Matteo Morro, 17 year old goalkeeper, called up as sparring partner for Argentina


Matteo Morro, the 17 year old goalkeeper from Independiente, has been called up as a sparring partner for the Argentina national team.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has called up Matteo Morro from Independiente’s youth team as a sparring partner. He will be with the team during their Asian tour in June when they play Australia and Indonesia.

Morro, born in 2005, has keep five clean sheets in nine matches.


  1. So seems like it is confirmed now as only Gauto coming in instead of Aguirre as otherwise exactly same line up than against Uzbekistan….a bit disapointed, that Tanlongo keep’s his place instead of Redondo, but hopefully Masche now’s better….?

  2. Wow, Uzbekistan just equalized to 2-2 at 90+ min being allready 0-2 down til’ halfway to second half….so if Arg can win their next game, then they will top the group with 6 points as it seems, that New Zealand will have 4 points and Uzbekistan 1 point…

    Vamos Argentina!

  3. A question to anyone who might be able to give the answer is : Why this guy Mateo Morro was not picked by Masche for example or is he too young and unexperienced to play for U20 and has he been around with Placente’s team ? Also even the horrible performance’s by Gerth i’m willing to see one more and if he plays good this time, then i’m keen to keep starting him, but if his performances will be same kind disastrous like in the first game vs Uzbekistan, then who are other options for to replace him and does anyone have any data about other goalies Masche has picked etc…

    • Typically most U20 goalies are reserve players at their club teams, and by reserve I mean 3rd or even 4th choice keepers often playing for the youth or B team. That might explain some error proneness for Gomes Gerth. I was hoping to see somebody else who is maybe a bit better in terms of reading the game, dealing with nerves, etc. Perhaps River fans in our ranks can let us know how good Lucas Lavagnino is and if he could potentially replace Gerth.

  4. Luka Romero to replace Aguirre who is (fatigue, need rest)
    Fede Redondo to replace Mateo Tanlongo.

    Fede-Luka-Barco combined beautifully in the first match. Very good changes.

    Luka likely will play LW, Soule back to his best position RW.

    UNLESS THERE IS LAST MINUTE CHANGES. These are the starting 11:

    Gomez Gerth; Giay, Di Lollo, V Gomez, Barco; Redondo, Perrone, Carboni; Luka, Soule, Veliz.

    • Di Lollo should be dropped, and if Gerth messes up again him too.

      Too bad about Aguirre, he’s a kind of old school winger who is pretty effective at creating danger with his pace and dribbling.

      Romero’s best position is through the middle though, attacking mid/10, never been a fan of him on the wings. But there he won’t be replacing Carboni.

      • The squad can’t be announced later than 14 days before the match.

        So if the first match is on June 15th (vs Aussie). Then expect Scaloni to give the squad in the beginning of June.

        • Oppps So we have to wait so long. I’m very excited for the Squad Announcement I also want a squad without Ota,Pezella,Armani, Thanks for thire Work for the NT ❤now time for the younger blood in place of them

  5. Gomes Gerth looked very shaky, but I think he was playing hurt. Then again, if he was not 100% in form, why was he playing? I think he’s a better goaltender than what we saw in the last game. Afterall, Scaloni took him to Qatar , he must have seen some potential in him? I agree, give him one more start, if healthy. Then take it from there.

  6. Argentina u20 First match player rating:

    Gomez Gerth 5: Disappointing, he should save the first goal.

    Giay 6: one assist but defense is very poor

    Di llollo 1: He should have responsibility for the first goal .No good show before ,not even a single good game absolutely useless and below standard player but mascherano seems to be happy using this guy continuously.

    Gomez 6.5: Reliable but compared with Foyth ,N Perez at the same tournament, he is far far more behind

    Barco 7: one of the best player ,very skillful but still need to improve his defense .should be promising

    Tanlongo 6.5: Fast, cover many ground and good at defense .decent performance

    Perrone 6: physically weak ,doesn’t involve in attack nor defense .a bit disappointed

    Soule 7: Good at ball controlling and participating the two goals .

    Carboni 7.5: Best player with one goal

    Veliz 7: hard working though he isn’t good at dribbling and shooting ,he is tall and strong .

    Redondo 6.5: not too bad ,I prefer him than perrone

    Miramon 6: not that impressive at all .

    Puch 7: He may be better than Veliz as no.9

    My suggestion
    1,Tomas aviles replaces Di lollo
    2, give gerth on more chance otherwise using other goalkeeper
    3, Use Redondo partner Tanlongo
    4, Puch as a no.9 striker

  7. Gomes Gerth. Basically the only thing this guy has is he is tall. He is one of the worst keepers I have ever seen at this level. The guy from Boca last time Roffo was considerably better.

  8. He must be thrilled. I just hope we see more from him if he ends up part of any U17 or U20 teams than we have seen from Gomes Gerth so far…

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