Premier League options for Lionel Messi, will make decision in next few days


Lionel Messi will reportedly make a decision about his future in the next few days with Premier League options available.

Messi will not be renewing with PSG and as we reported earlier, FC Barcelona coach Xavi wants to bring Messi back to the club. According to Gastón Edul, Messi will make a decision in the next few days and FC Barcelona does not guarantee an offer before the end of the transfer market.

FC Barcelona’s offer is dependant on them selling players and having the available funds. Messi to Barcelona is complicated and in the air.

A separate report by Hernán Claus states that Premier League options are now appearing for Messi in addition to the options from Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia and the MLS of option of Inter Miami.


  1. Messi really wants to stay in Europe to remain competitive for Copa 2024 however his dad is very greedy person. He almost took Messi to Chelsea in 2013. It was Messi who wanted to stay at Barca. Hope he plays one more year at Europe and goes to Saudi.

  2. If going to Saudi Arabia even when you have offer to play in European top flights, then I would say RIP Messi. It doesn’t make sense. You will get that types of offer even after two more seasons.

  3. I see some rumours that he may go to SA. This doesn’t surprise me one but because I don’t trust Messi’s dad. He is a greedy man and did damage his son’s image before. I hope Messi has balls to take his own decision.

  4. Nobody wants to see Messi go to SA except for the Christina LOSER FANS so they could say, “see, Messi is finished and 2 years younger than their idol when he moved there”.
    I personally want to see him back in Barcelona just for the obvious, EPL at this age…….EPL is a fickle league.
    The boss knows the money is there whenever he wants it, whether in MLS or the Camel League and shouldn’t rush.

    • … and Cristina didnt even win league there LOL. Messi still plays in one of European top 5 league and won twice in a row , this time with 40+ goals contribution. Plus, he scored league winning goal in last 2 seasons!

    • He should stay in Europe atleast two more will be painful to see him Saudi at the moment. Also it’s important for Argentina Messi plays in competitive league and if he stays for another two years he can easily break penaldo champions league goalscoring record.

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