Argentina U20 national team commercial for U20 World Cup


The AFA have released a commercial for the Argentina U20 national team’s participation at the U20 World Cup.

Argentina will be hosting the U20 World Cup and it’s all aboard the bus in the commercial. The start of the commercial has the bus driver singing “Vamos, vamos los pibes”, which translates to “Let’s go kids”.

Everyone in the bus begins to chant it and there’s a stop where the Argentina U20 team gets on the bus. It makes one last stop with AFA president Chiqui Tapia gets on the bus and every one continues with the chant.

Argentina will play their opening match at the U20 World Cup against Uzbekistan on May 20.


  1. Finally get to watch some soccer since the World Cup. With two kids under 3, ouch.

    Only got to see Alvarez play for 3 min but of course he scores. Great to see him get the ball playing defense then score. Brilliant.

  2. Now I want Julian to leave Man City as much as I want Almada to leave MLS. As a world champion, Julian should 100% play this game. Motherfucker Guadiola play Jake fraudealish every game I just can’t understand.

    I hope Madrid wins again and pep guadiola gets sacked.

    • DeBryun is still better and has more experience overall. No worries, he’s valuable and will grow up. He’s more like Pedro in Barca the old days

    • @karl stop talking nonsense.. it requires a lot of effort and time to setup a team. It,s now or never for city to win this champions league ahead of those brazillian ball sucking real madrid. Pep is not here to entertain a particular player’s fanbase, moreover alvarez extended his contract knowing that he will be the second fiddle of this team.. Its a huge accomplishment to play under pep..

  3. 🇦🇷 Lautaro Martinez has scored 25 goals in consecutive seasons for the first time in his career;

    ✅ 2021/22:
    👕 49 appearances
    ⚽ 25 goals

    ✅ 2022/23:
    👕 52 appearances
    ⚽ 25 goals


    Show some respect for our hero Lautaro who played world Cup through injury 👏

    • We all love Lautaro and what he did to get ARGENTINA to the WC and before but we’re SO LUCKY that others stepped up when he couldn’t finish his chances…….the rest of the team KNOWS that so no worries about him losing favor with ’em.
      Besides, his PK vs Dutchy was a major contribution given what he was going through at the time, confidence wise.

  4. super cool video. Hope the boys do well & Masche redeems himself. Rarely does one get such 2nd chances after such a weak display at Sudamericano qualifiers. I think if Gerth or whoever is starting GK , DiLollo & Gomez do well, we should have a good run. Rest positions look well covered.

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