Julián Álvarez scores for Manchester City, will play Inter in Champions League final


Julián Álvarez scored for Manchester City as they will play Inter in the Champions League final.

Álvarez did just like his Argentine number 9 team mate Lautaro Martinez a day earlier, that is to say score in the semi finals of the Champions League. He was brought on as a substitute with less than a minute in regular time as City were leading 3-0 and would score to make it 4-0 for City.

It will be a battle of the Argentine number 9’s in the Champions League final and we are guaranteed not only an Argentine to lift the trophy but an Argentine World Cup winner. For the first time since Willy Caballero did it in 2021 with Chelsea, an Argentine will win the Champions League.

For Inter, it’s Lautaro Martinez, Joaquín Correa and Valentín Carboni. In Carboni’s case, he is presently with the Argentina U20 team for the U20 World Cup. Manchester City have Julián Álvarez and Máximo Perrone with Perrone also with the Argentina U20 team.

The final will take place on June 10 in Istanbul.


  1. There are 14 Argentines across 3 European finals (CL, Europa, Conference). The WC victory certainly boost everyone’s confidence.

    We often criticizes Montiel, but dude always find himself playing a final (WC, CA, Libertadores, Europa)

  2. Unlike Lautaro, Alvarez’s goal did not have that importance in the match. By the time he scored, the match was already close and shut for Real Madrid. But Lautaro’s strike was important for his team as that took the gas out of AC Milan.

    Manchester City is such a beast. It would prey upon Inter easily. Only the quintessential uncertainly of this great sport can save Inter.

    • Last season, Liverpool lost to Inter at Anfield from Lautaro strike and City still yet to win their first CL. Preasure will on them especially in single leg game. One off performance from City, they could suffer big disappointment.

    • City hasn’t had a bad game for a while now! They are due a bad game and most importantly a final is different! It’s not a two leg match. If Inter can score one first then city can’t play their normal game and will need to push forward leaving 3 in the back vulnerable to Inter’s attack!! Also Inter will have to keep it extremely tight in the back and take possession away from City and not waste the chances of counter attack like Real!! I am team Inter!

      Regarding Messi vs Haaland , BallonDor debate. Haaland might have scored 50 goals this season but without Kevind DeBrunne and his team mates he wouldn’t be where he is today while Messi dragged a team full of midtable team players and made them champions of the world!
      World cup > Champions league.

      • Apart from WC, Messi has 20 goals + 19 assists for PSG and already scored 4 goals in 2 games for Argentina this year. If any other player achieve those feats, they’d be worships like demigod. But we all know Messi is being judge by triple standard.

      • If Julian Alvarez is in the starting line up, I am with City, else Inter. We all owe it to Julian. He is fast, he is pressing, he is brilliant. He was a revealation at the WC. Lautaro gave us Finalissimo.

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