENTINA haters……..FIFA wanting Messi to win the WC and how they paid off the REFs on their behalf yaada yadaa yaada.

    OMG, Barcelona is a joke, A JOKE!

  7. Special relationship 😃😎😄😜what is that Chiqui..

    I know infantino is a big fan Diego..
    I feel Maradona vibes makes him feel comfortable with Afa..

    Thank you Maro, you are God of football.. that any generation would accept…..
    Maradona’s medieval attraction and Messi’s modern attraction is the gift for future young Argentine players..

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