Official: Argentina to play Australia and Indonesia in June


It has been made official, Argentina will play Australia and Indonesia in June.

The Argentina national team will play two matches in June on an Asian tour. The World Cup winners will play their first match on June 15 against Australia in Beijing.

Argentina played Australia at the 2022 World Cup in the Round of 16 in a 2-1 win. The second match will be against Indonesia on June 19 in Jakarta.


  1. Exelent results from U20 WC from Uruguay and Azurri !
    Not so familiar unfortunatly with Uruguay’s players, but in Azurri side have at least heard the of the names such as Casadei, Pafundi, Esposito and Prati, though their true potential is Still unknown for myself, but i quess we are about to find out later on, if they will be facing for example South Korea and Japan or one of the African team’s….also team U.S.A are looking intresting and England(unfortunatly) too !

    Rootin’ obviously for Argentina and Uruguay ! Even Ecuador or Colombia over any team from Europe, lol !

  2. Is it just me or financial fair play a fucking joke? You have one or two teams buy 30 of the best 50 players and the other 15 teams get one or two players. And then we celebrate Guardiola. For fucking what? That he has the richest team and they can beat everybody? How is this shit entertaining. It’s a joke. Ok let me go out on a limb. There are probably 10 coaches that can win the UCL or EPL with Man City. Not saying Pep isn’t good, I’m saying Europe disparity is a fucking joke.

    • Club football with it rules about money, value of players, salary’s been screwed way long ago allready, so until they make dramitacal u-turn of this trend, which won’t be happening, well all the team’s or let say most of them by either buying or giving out contracts beyond madness etc…, will dominate more or less, but let’s hope, that also those who not have the money and are in fact, at least some of them in quite serious situations with their current economical status, would Still be able to hold on to their players, that they do want to hold on and keep on producing talents by themselfs as much as they are able etc…

      Specially for Serie A this year been much more than needed for so many Serie A clubs to reach the very latter stages of European competion’s as UCL, Europa League and Confrence league too, but i’m not sure if they will make enough from all those price money they have deserved this year to keep the current level of their teams as also players obviously will go eventually for biggest salary’s in the end and worst is yet to come as i don’t think there is any intrest to change this global trend of insane transfer amounts and salary’s as also i think, that those as richest clubs have reached such a status as kind untouchables so long ago allready, that only the one’s who are willing to invest more in to other so called smaller clubs can follow up this same very sad old path, that will just kept on going….

  3. Arsenal and Real-Madrid over reliance on overrated Brazilians and French players cost them big this season. V.Junior and Rogrigo both had very poor season overall and with Mbappe lurking in the back Vinicous could be on his way out as both play on the left side and Mbappe is not going to make any compromise when it comes to playing position.

    Also, Every champion team always has had a great group of midfielders that run the show both in the back and near the goal! We have had a lot of teams with great attacking players and defenders but the lack of good and competent mids cost us in 2014 and 2018. Man-City’s dominance can also be attributed to Pep’s midfield recruitment!

    • Madrid will be weaker. 2 of their key players pass their best: Benzema and Modric. They will get Jude but not sure that it is enough to replace Modric. Then Kroos soon will decline too. Militao is supremely overrated.

      As for Benzema the only one who can replace him is Mbappe. Now eat your shit Madrid. How does it feel like to be that much of a lover of Brazil?

      Hope Echeverri or Prestianni won’t go there.

  4. Let’s see if Scaloni will look forward, drop a few experienced players and invites young blood.

    A game in Dhaka would have generated more enthusiasm and could have been seen as a thank you for their support.

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